*Finally* bought the Sweet Peach & Modern Renaissance Palettes

Hello you,

I have been awful at keeping up with the posts lately, I’m behind on many Glossybox unboxings, and everything else that I’ve bought and emptied so a million sorry’s for that.

This one’s a quick post to say that I finally cracked and bought these two most talked about palettes of 2016 I feel, through a 25% discount period at Sephora in France, and decided to also buy the MUFE stick foundation as I could  get the powder free. With this purchase at a specific Sephora, I was able to choose my samples, and as a gold member I was also able to choose this Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer which I have loved, ever since getting it in a Glossybox over a year ago. Result!!

Apart from the samples, I’ve used the 3 main items a few times and here’s what I’ll say:


  • Too Faced Sweet Peach: It does smell of peaches, but more in a sickly way than I had imagined, like a peach flavoured sweet perhaps? I was hesitating with this one due to the colour scheme, and wondering if it would go well with my skin tone, but so far I have made the peach colours work, incorporating some of the deeper purple in the outer corners. I think I will reach for this one a lot more now that the sun is coming out
  • ABH Modern Renaissance: I am still nervous about the colours, the warm red/burgandy colours do seem to make me look a bit weird, but I have only reached for this once so it is also too early to tell. I am keeping the box though, as I don’t want the furry packaging to get dirty. Saying this, I do think I might be used to the UD or TF packaging, but this cardboard style packaging sometimes puts me off
  • MUFE Stick foundation: I got this in the (123) shade Y365 as I am still using the liquid versions in (125) Y315 and I feel that although I can use it, I can get a better match. I think this is probably better for me, and I do like the stick foundation. I find it easier to travel with but I do need to try more to see if I prefer the liquid or stick format more.



Mini Sephora Haul

Hey you!

So Sephora had a little sale going on, I guess it was a Cyber Monday of sorts and I decided to get a few products that were 20/30% off and items that I really wanted for a while!

So here is what I got:img_0287

  • Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – Only two shades were discounted, so I got this shade in Natural Beige which is what I think I am.. (fingers crossed!). I wanted to have this for ages when it first released and finally I get the chance! This is 36Eur and I got this for 27Eur
  • Tangle Teezer – The Holy Grail hairbrush… Always wanted to try this. I got a Birchbox version of one and I’ve liked that so I thought that as this is hardly ever on sale, I should benefit. I didn’t care for the design much, so I got this golden one as opposed to the other patterned versions they had selected for the sale. This is 16.50Eur and I got this for 12.30Eur
  • Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer – I can’t believe I haven’t tried this at all, I have the NARS Laguna, the Kevyn Aucoin one (recently), the Becca one, and the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil… I guess I’ve listed the main major ones here right? And now I have this one for the collection. I have been lately just stuck to my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil but I hope to give this one a whirl soon. This is 35.50Eur and I got this for 26.60Eur
  • Clarasonic Deep Pore brush head – Only this one was on sale and since I have stubborn pores that I swear my Clarisonic hasn’t gotten rid of (I think it works a great deal at getting rid of make up but clearing out my pores I don’t think it does that as much), I wanted something a bit stronger and as this was on sale…why not! This is 27Eur and I got this for 20.20Eur

Sephora US Haul

Hey you!

An American friend of mine came to Paris and had told me in advance in case I wanted to order something that he could bring over, and..well I jumped on that chance! Sephora don’t do a ton of brands here that they do over in the US (though it is changing with Fresh, ABH, Huda Beauty, Becca and soon KVD), so I made sure to choose products that I wouldn’t be able to easily get myself.

Additionally, since I spent a fair bit in the summer, I had enough points to claim a Too Faced Melted Matte lipstick, as well as benefit from their promotions and bag myself a goody bag plus three samples.

So here are the products I bought ( I include the 100pt redemption Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick here):


CoverFX – This is SPF30 which is perfect because I sometimes flare up when I wear suncream (but it’s very important, especially if I use resurfacing products..) so I got a sample of this and didn’t seem to react so knew that this would be perfect for over moisturiser and under primer/foundation.

Kevyn Aucoin Medium Sculpting Powder – This seems to be a major staple for many people and I had to try this out. I wanted the light shade but that was sold out so I went for the medium, knowing that I could probably get away with both and that medium was the only one that existed for a long time and if it suited NikkieTutorials for a while then I must be good for sure!

IT cosmetics CC+ cream – I’ve heard about this brand and thought this was the perfect time to try it. I heard more about the bye bye under eye products more actually, but since I was more looking for a foundation type product I went with this one instead.

Too Faced Melted Matte in Sell Out – I saw this in the 100pt offering and had to go for it. This shade looks like a neutral good for work colour, and it is. It kind of reminds me of Pasedena from Ofra, but it is slightly different. I like the wear on it, and it isn’t drying actually for me (the Ofra one can be quite drying..like all Matte lipsticks I assume)

Drunk Elephant Let’s B Clear pack – I bought the night serum and although I haven’t tried it out, I remember also looking at the Marula Oil products. Since then I saw the ride or die products mention the day serum as well as the oil and the night serum so I thought why the heck not..

So the goody bag of faves plus the 3 samples are here:

3samples: Estee Edit night mask, Tatcha cleansing oil and Aerin lip salve

From the goody bag, I’m super happy to have the Porefessional and Nars products to try because they are everywhere! And then the rest are good little sized products that I can always have a use for (I mean face masks, SPF, perfume are always good when you’re travelling or something!)img_0289

Oh and before I sign off, I had to share what the Kevyn Aucoin packaging looks like. It caught me by surprise (in a good way) and I had to share it because I wasn’t expecting it. The packaging itself is a nice golden smooth box, it sort of screams luxury, the powder itself comes in a two toned gradient (also screams luxury) and comes in a little cloth pouch.. I mean how cute!!img_0290

Product Empties #7


Hello you!

Firstly, super super sorry for the insane delay in getting back to posting. I do have a backlog of beauty unboxing posts to get through. I’ve been in the process of moving apartments and that has been more hectic than I imagined! Not to mention still not having any furniture (well, there is a mattress and that’s the important thing!). Anyway back to beauty.. here is an empties post because there was no point me saving up these empties to move them all to the new place, so I took a photo before I recycled the containers to be ready for my next post.

So here we go:

  • Karmameju Micellar Water – this was from a beauty box, and I found this to be very gentle. I don’t know if i was super effective in removing make up (compared to other brands) but I  did find it to be very gentle whilst doing so. I think though, it wasn’t enough to fully convert me so this is a no to repurchasing.
  • Elemis Lavender Cleanser and Toner – I like this brand, and I feel that it feels soft, gentle and caring for my skin. I chose this one as this seemed the best for oily skin and I do know that if I missed out on the toner especially my face would get slightly more oily during the day. I did buy these a long time ago though, they really do last a long time, and  though I might have not used them for a while, the size and quality of the products is good enough to repurchase. This will definitely stay on the list to re purchase, but as I have still a mountain of products to get through, it’ll be for another day.
  • Body gel – this was from a beauty box and really did smell ALOT like fresh zesty oranges. I took this in my gym bag so it did last a while (mainly because I have been lazy and not been going to the gym as much as I should do..) but I did enjoy smelling this. However, it’s a body gel and I’m pretty much indifferent to those so its a no to repurchasing from me.
  • Witch, anti blemish stick – I must admit that I loved this for a long time. I think it did work, it was probably more drying than I wanted it to be but I do feel that it was effective. I don’t know if my skin got used to this or I used it too much, but I felt that towards the end the product wasn’t as effective as it used to be. I have repurchased but I think I will be using this product sparingly instead.
  • Bleu des anges toner – OMG this product is soft, gentle ,refreshing and by far the BEST toner I must have ever used. I can’t remember if it is pricy or not, and whilst I still have a ton of toners in my drawers to go through, I certainly think this one will stay in my mind for the future. For anyone out there, I do recommend that you at least check this toner out…it just seems magical.
  • Lange Paris BB cream – I think I must be partially allergic to suncream, and I think this might have broken me out a bit. Plus I can’t say much for the scent either, it seemed to strong and sickly for me. The coverage was probably not even decent and I would use this in the summer when I didn’t want a full face either. I don’t recommend purchasing this, it seems nothing more than a slightly tinted cream, and I think there must be better products out there.
  • Sephora  brightening powder – this was on my project pan posts so I won’t comment much here. I don’t think I will repurchase purely because I would like to try out other finishing powders on the market.
  • Benefit Boi-ing concealer – Again, this was in my project pan updates. I have another one that I am currently going through, I do feel that there are probably better concealers out there, but for now concealers are not a top priority (not because I don’t need them) but because this works well enough for me for now.
  • Benefit Hello flawless oxygen wow foundation – I commented on this in a post, and to sum it up, it did break down on my face through the day even if I powdered. The colour match was a good enough colour for my skin but I don’t think I’ll repurchase.
  • Benefit Some kind-a gorgeous foundation – I disliked this more than anything else I’ve tried. It’s a cream to powder type of formula, and I think it is discontinued, but this seemed oily on my face, didn’t seem to stick, broke down so much (even if I powdered) and towards the end I started using it more as a concealer. I’d not buy this again (even if it wasn’t discontinued), and if I had to, I’d prefer the Hello flawless oxygen one by miles.


That’s it for this post! I’ll have the September Glossybox and October Glossybox AND Birchbox up soon I hope. 🙂


Have a good weekend!



Sephora HAUL!

Hello you!

So, during the summer I went to Canada and the US and knew I would be spending ALOT of money to buy a load of items that Sephora doesn’t stock here in France (boo hoo). I did manage to actually get the VIB status (the second level..equivalent to the Sephora Black in France) due to spending so much..oops.

I also have to admit that I did also buy the Drunk Elephant Night Serum at the very last minute so that’s not in the photo, nor the second 100 pt gift I could claim (which is a double of one of the samples here anyway). I signed up to be a rewards member and because it was my birthday month, I got the Fresh gift as well, which was great because I wanted the cleanser again.

I think the Sephora loyalty program is far better than the one here in France, we hardly get good samples and we don’t get things like 100 or 500pt rewards. Plus it works in Canada and the US.

All these products I’ve been keeping on my list, due to various YouTuber’s mentioning them or using them, waiting for my chance to get my hands on these products ( aside from the Boscia brush which was a 100% impulse buy whilst standing in the line to pay). I’ll also be honest and say that apart from the make up products and the cleansing brush, all the rest I won’t be using immediately as I would like to finish of what I’m currently using. I really don’t like (nor have enough space) to have many open products on the go. I just know that I do want these products and they will be used in due time…I just have to be patient first :).

(Anything to the right of the Cover FX, Becca or Philosophy products are the 100 pt samples or the birthday gift).

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think??


Foundation: Benefit’s “Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow”

What: Foundation

From: Benefit Cosmetics, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

Shade: (I’m all the rage) Beige

Hello you!

Continuing with Benefit foundation for this post, next up is first foundation that I bought after seeking out advice from the Benefit saleslady with regards to colour matching to my skin. I don’t remember buying this particular foundation for any reason apart from there being a store close to where I live. (This is where I also first picked up the boi-ing concealer at the same time as the foundation after being colour matched).

This foundation has a pump, which is always great as I do prefer the pumps to a squeeze tube. The texture is quite light and liquidy. I would say it’s thicker and gives more coverage than you’d expect from the viscosity alone. Lately, I’ve been tending to use my fingers for foundation, but with this one I need to have a buffing brush to make sure it’s spread out evenly and I always need to wash my hands before picking up my brush.

There is SPF 25 with this, which is a positive of this product. I do try to wear SPF underneath anyway, but any extra SPF is perfect, or even on lazy days when I am too lazy to layer up.

As you can tell from the photo,  I am nearly done with this product, but I will say that this foundation level has stayed at the 90% completion rate for a long long time. Recently I decided to go back to it, as it’s got a higher SPF and it is summer now. Initially I did wonder why I stopped using it, as the initial coverage is great, it’s thick but it does brighten and create a good base. However, soon after I realised why I had stopped using this for other foundations.

Not only is it quite thicker than I would like (perhaps due to the SPF?), during the day somehow the product really breaks up and becomes really patchy. You can tell the areas where the oil has completely broken up the foundation and the areas that are in the process of it. I know that no one is bound to get super up close and personal to my face area to see the actual details, but I don’t actually think you have to be super close to see what’s going on. I’m used to being oily and the effect this has in breaking down products and becoming shiny after a while, but I don’t remember the product breakdown being as obvious with other foundations. I’ll continue to use this until completion but after these two not so positive experiences with Benefit’s foundations, I think I might give foundations a rest for a while from them.


Positives: Good initial coverage, SPF 25, pump/packaging

Negatives: Breaks down in a patchy and too obvious manner, heavy product (despite liquidy texture) that transfers

Foundation: Benefit’s “Some kind-a gorgeous”


What: Foundation

From: Benefit Cosmetics, Some Kind-a Gorgeous

Shade: Medium

Hello you!


I got this foundation in the Sephora Sales (post: here) and picked it up. I don’t think it’s available anymore either. Here’s what I said about it originally:

“Benefit – I got this foundation in the shade medium which, from the tester, seemed to be a good match. It comes in a compact (with a mirror) and looks and first feels liquid/creamy which then transforms into a powder finish and dries quickly. I have the oxygen wow foundation from benefit which I’m still unsure of (she says half way through the bottle) but as this is on sale I went for a I’ll make it work mindset. Plus I’m sort of expanding my foundation ‘collection’ so why not”

What I also forgot to mention is that I had seen this foundation before, before seeing in in the sales and being semi interested in it, so also factored into why I decided to buy it.

Having used this foundation a couple of times I’ve formed an opinion on this, and it’s not great. The packaging is in line with Benefit’s style and I like that there is a sponge and a mirror. I like the shade, I think it matches well against my skin so my quick shade match with the tester was good.

This foundation does turn from a cream to a powdery finish, however it is absolutely a disaster I feel with my skin type (oily). I will put this foundation on and my skin already feels like an oily mess. I will feel my skin and the texture feels more slick that it really should, and wearing glasses too I just don’t appreciate the extra slip. Before even lunch time my foundation has broken down (even with wearing primer). I’m not liking this and am seeing why this is now discontinued. I currently use this as a concealer touch up or a quick touch up on my chin (which is where I usually break out, and don’t tend to get oily).Let’s see how I feel about it towards the end of this product but either way, as it is discontinued, there’s nothing much I’ll be able to do about it even if I change my mind about this…