Project Pan #1..


Hello you!

Just a quick update since this morning I finished completely my benefit boiing concealer. That’s full on pan you see right here. The first product I’ve ever reached 100% pan on! How exciting 😀

As you can see, I’ve already got my replacement at the ready. And that means my project pan products remains at only with the Sephora Powder…. til I rummage around and find someone else I want to pan.


Project Pan #1 update 26 June


Hello you!

I know I’ve been slacking a little bit lately, I am still trying to maintain at least a post a week though. I’ve just been busy with work lately so any free time I have is largely spent on sleeping alot to catch up. Anyway around the end of the month I like to do an update on my project pan products and I’m loving seeing the progress I am making!

As you can see the Benefit Boi-ing concealer is nearly finished, just a couple more days of use left I think. I like to use a brush to grab at the remaining product and also to pinpoint where exactly I would like to conceal my blemishes. I know I have another one to use after this, but I am thinking that this might become my staple concealer. I don’t have anything against it, and whilst I don’t think I would swear by this, it is something I will keep until I find something better. The coverage is good, and the colour seems to blend well with my skin tone.

The Sephora powder I can tell mattifies my foundation the more I’ve used it. I do see this layer of powder now but I am still not convinced of how well it wears, especially these days which are quite hot and humid (sometimes) in Paris. By the time I get out of the metro my forehead is already sweating off my make up a little ( I really need a good primer for this..). However I do continue to use this. I might for the next week powder only half my face, but I expect that this might just lead my powder bronzer and blush application to come off a bit weird and/or have my foundation rub off at the same time. To be seen… Anyway, there is still probably just under half the powder to go. How exciting, I have never finished a powder product before (well any panned product before if I am honest actually) so I wonder how the powder stays as it near’s full pan stage!

Project Pan #1 update @ 29 May


Hello you!

Just a quick update on how my project pan is going.

I’m using the Benefit Boi-ing concealer at a fairly good rate, due to my intense breaking out and requirement to slap this on all over my chin/mouth and forehead areas. I’ve taken to using a brush with this to precisely cover my blemish areas as well as try to limit the bacteria spreading if I used my finger. I’m not usually like this but this breakout has been so bad that I’m not going to take any chances. I have a couple of small pointy brushes so I use a new one each day and I pick as much product as I can and then slap it on before blending it out. Using a brush also helps me reach the side pan areas which my fingers wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

The Sephora Powder I’m noticing the visible pan surface area is increasing slowly but surely. Since I use a light dusting of this all over to set my foundation I think it will take a while longer to use this up. I love using this before going in with my bronzer and blush (and highlight) for better blending but also to avoid moving the foundation/concealer around.

I hope I finish the concealer in the next update..that’s the aim!!

Project Pan #1 Update @ 10 May


Hello you!
I’ve put a comparison photo on my Instagram (@beautywithmei) to show my progression over the last few months.

My Sephora Brightening and Smoothing Powder is what I use to set my foundation before I continue on with my other powders (blush, bronzer etc). The benefit on religiously using this product means that I can tell what happens when I don’t use it one day at random. I can tell that my face doesn’t stay matte for as long and I can tell a slight difference in the smoothing and brightening impact when I look up close. I don’t think it’s visible to anyone else though but me (unlike when I use my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette). For now, I continue to enjoy this.

Now on to the Benefit Cosmetics concealer. It’s getting so darn tricky to get at product with my fingers anymore, I had to take out a brush today to apply some concealer to my face. I’m using this alot more now since I suddenly broke out all over my forehead and mouth area. I love the’s just too bad that concealer can’t do anything about texture! I’ll be needing to continue using little brushes to spot conceal (or all over conceal these days) and I expect to have finished this in no time at all.

Project Pan #1 update @ 17 April


So about less than a month is my current progress panning these two products, and my updated thoughts:

Sephora Brightening and Smoothing Powder:
I’ve been trying to pay really good attention with this product. I’ve done a couple of tests just using this on half my face and so on. This powder doesn’t claim to mattify and aside from an immediate mattifying effect when you put it on, around lunch time my powdered and non powdered side would show equally as oily. If I look really closely though I do see a difference in texture and brightness. This powder does make my skin appear smoother and due to the whiteness of the powder (perhaps) I do see a slight brightening effect.

Benefit boi-ing concealer:
I haven’t used this a great deal actually, and not for lack of areas to conceal. This week I’ve been in Barcelona and I think I’ve been breaking out due to the suncream element in my CC cream or something so I’ve been using this quite a bit and its just reminded me to put this back on the radar a bit. It’s always hard on the final stretch to finish a product isn’t it?!

Well I’ll try to give another update in a month or so, so be sure to keep an eye for that!

Project Pan 2016 #1


Hello you!
So I’ve decided to do my first project pan post, to focus on using up products that I don’t particularly love or want to finish up. I’ve also never really done a project pan or finished a product fully so I thought it would also be good to try.

I’ll try to update pictures on how I’m getting along with planning these products. I’ll also add a few comments when I can, especially since I feel like it takes me a while to notice what the product does/doesn’t do and really form an opinion …unless I really like/don’t like something is holy grail or an instant hate (which is rare).

Onto the products on my current pan list:

Sephora’s Smoothing and Brightening Powder: something I picked up around a year ago as an alternative to the Make Up Forever HD finishing powder which was more expensive. I currently use this to set my foundation now since I actually picked up the MUFE HD powder on sale recently, so before starting that wanted to finish what I have. I hit pan on this today and was so excited! Is that a bit weird?!

Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer in #3: is something I picked up at a Benefit store. I’ve liked this since the beginning, it’s easy to cover up acne scars or blemishes and easy to pop in my bag or pocket. I thought I lost this so I bought a replacement until I found it again, so I’m keen to finish this up so I don’t have two on the go simultaneously.