Glossybox: February 2017

Hello you!

I have been quite late so here is a catch up:

Unboxing for February, the month of Valentines day and the theme of this box:


  • Jeanne Arthes: L’Eau de Rose . 30ml – 24Eur
    • 30ml – 24Eur. Full size
    • Comments: This smelt like alcohol, god awful and I ditched this. Could hardly smell anything over the cheap alochol-ness if I’m honest. Fail!
  • Sleek Make Up: True Colour Lipstick in Stiletto. 3.5g – 6.49Eur
    • 3.5g – 6.49 Eur. Full size.
    • Comments: Lipstick colour seems nice, and I haven’t tried this brand before, though I’ve seen it around on YouTube channels. I haven’t tried this yet, because I have far too many lipsticks going on at the moment, but I am keeping this.
  • Fig & Rouge: Mattifying lotion. 30ml – 33.90Eur
    • 15ml- 16.95 Eur
    • Comments: I have doubts on this product and if it will mattify, but it’s in the drawer ready to be used after I’m doing with another primer.
  • Huygens: Shampoo. 250ml – 18.50Eur
    • 30ml – 2.22 Eur
    • Comments: I have had this brand of shampoos about two other times before and I know enough that I wouldn’t purchase this on my own. It’s too liquidy for my liking even if it is sulphate free.
  • Lollipops: Nail Varnish in Rose Morning. 11ml – 7.90Eur
    • 11ml – 7.90Eur. Full size.
    • Comments: This is a nice colour and I haven’t tried it yet but let’s see..

In all this was 57.56 Eur, but considering I should -24Eur for the ‘perfume’, and I was probably happy about the Sleek lipstick… I think this Feb box was meh.



Product Empties #6

Hello you!

I’ve got a fair few empties, and some variety in products for this post so let’s get started!

– Sephora masks: I got a bunch of these from the Summer sales and too right too at 70% off!! If I’m honest I don’t really see much of a difference with face masks but they do feel cool and relaxing so I wouldn’t mind paying a euro or so for one. I’d only repurchase if they were on sale again, I didn’t see any particular difference according to what there were meant to be doing. However the yellow one did smell strongly, not in a bad way, but I can only see that as a positive that it contains what it’s called.

– Aussie 3 minute miracle: I’ve never tried this brand before but I have wanted to. I feel that this did a good job, probably not enough to really test it out and potentially worth buying a full sized bottle to really see how I feel.

– Dr.Brandt overnight resurfacing serum: I got this as part of the Glow set by Dr.brandt, which contains a serum for the day and a bb cream. I got this (on sale) because I saw it had retinol and I wanted to try products with this in to help my skin. This product was yellow and smelt strongly, in what I assume was the retinol. I’m not entirely sure if this is meant to be fast or slow to improve the skin but I feel like I do see slow improvements. My skin seems to be able to take this every day  what I had been doing with this, and sometimes with a cream on top. I’m continuing with the bigger sized ‘main’ product where I hope to really know more about this. Having said that I did buy another retinol product so I’ll compare the two before deciding what to stick with.

– be fine cucumber facial mask: this is a clay type of mask that is as calming, relaxing and smelling like you’d expect from a cucumber product. I think this is a good gentle product and though I’ll probably not repurchase it, it would stick in my mind should I finally finish all the masks in my bathroom cabinet!

– Caudalie hand cream: I love this so much, it did take a while to get used to the smell which isn’t unpleasant but for me a bit strange to have such a strong smell. However this cream feel nourishing and thick enough that I absolutely adore it and as it came in a two pack I’m already on the other one, I also love how it did last a long time too. Love!

– Make up forever HD primer: this was the white colored one, and in the old packaging due to being on a vente privee sale (so I also have the green and blue ones to go through). I used this with the MUFE foundation and they worked well together. I’m sure there are more primers out there better suited to my oily face but I didn’t hate it and I haven’t found any others to work better so I don’t mind for now. (I normally have one or two primers on the go but I know I have more in my unopened makeup stash)

– Sephora flawless moisturizing lotion SPF 15: I love using this in the morning, it’s light and easily absorbed and there is SPF which is perfect. I already have another one (I loved this that I bought another in the sale immediately back in Feb time I think) but I’m not using it yet as I want to finish a few other things first. Love!

– Sephora ultimate brightening serum: I used this under the previous product in the morning and felt that it was nice. I did buy another but I am not sure if it really had any impact. I probably shouldn’t have bought the second one but the two products work well together and I can mix them to put just one layer on so it doesn’t bother me too much.

– Givenchy very irresistible : I love this smell but it does take me a while to go through perfumes and I have a bunch more in a shelf to go through, some even untouched so I’m not going to repurchase until I make a considerable dent into that stash. I like having options but I also want to clear space of ones I know I don’t want to repurchase before I even consider buying perfumes. They’re also quite expensive too..
Alright that sums up my empties so ciao for now!

Deauty #10: The Library of Fragrance update


As mentioned, I gave this to my sister due to her middle name being Jasmine.
I do like the packaging, its a small tube sized spray that would fit perfectly in a travel bag or a bag.

The Deauty menu tells me that there are more than 200 different smells, based on daily smells. The three first smells were: herbs, tomatoes and earth! There are others like gin and tonic and play doh. Glad to have this smell then…though I sure would be interested to smell them all. As for purposes for the smells…no clue?! Lavender to help relax and sleep of course..but what would I do with a perfume smelling of tomatoes?!….any ideas??

Deauty: #10



Last unboxing of 2015! And it’s with a good one too, the Deauty Box! Deauty only delivers boxes on an ad-hoc basis to France, so I keep an eye out on their website and their facebook page as I think it’s absolutely brilliant. You get really good sized products for just under 17Eur. Yes it’s more expensive but the value is certainly there. Plus without having a monthly output, it doesn’t seem so bad.

  1. Library of Fragrance par Demeter: Jasmin. 30ml – 25Eur
    • 15ml – 12.50Eur
    • Comments: My sister’s middle name is Jasmine, so I’ll be giving this to her. It’s a good sized sample to put in your bag and the smell is great too.
  2. T.Leclerc: Mascara Volume Effet Bloom. 9.5ml – 22EUR
    • 9.5ml – 22Eur. FULL SIZE
    • Comments: Yet another mascara, honestly I’m receiving them far quicker than I can ever use them! Oh dear. This is probably the only product I wish I got something else instead
  3. Naobay: Renewal Antiox Eye Contour Creme. 20ml – 24.99Eur
    • 20ml – 24.99Eur. FULL SIZE
    • Comments: Super super excited for this. I am on the look out for a new eye cream, and I saw this product/brand on Vente Privee, and I nearly bought this. So glad I didn’t and now I get to try it out! Two Naobay products received in one month now (the other one in my Glossybox)
  4. Unani: Il-Luminate Serum. 30ml – 29.99Eur
    • 20ml- 19.99Eur
    • Comments: I’m glad to have this serum, as I just finished one (it’ll be in my next empties post) which co-incidentally I received in my previous Deautybox!
  5. Vita Verde: 30 Disques eau de bleuet. 30 discs – 4.49Eur
    • Full size
    • Comments: These are discs for your eyes area to freshen up and clear your under eye area. To use in the morning or evening on make up free skin. Interesting concept.
  6. Body&Bess: Facial Scrub. 75ml – 29.95Eur
    • 75 ml – 29.95Eur
    • Comments: Always love a good facial scrub. I have a back log of products so it might take me a while to get to this one but I’m always glad to receive products like this (unlike mascaras!)

So in all, I make that 113.92Eur worth of products, for only 16.95Eur. Bargain or what? So it doesn’t even matter so much if I receive a product or two that I don’t like, as on the whole it’s value for money and they are brands/products I would use anyway! Plus you usually have a fair few full sized items, otherwise really great samples (unlike some other boxes).

Updates to follow from today til the end of the year on these products!