Glossybox: March and April 2017


Hello you!

So March (right) was late, and I was also on holiday, so by the time I got this, I also got April (left) too.


  • Elgon: Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner. 100ml – 9.50Eur
    • 100ml – 9.50Eur. Full size.
    • Comments: Conditioner, great. I always don’t mind these in boxes and I like the packaging.
  • Panier de Sens: Hand cream. 75ml – 10.90Eur
    • 30ml – 4.36Eur
    • Comments: Another product I love to get because I use them quick and I’m not too picky in trying out various brands. Plus this brand has been great when I’ve received products in previous Glossyboxses.
  • Gosh: Eyeshadow. 1.7g – 9.99Eur
    • 1.7g – 9.99Eur
    • Comments: Like Sleek, another brand I wanted to try. I have the shade in Dusty Green, and I think this might work out well for me.
  • Christian Lenart: Brume d’eau de roses. 150ml – 3.95Eur
    • 150ml – 3.95Eur
    • Comments: This is a nice essential oil mist which should be great to refresh during the months to come as the weather gets warmer and I’ll need to hydrate a bit more.
  • MeMeMe: Beat the blues highlighter. 9ml – 9.20Eur
    • 9ml – 9.20Eur
    • Comments: Highlighters are probably the products I least use, so I don’t mind much for this product. However I guess it does intrigue me as it isn’t a powder or a cream.

In all, this is worth 37Eur, and I’m pretty happy with it, plus the box looks pretty cool too!


  • Biore: Purifying strips. 6 patches – 6.40Eur
    • 2 patches – 2.13 Eur
    • Comments: I’ve actually tried both of these out and I’m not too impressed. You need to wet your nose before placing this on for 10 minutes. When it dries, I feel that the skin around is tightens, but not in a good way. When I tried to remove the strips off, it was like I was ripping off my skin, which I guess is needed, but I feel like this isn’t as great as you’d think in getting out the gunk in the pores. It’s a pass for me.
  • Affect Cosmetics: Matt Effect Transparent Loose Rice Powder. 10g – 10.50Eur
    • 10g – 10.50Eur
    • Comments:  Rice powder? Hmm… well I look foward to seeing how this performs as I don’t use loose powder that much.
  • PostQuam Cosmetic – Oat Facial Water. 200ml – 35Eur
    • 200ml – 35Eur. Full size.
    • Comments: I’ve seen this brand, and I am quite interested to see how this works, as a sort of hydrating water and toning solution to balance out the skin. The oat extracts should be calming and anti-irritant, so if true, it should be great for my break outs.
  • Fig & Rouge: Hydra activ smart nutrient vital moisture day cream. 50ml – 39.50Eur
    • 20ml – 15.80Eur
    • Comments: Well, a hydrating day cream can never go amiss, but having got this brand in the Feb box, and thinking that I might not be so impressed, I’m kind of getting the same idea here.
  • Beauty Paper – Green Tea Blotting Paper. 9.37Eur.
    • 9.37Eur..full size?
    • Comments: I think there are 20 sheets in here but I can’t find it too easily. Blotting paper for my oily skin is always welcome, even if I don’t use it too much (out of just not having it, not that I can do without!)

This box was 72.80Eur, and I somehow feel that it’s over valued for what it is considering the products and the prices they are vs what I would have thought they should be.


Glossybox: January 2017

Hello you!

So it’s the 3rd of Jan and I already have my Glossybox for this month. Super! I’m also quite excited by this month’s box, it’s definitely got a better reaction than last months (which wasn’t that bad by any means).


  1. Etat Pur – Actif Pur Acide Salicylique 2%. 15ml – 15.80Eur
    • 15ml- 15.80Eur. Full Size
    • Comments: This will be great for my spots! Very happy to have this, and it will come useful indeed. It says to use two drops for the nose and one drop for a specific area. In three days it should clear up…three days is a long time but better than four (or more)!
  2. NYX Professional Make Up – Slip Lip Pencil. 2.90Eur
    • 2.90Eur. Full Size.
    • Comments: Super happy for this brand, I’ve always wanted to try it. I know that is a cheaper/ drugstore brand but in general, NYX seem to be of good quality from what I’ve read. This colour looks perfect for me, and for existing lipsticks that I have too.
  3. oOlution – Eye love contour des yeux. 15ml – 35Eur.
    • 15ml – 35Eur. Full size.
    • Comments: Another eye cream, and this is perfect. I’ve currently opened an eye cream I received previously in the Glossybox (from Naobay) and it’s working well, and I think I definitely need to incorporate eye creams into my routine as my under eye area are actually getting quite dark..somehow I feel the age creeping up on me somehow :\..or I’ll just tell myself that it’s normal in winter 😉
  4.  Spa to you – Deep pore cleansing facial brush and massage – 8Eur
    • Full Size.
    • Comments: This is perfect, I have a Clarasonic Mia 2 but this would be perfect for on the go travel. I like that it has a good handle on it too, it would make it alot easier to use in the shower or by the sink.
  5. Mudmasky – Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask. 60ml – 69Eur
    • 20ml – 23Eur.
    • Comments: Whoa, this seems expensive! The only product not full sized too, but actually quite pricy all the same. Love masks, though seeing as you can only really use them a limited number of times to avoid your skin being ‘abused’ (can’t think of the actual word right now) too much. However, seems great.

Overall, this seems like a pricy box, and coming in at 84.70Eur it is! Wow. I love the contents as much as the value for money here. I’ve already put the products away in my ‘to use’ storage area, apart from the NYX pencil which is already in my lip makeup drawer.


Glossybox: December 2016

Hello you!

This one’s a bit late, but better late than never I guess. I think my new year’s resolution should be to try and get into some sort of routine to post, or at least make use of the schedule button to have a post out regularly rather than sometimes alot at once and long breaks in between..

Anyway, hope you all had a fun food filled Christmas and a great start to the new year!



  • La Theorie des Volcans – Noir Eternae, Youth Potion Face Scrub. 30mls – 30Eur
    • 30mls – 30Eur. Full Size
    • Comments: Interesting “Interstellar” type packagine, and a face scrub with volcanic ash. Sounds interesting!
  • Go Pretty – Dry Shampoo. 6.90Eur – 200mls
    • 50ml – 1.72Eur
    • Comments: Dry Shampoo! Who doesn’t love dry shampoo?! It get’s you out of a sticky (or more like greasy) situation fast and can save the day! Hell yes!
  • Bougie My Jolie Candle x Glossybox. 30g – 6Eur
    • 30g – 6Eur
    • Comments: This isn’t exactly a full sized candle, as this one didn’t come with jewellery inside, to my disappointment. I guess the concept is cool, but it didn’t have that much of a strong lasting scent for me, so honestly I don’t think it would be for me to buy a full sized with the jewellery inside it.
  • Essence – light up your face luminizer palette.
    • 4.99Eur
    • Comments: Ok, enough with the highlighter trio types. I really don’t use them this much, and from this brand too?! I didn’t like the eye shadow palette from them, and I really didn’t think I would enjoy this, so I gave it to a colleague who at best might have some use out of it than I would. I don’t think I like this brand, ok judging JUST from one eyeshadow palette, but also this product isn’t something that I would want or need to add to my collection as I know it wouldn’t get used at all.
  • Too Faced – Melted Chocolate – Chocolate Honey. 12ml – 20Eur
    • 5ml – 8.33Eur
    • Comments: Love this brand, and I’m sure I can make this work. Excited!
  • Eye brush – This wasn’t actually in the magazine.. so I won’t count this in the total.

51.04Eur is the grand total, excl the brush but incl the trio palette. Not so bad this month for the items that I am actually keeping.

Glossybox: November 2016


Hello you!

So this month’s box was strangely delayed, I think it might have had something to do with the fact that it is a collab box with Jonak ( shoe company). This month I think all the contents were the same and looking at it very quickly, I think the value of the box must be quite high.

  1. Aussie 3MM Reconstructor. 250ml – 9Eur
    • 75ml – 2.70Eur
    • Comments: I receive this brand before, I think it was either the same or a similar product. I do remember thinking it wasn’t bad though, so I don’t mind having this again. It’s a hair mask and so after the Amika mask that I got from my Birchbox this month gets used, this one will be up next.
  2. De Bruyere Beaute Jumbo eye crayon, Bubble 07. 15Eur
    • Full size. 15Eur
    • Comments: I don’t mind an eye crayon, it’s what I used to only wear back in the day before I discovered that eye primer would actually allow eye shadow to work on my eyes! This colour is a subtle one, and I think would work well for my every day use (which is a brown subtle smokey eye)
  3. Avene Eau Thermale – Masque apaisant hydratant. 50ml – 15.80Eur
    • 30ml – 9.48Eur
    • Comments: Well I’ve tried this brand once before, I know that it’s easily accessible for me in Paris where all the pharmacies stock this brand for a good price, but I’ve not really tried any other of their products. I hear the cold cream is meant to be good..but I digress. So this is supposed to hydrate and then you wipe off the excess. Good for the winter months I suppose.
  4. MDMflow Semi matte lipstick in the shade Vamp. 21Eur
    • Full size. 21Eur
    • Comments: This colour looks like a perfect deep plum, which is great for the autumn months (though it could also pass as a rainy gloomy winter if you ask me). I can’t wait to try this shade out.
  5. Unani – Il-luminate cleaning milk. 200ml – 15.99Eur
    • 200ml – 15.99Eur. Full size.
    • Comments: I still have something from this brand that I never used yet (from a beauty box). I don’t think I have any bad perceptions of this, quite the contrary but I know that I’ve been backlogged with some products so I just didn’t get round to it. This is a cleansing milk though, and considering I use a cleanser/micellaire water on a daily basis, I’m sure I’ll get round to this soon enough.

Well I wasn’t joking when I thought this box value was worth a fair bit, and it is a 64,17Eur. Must be a top record for a value of a Glossybox I think. I’m pretty content with this months unboxing and I think these are all products I think are useful / curious to try out.

Glossybox: October 2016


Hey you!

I’ve been trying so hard to whack out these beautybox posts to get back on track. Phew this is the last one and I’m getting it uploaded just in time before we start the new month! I’m super impressed with this month’s unboxing so here we go..

  1. Erborian – Perfect morning BB mask. 30Eur for 8 sachets
    • 2 sachets – 7.50Eur
    • Comments: I have only tried one product from this brand but it seems to be popular (perhaps as it is Korean?). I was on the fence with that product (I think it was the primer), and so with this mask I’ll be interested to see if it’s good or not.
  2. Evoluderm – Soin de visage – gommage doux aloe vera. 150ml – 3Eur
    • 150ml – 3Eur. Full size.
    • Comments: WHAT only 3Eur for this big product? Crazy?? It kind of makes me wonder why it is so cheap and if it’s any good, and the second makes me wonder if it’s a typo. Oh well…anyway we’ll give it a go and see if there is any difference to the skin. However it goes back of the line since I simply have so many products already for my skin.
  3. Lindt Sensation fruit raspberry and cranberry. 65g – 2Eur
    • Comments: These are just 4 ‘balls’ and taste good. It’s kind of nice to get something sweet, and from a well known brand too.
  4. Daily Concepts – Exfoliating sponge. 5Eur
    • 5Eur. Full size
    • Comments: I always use a loofah as I think it helps exfoliate my skin, and if anything it makes me feel clean, so why not with this product. I’ll use this as soon as my loofah needs replacing and we’ll give it a go!
  5. Mai Couture – Paper blush in ‘Prettyful’. 50 sheets for 17Eur
    • 4sheets – 1.36Eur
    • Comments: Paper blush?? Shall be interesting to see. I wonder if it will take away my foundation whilst I try this on or not. To be investigated…
  6. Naobay – Natural and Organic body radiance lotion. 200ml – 14.80Eur
    • 200ml – 14.80Eur. Full size
    • Comments: Wow. This brand I’ve received in boxes before (but not yet tried) though I think they are well known and a good brand. To get a full size product is pretty amazing I think. Can’t wait to use this
  7. Lavera Naturkosmetik. Hand cream. 75ml – 4.49Eur
    • 20ml – 1.20Eur
    • Comments: With the cold seasons approaching, you can never complain if you receive hand cream. I’ve used this one as it’s small enough to put in my pocket, and to help remind me to use hand cream as the temperature turns. It’s a thick, moisturising cream, and I like it. The only thing is that when I rub my hands together sometimes it seems like the product ‘rolls up’ which is a bit strange. Either way though, it does the job and protects my hands when I need it. To buy it though, I think I’d prefer something else.

So, here we have  2 full sized products, good brands and a total value of 32.86Eur compared to what I paid, 13Eur (as I have the yearly subscription). Not bad at all, and I can’t wait to use these products!

Glossybox: September 2016


Hello you!

As mentioned, I’m playing catch up since my moving left me with no time to update my blog, and being so close to the summer break means I’ve been MIA more than I’d have liked. So now is the September Glossybox!

Firstly, I’m loving this Glossybox design with the marble effect. It’s probably one of the better designs that I’ve received in my opinion. It looks like this month everyone has got the same items, which I don’t know if I necessarily like or not but at least this way there is no wishing that I had got something else.

  1. Academie scientifique de beaute – fluide dermo-hydratant. 50ml – 34.20Eur
    • 15ml – 10.26Eur
    • Comments: I’ve received this brand before and I think they do have hydrating products – that I normally use over night since I am quite oily – so I don’t mind having another one but that’s the third one now… I’m up for a change please!
  2. Too faced better than sex waterproof. 7.65g – 23Eur
    • 4.8g – 14.43Eur
    • Comments: I have the bigger size of this mascara, as well as the smaller non waterproof version, all of which I haven’t tried yet so I hope it is worth it! Mind you I have heard/ read good things about it so I supposed I’m not worried too much
  3. Universal beauty cosmetics – secret flush. 4.50g – 18Eur
    • 4.50g – 18Eur. Full size
    • Comments: I don’t rate multi purpose lip and cheek products so much, I can’t say I’ve tried many but the few that I have I don’t think do too good a job on either. This shade seems interesting though so this one might work..let’s see.
  4. Secret product
    • This was a total secret, but having received since the box that it is a Head and Shoulder’s shampoo, I guess I am disappointed that an easily accessible brand was this secret shampoo. Seems a bit weird though? As for the secret part, it was kind of interesting to see what it was but I think when it comes to shampoos I would rather know what it is since I try to take a bit more care to see what the ingredients are.
  5. The vintage cosmetic company – cleaning brush tool. 7.50Eur
    • I actually have a brush egg from Amazon..or maybe it was ebay, that is exactly the same only I paid something like 2 or 3Eur for it. For that reason I gave this to a colleague of mine because I really didn’t see the need to have two. Especially when I hardly use mine anyway. I feel these tools are great for the small eye brushes, but anything bigger I always end up doing a second wash with my fingers anyway to get the product and colours out.

So in total, this box was worth 50.19Eur at least (as I don’t have a price for the shampoo), so when I take away the cleaning brush tool, it still makes for a good value for price. However, if I take away the cheek and lip duo it makes 24.69 and mostly thanks to the Academie scientifique de beaute product. So actually, this month didn’t excite me too much and I certainly didn’t feel like I hit the jackpot with this one. Apart from the awesome looking marble box.. oh well. You win some and you lose some…

Glossybox: August 2016

Hello you!

So two unboxing posts in one month!! Here’s what we have this time:

1) Signal White Now – White now glossy chic. 50ml – 3.30-3.59€

  • 50ml – 3.30€ ( I’ll count on the lower end of the RRP scale)
  • Comments: this toothpaste is clearly marketed for women, and that kinda annoys me..even if I hope that this does make my teeth look nice and white. Apparently there is ‘blue light’ technology that gives your teeth an instant whitening effect. I’ve literally got a few more teeth brushes to go before I run out of toothpaste so the timing is almost perfect!

2) Benefit – Gimme brow. 3g – 26.50€

  • 1g – 8.83€
  • Comments: I’m not one for a lot of brow products but after seeing so much about this new product line launch I’m kinda glad to get in on the action here. This is a brow volumizing fibre gel, so I guess should be pretty easy to use.

3) Trifle cosmetics – lip perfect lipstick in the shade ‘guilty pug’. 3.5g – 17.95€

  • 3.5g – 17.95€
  • Comments: I’m not going to open this actually because I have far too many lip products open and I’m receiving new ones at a faster rate than I receive them so instead of checking out the color I’ll just keep this unopened if ever I want to give this one away to my sister or a friend. I do think from the photos the shade would be a nice summer but natural color.

4) -417 – Shampoo with minerals from the Dead Sea. 250ml – 24€

  • 40ml – 3.84€
  • Comments: I had a conditioner from the same brand and I don’t think I rated that well. I’m not sure I’ll like this product either, there are no parabens but there are sulphate so and since I’m on a general anti sulphate shampoo regime (aside from once a month to really get that stripped back but squeaky clean feeling) it might get me a while to get to this…or I’ll just give it away. Undecided yet but I don’t expect great things.

5) Lilas Blanc – Huile marveilleuse. 100ml – 25,90€

  • 30ml – 7.77€
  • Comments: this is a dry oil but I’m not sure what exactly it is. The ingredients list sesame oil, sunflower seed oil as the top two ingredients and then there’s rapeseed oil, jojoba oil, camellia oil and so on. I have a few oils already but in the summer I prefer not to use them on my face in the summer unless I’m breaking out and I need my Argan oil, but I’ll give this one a go on my body and hair. It does seem to absorb into the skin really quickly and well, leaving a moisturized and soft feeling after and non oily at all.

41.69€ is this months total value. I think I like the oil or Benefit brow products the best and the -417 shampoo is the product I’m not excited to have. I’ll be trying to do an updated project pan and/or empties post soon and then hopefully back in September I can continue talking about foundations or other make up I’m using at the moment. Ciao till then!

Glossybox: July 2016

Hello you!!

I apologize for being MIA but I’ve been on holidays and decided to not stress meld about missing posts because summer is the time when everyone gets to, and should relax. My phone also broke so as this was my primary method of uploading photos, I’m using a screenshot of my Instagram (where you can check out my posts too if you like) instead.

Overall I was happy with this box for the Nars blush, but let’s go into the contents a bit more
1) Panier des sens – make up remover “milk”. 200ml – 12.90€

  • 50ml – 3,23€
  • Comments: make up remover is always welcome and having received a body wash by the same brand, I expect this to smell great too.

2) Panier des sens – toner. 12.90€ – 200ml

  • 50ml – 3,23€
  • Comments: same as point one. I didn’t mind having two items from the same brand as I often think of cleansing milk and toner as a combined pair. Plus the brand seemed like an ok one so I don’t feel that it was a cheat.

3) Nars – Blush “orgasm”. 4,8g – 31€

  • 3.5g – 22.60€
  • Comments: this was the item I chose as I already received the marsk eyeliner that I got for the second time in the June Glossybox. I’m glad that I don’t have to buy this famous blush but instead I get to receive this, especially when it is so pricey. I love the small little blush compact, so easy for on the go but I know the packaging will get dirty so easily.

4) Hayasei – anti tiredness eye patches. 2.90€

  • Comments: I’m not sure if eye patches work, I’m sure they do cool down the eye area so that in itself will help, but I’m not sure I’d ever go out and buy eye patches…especially if not on sale. But we’like see how these go

5) De Bruyere – after sun in Manoi scent. 50ml – 11€

  • 50ml – 11€
  • Comments: I loved the body lotion from a previous box and remember being complimented on the smell. I thought the same was to be said of this product but it’s actually quite liquidy than I thought, and doesn’t smell as strong. I’m not sure if it feels effective as an after sun but I think it would still make my a kin soft so I treat it like a body lotion.

In all, this value came to 42.96€. The best product was the Nars blush, and the product I wouldn’t have minded not receiving would be the eye mask.

Since I’m so late in posting this box, I’ll have the August box post up soon as I’ve already received the contents!

Glossybox: June 2016

Hello you!

This month my Glossybox came quite early! In fact around 27th May I got an email saying that my box was on its way already! I’m sorry for the delay in posting though, work has been super crazy. Anyway onto the unboxing! Overall, I am super happy with these contents:


  1. Unani: Dermo defence face mask. 100ml – 15.99ml
    • 100ml – 15.99Eur. Full size
    • Comments: I am super happy to have this, I think it was one of the products from last months box and I was slightly disappointed not to get this. I am loving face masks at the moment, I just don’t have enough  time to use all I have (though I will get round to it)!
  2. Creme Moana. 75ml – 13.90Eur
    • 75ml – 13.90Eur
    • Comments: I took this to the gym yesterday as my post shower body cream to lock in the moisture, and to have a random lady comment that the cream smells really nice was a bit surprising. I tend not to want to talk to or be spoken to at the gym! Anyway, this product smells really great, so much so that I did get the comment that I smelt like summer later that evening. However, no matter how good it smells, I still find it a bit expensive..
  3. Eborian Dongback Camellia Essence. 30ml – 59Eur
    • 3ml – 5.90Eur
    • Comments: Always up for trying oils, even if I haven’t lately been using the oils that I have already. I find it so difficult to choose what to put on overnight and I have so many things to choose from that the oils simply remain behind my bathroom mirror.
  4. Barbara Gould. Exfoliating Miceallaire Gel. 150ml – 4.50Eur
    • 150ml – 4.50Eur. Full size
    • Comments: Along with night time skin pampering, I am also really into making sure that my face is cleansed from the natural (and unnatural) dirt on my face. Having this wash is great, and I’ll be looking out to see how effective this is in taking off make up.
  5. Marsk. Eyeliner. 1.2g – 23Eur
    • 1.2g – 23Eur
    • Comments: I got this product in a previous box and didn’t use it much (I don’t use eyeliner’s that much anymore.. I stick to my face out of pure laziness, and then eyes if I have time or the weekend!). I gave this one away to a colleague of mine because I knew I wouldn’t need a second. The upside is that because of this error I could choose one of the products in the next box, so I chose the NARS product (obviously!), which I am excited for as I already know what it is!
  6. Icona Milano Mascara.10ml – 16.50Eur
    • 10ml – 16.50Eur
    • Comments: I’m not one for mascara alot, and I have collected more than a few from the various boxes. I do intend to use them all but as I hardly use eyeshadow during the working week, I don’t use mascara either. However I do need to get cracking on in clearing the stash.

What a box right, I was super happy to get these contents and the fact that there are 6 products in here, 5 of which full size makes it amazing (even if I gave my eyeliner away). So I make this value 79.79Eur and removing the value of the eyeliner gives me 56.79Eur which is probably the real value of this. Over 13Eur, that ain’t bad and I’m loving the products. Nice one Glossybox!

Glossybox: May 2015

I got two Glossyboxes this month, one was the Glossybox x TooFaced special edition, and the second one was this ‘normal’ one. I did have some sneak peaks via Instagram (my instagram is @beautywithmei) and I was hoping for the dr.Brandt and to my delight, I got it!

Here’s the box:


  1. L’Oreal Studio Pro – Creme lissant Smooth It 95H. 150ml – 6.50Eur
    • Full Size. 6.50Eur
    • Comments: Well, I don’t really need to smooth my hair that much so I’m not sure what to do with this.. I don’t really blow dry or straighten my hair either. I’ll figure it out. I’d have rather the Fixation or Volume XL sprays.
  2. dr.Brandt Pure Dermabraision. 60ml – 58Eur
    • 7.5g – 7.76Eur (approx)
    • Comments: I wanted this, I hear great things on the brand and anything to eliminate pores I am up for!
  3. Studio 10 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner. 1.38g – 28.40Eur
    • Full size. 28.40Eur
    • Comments: I’ve not really been into brows, even though I know it’s been a big deal, I’ll either use a brown eyeshadow just to thicken them up a bit but I’ve never owned a proper brow product so we shall see how this goes.
  4. Emite Make Up – Lip and Cheek Tint. 6ml – 16Eur
    • Full size – 16Eur
    • Comments: I don’t rate multi use products for Lips and Cheeks, though this might be based on the one product I received from a Birchbox which just wasn’t great. However I’ll give this one a go since the colour seems to be good for lips, even if it wouldn’t be good for cheeks. I have had primer from this make up brand from a beauty box previously, and I had indifferent thoughts towards it so I am interested to see how this product rates.
  5. Carmex – Stick a Levres. 4.25g – 4Eur
    • Full size. 4Eur
    • Comments: I’ve not tried Carmex before but I know that it’s widely used. I love a good chapstick, to counter the dry flaky lips (and liquid lipstick doesn’t help either!) so will be interested to see how this one fares out too. Right now I do have my holy grail, but if I can try out new products through these boxes then I am always happy to (because let’s face it, I’ll not be as experimental if I know I have a holy grail already. If it ain’t broke and all that..)

So in all, 62.66Eur. I think that the brow pencil really pushed up the value of this month’s box. I hope I do end up liking this product, or at least see how I feel about brow pencils in general at least. That way it’s at least saved me money from trying and buying something and not being sure of it and wasting money. ( I consider this not as wasting money since I can’t control what I get, and the value of the box is more than what I pay anyway)