Glossybox: February 2017

Hello you!

I have been quite late so here is a catch up:

Unboxing for February, the month of Valentines day and the theme of this box:


  • Jeanne Arthes: L’Eau de Rose . 30ml – 24Eur
    • 30ml – 24Eur. Full size
    • Comments: This smelt like alcohol, god awful and I ditched this. Could hardly smell anything over the cheap alochol-ness if I’m honest. Fail!
  • Sleek Make Up: True Colour Lipstick in Stiletto. 3.5g – 6.49Eur
    • 3.5g – 6.49 Eur. Full size.
    • Comments: Lipstick colour seems nice, and I haven’t tried this brand before, though I’ve seen it around on YouTube channels. I haven’t tried this yet, because I have far too many lipsticks going on at the moment, but I am keeping this.
  • Fig & Rouge: Mattifying lotion. 30ml – 33.90Eur
    • 15ml- 16.95 Eur
    • Comments: I have doubts on this product and if it will mattify, but it’s in the drawer ready to be used after I’m doing with another primer.
  • Huygens: Shampoo. 250ml – 18.50Eur
    • 30ml – 2.22 Eur
    • Comments: I have had this brand of shampoos about two other times before and I know enough that I wouldn’t purchase this on my own. It’s too liquidy for my liking even if it is sulphate free.
  • Lollipops: Nail Varnish in Rose Morning. 11ml – 7.90Eur
    • 11ml – 7.90Eur. Full size.
    • Comments: This is a nice colour and I haven’t tried it yet but let’s see..

In all this was 57.56 Eur, but considering I should -24Eur for the ‘perfume’, and I was probably happy about the Sleek lipstick… I think this Feb box was meh.



Birchbox: March 2016

My last Birchbox was in December, because I simply felt like a) I had too many products coming in and b) the products weren’t as good (in my eyes) to merit the subscription. However, as you can see, I got the March box and swiftly cancelled again the monthly subscription. I got the March box as I had some points that were going to expire and I wanted to use the reduction on the Egyptian Magic cream. Birchbox also happened to add two products to the box -their “Best Sellers”, and added to the two samples for purchasing the Egyptian Magic cream, I felt that this month was a good month.

All my products from Birchbox:



Purchased Product:

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream – I was super curious to try this out, it contains Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly Extract and Bee Propolis. It doesn’t exactly look like a cream but I think you have to rub a bit to make it a liquidy oil and then apply. I can’t wait to try this out and I’m glad for my 6Eur reduction.

Free Samples:

Lait Creme Concentre – I love this, as already featured in one of my empties posts and I purposely chose a small sample size of this for travel, rather than trying something new. Just shows how much I love this product.

Arnaud Nutri Regenerante (Wrinkle filling serum) – I went for this one, not because I have wrinkles (yet) but more because it’s a serum that I can try out, and the other options didn’t really call out to me.

As for my two products that were added on to this box in a promotion (I didn’t know what they were in advance):

  • Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge in the colour New York. I guess this is a liquid lipstick and I’m loving the colour. It’s like a vibrant bright red that seems perfect for spring. I just quickly swatched this on my hand and it is bright for sure. Seems to be a thick creamy texture too.
  • Dermanace Moisturising Foundation Mineral Care Powder in Golden Beige. My first mineral powders were from, of course, Bare Minerals which I loved for a long while. This colour seems to be matching my skin I think, and I’m definitely going to try this out.

The contents of my box:


  1. Ciate Nail Varnish. 13.5ml – 9.95Eur
    • 5ml – 3.69Eur
    • Comments: I tried this and it really is fast drying. I love it. I always hate putting on nail varnish as I always seem to mess it up, no matter how long I dry my nails for. I’ll walk around like a zombie and really watch what I’m doing only to mess it up accidentally at some point. With this though, no problems at all. I like it!
  2. Sampar Equalising Foam Peel. 30ml – 39Eur
    • 15ml – 19.50Eur
    • Comments: I think this brand is actually quite pricy and I highly doubt that I will actually buy anything from Sampar but I am always open to try new products, especially expensive ones that I wouldn’t go for normally.
  3. Whish – Pomegranate body wash. 390ml – 16.25Eur
    • 30ml –  1.25Eur
    • Comments: I know that this brand is always heavily used by Birchbox (or at least that’s my impression) as I have a body lotion from Whish. As mentioned, I don’t particularly get too fussy over body washes, but I like the travel sizes to put in my gym bag for sure.
  4. Aussie 3 minute miracle. 250ml – 9.25Eur
    • 75ml – 2.78Eur
    • Comments: I have never tried this brand, but I certainly have always wanted to in the back of my mind. Unrelated note, at this rate, I have so many conditioners from boxes that I don’t need to buy any myself! I can’t wait to try this one out and perhaps find myself a convert….Having said that, I just checked out the ingredients and I see Parabens, I don’t think that’s a good thing right?
  5. Les Anges ont la peau douce (Angels have soft skin) – L’eau bleue des Anges (Blue water of angels). 200ml – 19Eur
    • 30ml – 2.85Eur
    • Comments: This is a toner, and I’m actually curious to see how this works out. There are no parabens, alcohol or phtalates in this. (I need to find out what phtalates are..)

This is worth: 36.33Eur, for a box that cost 13Eur. Not bad indeed, and I’m quite liking the products. Not enough to re subscribe though, probably more because I am rapidly running out of bathroom space..

Sephora Haul


Wow, I mean just look at that… that’s a lot of products right?? Well it’s the Soldes (Sales) here in France, and I love going to Sephora to stock up on everything I need..and try a few things at the same time. I love a good deal, and it just makes sense to stock up on the essentials when they are on offer.

So here’s everything I bought. (I bought another Ultimate Brightening Serum, top left too). With everything at at least 50% off, and some products at 70% off I think I did quite well..even if I still spent a fortune in the end! Full disclaimer, there were a few other products I know are on sale which this store didn’t have..I might buy a few more products later on but we’ll see.


As you can see (much more clearly) from this photo, all but one of these products are from Sephora’s line. There’s much better discounts on their own branded products, and their products are still well priced which makes the discounts even better.

I went a bit crazy on the cleansers/make up removers..purely because I don’t think you can have too many. If you wear make up on a daily basis, even a little bit, you’ll go through them fast if you want to really take good care of your skin. I’m trying to find/create a good skincare routine and no matter what these are important to take the make up off. I’m interested to see the difference between each too (milky, gel, water, exothermic). I don’t mind not sticking to the same products either, otherwise it gets quite boring I find.

I next went a bit crazy on the serums, however I wanted to give the lifting and brightening ones to my mum. I’ll be left with the night time one, which I’m excited to try and the brightening one which is supposed to help dark spots fade away (and I have some from acne scars).

Suncream, as it’s super important. This one is meant to be good for oily skin too, so I’ll see how it works and I might get another if I like it. The MUFE foundation I’m using doesn’t have any sunscreen, so I wouldn’t mind layering some up to protect my face during the day when I’m not at my desk.

There’s two masks, because there’s nothing better than to really clean/exfoliate/treat your skin. A toner since I should really use them more to help freshen my skin and keep the balance. There’s also nail varnish remover because why not, its cheap and it’ll get used.

Lastly, the non Sephora branded product is an eye cream. As I explained in my previous post, I’m on the hunt for good eye creams so I thought why not. It was pricy but still 50% off and ends up still being cheaper than the Kiehls Powerful Strength one.


Glossybox October 2015: Nail Inc. Update


I’ve been looking casually for a neutral colour nail varnish, so I’m awfully happy that I received this in my glossybox.

I do love me some colour on my nails, but seeing as I am quite lazy with removing it, majorly chipped brightly coloured nails aren’t cool. I could get away with it at my previous work, but at my new job I just feel like I should leave old bad habits behind and my slightly more fancy location suggests that it’s a good idea too.. Anyway, neutral chipped colours blend in a bit more (should I ever forget!), but also seem a bit more appropriate for channelling parisienne chic.

I love this colour. LOVE IT. It’s the exact colour that I wanted to find, that fit’s my skintone, but never quite managed to. Here’s hoping I can find a greyish, brownish and purplish neutral style tones in the next boxes 😉

Side note: much as I love my nail varnish, isn’t it a bugger to put on? Too much or too little on the brush, and then doing a nail perfectly to smudge it. This one seems much faster to dry though and dries a touch shiny so means a good finish and less time to remember to not touch anything!! Please excuse the photo, by no means do I have model like hands/fingers/nails – I should manicure and hand cream more often..

Anyway YES I could buy this when I run out…Thumbs up!!


Glossybox: October 2015

I’ll admit, I actually just signed up to a yearly subscription of Glossybox without taking a one or three month ‘trial’ subscription first. I’d read quite a few of reviews and comparisons on all the boxes and it just seemed like Glossybox seemed consistently good value, with better known (to me at least) brands and bigger sample sizes. It’s 156Eur a year and is slightly more expensive than Birchbox (which seems like the cheapest option, in France at least) but in my mind, the yearly subscription works out 13Eur a box, which is the same as a monthly pay-as-you-go Birchbox…so all’s good right?

So I received an email on the Wednesday 7th October and it arrived on Friday 9th October. That’s pretty brilliant right?

The delivery box was like so:


And the standard pink box design:


Now onto the exciting part…the contents:


From top row to bottom, going left to right:

1) La Cassidaine en Provence – Caramel shower gel. 250ml – 9.50Eur
• 50 ml – 1.90Eur
• Comments: Smells like Caramel!! How weird. I’ll be interested to see if the smell lasts or not, usually things that smell nice don’t tend to leave a lingering smell afterwards (at least on me)…then again I’m not sure if I want to smell like caramel all day either!

2) Nails Inc. – Montpelier walk. 10ml -14.90Eur.
• 10ml – 14.90Eur. (Full size)
• Comments: Love this colour. Been looking for a neutral colour that goes well with my skin tone and this is it! I automatically feel a touch classier with my neutral colour now 😉

3) Naked Lips – Super fruits. 4.25g – 4.95Eur
• 4.25g – 4.95Eur (Full size)
• Comments: Whoa, another full size! Eager to try this one out, my lips tend to always need a bit of loving so I have no doubt that this will be used in no time at all. Plus with all the superfruits packed in there, I’m keen to see what effect there is.

4) Huygens – Le gommage visage (exfoliating face scrub). 50ml – 19.90€
• 10ml – 1.99Eur
• Comments: Keen to try this out and see if my healthy glow appears!!

5) Too Faced – Chocolate soleil bronzer (medium/deep). 10g – 27Eur.
• 2.5g – 6.75Eur
• Comments: Never owned anything from Too Faced, despite hearing good things. Can I just say…it smells like chocolate!! Haha. Colour looks good, I think it will be a nice subtle bronzed/contour colour.

The glossymag that comes with it includes recipes, a trick to turn your glossyboxes into an organiser (pretty cool idea), and more info on the products. Since this theme was La Gourmande they threw some lindt chocolates in the box too. Some photos I’ve seen also had paper cupcakes cases…not sure where mine went :s.

In all around 30.49Eur of products for 13Eur. Two full sizes, and I’m excited with the box. SUCCESS!