Hello you!

I’ve not been posting recently, and I’ve been feeling bad about it, and then it keeps going on and on and I can’t get back into posting. I think it’s because I lost a bit of inspiration, and I kept trying to stick to schedules and it was becoming more of a chore for something that is just a hobby. I think I’d like to re start again but take this is a slightly different direction, so if you find my old posts have gone..do not be alarmed!


Product Empties #12


Hello you!

Another empties post, as I had gone through quite a lot recently.

  • Samples:
    • Sephora Whipped Cream Body Moisturiser – Watermelon scented and really great! If this is on sale, I might put this in my basket!
    • Sephora Primer: Siliconey and meh
    • Orogold Moisturiser: Meh
    • Sephora Cherry Blossom Gum Wash: This surprised me, it is like a gum but it it also exfoliates and does smell nice. Again, perhaps a second look if it is on sale.
    • Sephora Sleeping Mask: This is like a thick-ish jelly. I feel like it must have done something, but I’d rather have less product on my face that could get on my pillows and have something that absorbs a little more..
  • Normaderm 3 in 1: I like this, more as an exfoliant though I have used this as a mask once. I prefer it as a daily cleanser/exfoliator, and would consider re purchasing if I run out of products in my bathroom cabinet any time soon!
  • Bioderma Sensitive Micellaire Water: I think I prefer the pink version, even if I don’t really feel any difference between the two types. So far, this is probably the best micellaire water I have tried, with a close tie with the Garnier one.
  • Moana cream: This smells DIVINE. I even got stopped in the gym by someone who wanted to complement me on the smell of this! I mean wow right?! I would buy this if I saw it, but if I remember correctly, it was a pricey item from a Glossybox..so maybe not.
  • Glow by Dr Brandt: I hardly think I saw a difference in using this. I don’t even know if it did anything or not, my first introduction to retinol types. But I think this is a miss for me.
  • Hello Gorgeous Blush Paper:  I don’t like this idea, as I think I would sweep away any make up I had on me whilst trying to apply this. Pass from me
  • Mac In Extreme Extension Lash Mascara: Wow, this was great. A sample from online purchases of Mac brushes, and this did wonders for my lashes that are small, straight and not great all round. This brush coated every lash and was perfect. It also didn’t flake that much!
  • MUFE HD Pressed Powder: This is what I set my foundation with, so that I could apply bronze and blush on after. I liked this product, it did the job and I would probably re purchase, but during a Sephora sale. I have a loose powder sample version to try out too..

Product Empties #11

IMG_1201Hello you!

So here are the empties, and I’ve split it in two because there were quite a few products I went through and finished.

  • Biore: Charcoal pore strips – As I mentioned on my Glossybox post, I wasn’t too impressed with this. I feel that it’s too harsh, and whildt unsurprising as it is meant to be strong enough to unclog the junk, I feel like continual use will just dry out the skin.
  • L’Occitane: Amande Body Scrub – This was great to exfoliate my skin and felt good too. I guess I could re purchase but I’m not blown away either so for now I still don’t know what a go to brand would be and I am find trying out various exfoliators for now.
  • No7: Soft and Gentle Cleansing Milk – This is soft and gentle indeed. I would use this sample for taking any excess make up off, after the initial cleansing water.
  • Kevin Murphy: Plumping Wash – I think this was ok, I mean I remember liking it, but not enough to remember exactly. I think this brand does have some shampoo without sulphates so that could be worth trying out.
  • Batiste: Dry Shampoo – The original brand that I have used for a long time, but probably not the best one. This does do the trick, but it does feel like there is product in there hair, which is usually ignored as it does such a great job of absorbing all the oils. It’s a tried and tested one, I do find the Klorane one to be a bit better in terms of smell but I also have a dry shampoo foam to test out soon too.
  • Caudalie: Hand Cream – I love this hand cream. The smell is strong, but for me, nice. It’s something that I would buy again if I didn’t have any hand cream about, but I had plenty still from boxes, advent calendars and Christmas, including a smaller version of this one.
  • Crabtree & Evelyn: Hand Cream  – another hand cream as winter has been hard on my skin. This smelt gorgeous though, and a present from someone at work. I would like to try more from this brand, so it’s put on the radar.
  • Academie: Multi Vitamine Mask – This was great as a mask, a bit thick and I’m sure it’s done something but not enough that I could visibly see anyway. It’s the third product I got from this brand in a Glossybox, and I do enjoy them but not enough to go out my way to purchase on my own.
  • Hey Honey: Mask – I got this from a Glossybox and this was good but not sure if I wuld repurchase. It’s a thick clear transparent liquid, that is sticky and does dry (though you should have some moisturiser on before hand) so that you peel it off. It feels nice, who doesn’t like a peel off mask?, but I am so full with masks right now, it’s not on my radar to buy.

Vice #4

Hello you!

So it must have been over a year ago I think that I bought this Urban Decay Vice 4 palette in the Sephora sales with 30% off.. it pains me to admit but actually I didn’t use this so that by the next Sephora sales I saw this for 50% off and I could have saved some money! Well I remember thinking that there was a good shade selection of actual colours (ie not the various shades of brown that exist), but blues and pinks and purples.

So here is the palette:


I haven’t used all the colours yet of the palette and I still am working on that (it’s kind of hard for me to incorporate colours into my usual work makeup looks..where I really do stick to the browns and neutrals there).

I have used “discreet” a grey type of colour that I would use as a transition/crease colour due to the shade, however I feel that this is tightly packed and does kick up a bit more powder that I would be used to (compared to the Naked Basics 2 and the Naked Smoky palettes).

I feel that the three green colours don’t really give me that much difference in colour that I would probably expect just looking at the pans, especially “grasshopper” and “arctic”. What I like to do is use “grasshopper” over the lid and crease, and then use “deadbeat” in the outer v to darken up the colours a little bit. I have to play around more in using colours because normally I would use a cream/ight brown shade for the lid, with a medium brown for the crease and a darker brown for the outer V. With these green shades looking quite similar, I think I want to try mixing the green in the crease with another colour on the lid..or vice versa.

The two colours I will probably avoid are the two in the bottom left corner, which are a bit more orangey. “Bitter” I might be able to use somehow, at least in the crease, but the sparkly “flame” is a glitter orange that I am not sure goes with my skintone, nor my eyes.

Overall, I am trying to bring this palette out for at least the weekends, so I hope to check in back later with what I think about this, even if it was limited edition, and it isn’t in the shops anymore..

Sephora HAUL!

Hello you!

So, during the summer I went to Canada and the US and knew I would be spending ALOT of money to buy a load of items that Sephora doesn’t stock here in France (boo hoo). I did manage to actually get the VIB status (the second level..equivalent to the Sephora Black in France) due to spending so much..oops.

I also have to admit that I did also buy the Drunk Elephant Night Serum at the very last minute so that’s not in the photo, nor the second 100 pt gift I could claim (which is a double of one of the samples here anyway). I signed up to be a rewards member and because it was my birthday month, I got the Fresh gift as well, which was great because I wanted the cleanser again.

I think the Sephora loyalty program is far better than the one here in France, we hardly get good samples and we don’t get things like 100 or 500pt rewards. Plus it works in Canada and the US.

All these products I’ve been keeping on my list, due to various YouTuber’s mentioning them or using them, waiting for my chance to get my hands on these products ( aside from the Boscia brush which was a 100% impulse buy whilst standing in the line to pay). I’ll also be honest and say that apart from the make up products and the cleansing brush, all the rest I won’t be using immediately as I would like to finish of what I’m currently using. I really don’t like (nor have enough space) to have many open products on the go. I just know that I do want these products and they will be used in due time…I just have to be patient first :).

(Anything to the right of the Cover FX, Becca or Philosophy products are the 100 pt samples or the birthday gift).

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think??


What I like to watch: YouTube Beauty Channels

Hello you!

I just wanted to write a quick post here on the YouTubers that I’ve subscribed to and love to watch. I have subscriptions to more than this list, but these channels are what I’ll look at new uploads for on a regular basis and watch them all without fail. I know that these focus more on the better known YouTubers so these are just my comments and my preference so in general order:

Lisa Eldridge: I love her voice, it’s so calm and soothing and she just know’s what she’s talking about. As a professional make up artist, she knows what she’s talking about and you can see that she really does have a passion for make up too. She’s even written a book about make up (not a “how to” but a “origins of” style), that’s on my wish list.

Wayne Goss: His videos are so short and to the point, which is great since there are lot of videos that talk about other stuff (their life, the intros etc) which don’t get me wrong, I like, but sometimes it’s good to just get straight to the point! I love his videos, they are often a lot of hints and tricks for different face/eye shapes rather than just watching make up being done.

Kathleen Lights: The first ever video I saw of hers was about the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection (video: here) , when I first saw it at Boots and wanted to know what other people thought of the brushes (my post: here). Since then, I’ve watched her videos and I love everything about her, the voice, the style, the likability..I’ll watch her videos on repeat, and even sleep to her tutorials (they relax me ok?!)

Jaclyn Hill: I used to watch her videos a long time ago, then when I looked at her more recent ones I thought it was just too much for me. Recently (in the last 6 months), I’ve been loving her videos again and just feel that her make up is so amazing. I wish I had that eye shape so that I could re create the amazing eye looks. I don’t really learn much here on how to help define better my face/eyes but I enjoy watching her videos all the same.

Tina Yong: As she’s asian, I feel that any tips and make up looks she does will go better for me than other channels. I like that her videos are clean (can I even describe a video like that?) and informative. She’s also started a series of “Hacks” and “Tina Tries It” which is also great. She also does try to help with various face/eye shapes too which I love.

Saaammage: I love her because she has the same skin colour as me! I actually like when she tries new foundations because I know that I’ll be the same colour and we share the same skin type (oily) so I feel that this is great to help me decide for my own skin.

Tati: I first saw her when trying to find reviews on some higher end product, and when I mean higher end, I mean using money as toilet paper (haha). She has this WTF series where she’s reviewing La Prairie Foundation or Louboutin lipsticks etc. It’s so nice to see what these products could be like without actually having to spend a mini fortune on just one product.

NikkieTutorials: Speaking of someone else whose make up is so amazing. Super jealous. I only started watching her really since the Power of Make up video (video: here) that I saw on Buzzfeed.

As I said, I have more subscriptions but these are the ones I wanted to really call out. They are all quite popular channels so I am sure you’ve heard of them, but in case you haven’t go check them out! While you’re at it, let me know what channels you subscribe to, I’d love to discover more channels 😀



First Post!

Alright, so I had this idea to follow in the footsteps of many many Bloggers/YouTuber’s/Instagram-ers (?) and the likes and start my own beauty related..what’s the word..outlet?

I’ve just created this blog, I’ve set up a Twitter and Instagram account, and I’ll need to set up a YouTube channel as well…ah exciting times! Also I have just received the first item that I plan to really post about too 🙂

This is purely going to be a hobby, and full disclaimer, it’s a fairly recent one, so I’m also interested to see how things go! Um..especially since a) I haven’t really set up a blog or website before b) I haven’t really  used Twitter or Instagram or YouTube before! and c) time organisation..gotta through that one out there. Well anyway, hello learning process..!

Along the way, I hope that I can help provide more information on the various beauty products that are out there, and an insight for what works for me, and what doesn’t! Ok so….c’est parti!

p.s. I’m based in Paris so I guess I’ll heavily be commenting on things I can find around here, and what I can find along the way whilst heading back home to England or on my travels.