Product Empties #12


Hello you!

Another empties post, as I had gone through quite a lot recently.

  • Samples:
    • Sephora Whipped Cream Body Moisturiser – Watermelon scented and really great! If this is on sale, I might put this in my basket!
    • Sephora Primer: Siliconey and meh
    • Orogold Moisturiser: Meh
    • Sephora Cherry Blossom Gum Wash: This surprised me, it is like a gum but it it also exfoliates and does smell nice. Again, perhaps a second look if it is on sale.
    • Sephora Sleeping Mask: This is like a thick-ish jelly. I feel like it must have done something, but I’d rather have less product on my face that could get on my pillows and have something that absorbs a little more..
  • Normaderm 3 in 1: I like this, more as an exfoliant though I have used this as a mask once. I prefer it as a daily cleanser/exfoliator, and would consider re purchasing if I run out of products in my bathroom cabinet any time soon!
  • Bioderma Sensitive Micellaire Water: I think I prefer the pink version, even if I don’t really feel any difference between the two types. So far, this is probably the best micellaire water I have tried, with a close tie with the Garnier one.
  • Moana cream: This smells DIVINE. I even got stopped in the gym by someone who wanted to complement me on the smell of this! I mean wow right?! I would buy this if I saw it, but if I remember correctly, it was a pricey item from a maybe not.
  • Glow by Dr Brandt: I hardly think I saw a difference in using this. I don’t even know if it did anything or not, my first introduction to retinol types. But I think this is a miss for me.
  • Hello Gorgeous Blush Paper:  I don’t like this idea, as I think I would sweep away any make up I had on me whilst trying to apply this. Pass from me
  • Mac In Extreme Extension Lash Mascara: Wow, this was great. A sample from online purchases of Mac brushes, and this did wonders for my lashes that are small, straight and not great all round. This brush coated every lash and was perfect. It also didn’t flake that much!
  • MUFE HD Pressed Powder: This is what I set my foundation with, so that I could apply bronze and blush on after. I liked this product, it did the job and I would probably re purchase, but during a Sephora sale. I have a loose powder sample version to try out too..

Product Empties #11

IMG_1201Hello you!

So here are the empties, and I’ve split it in two because there were quite a few products I went through and finished.

  • Biore: Charcoal pore strips – As I mentioned on my Glossybox post, I wasn’t too impressed with this. I feel that it’s too harsh, and whildt unsurprising as it is meant to be strong enough to unclog the junk, I feel like continual use will just dry out the skin.
  • L’Occitane: Amande Body Scrub – This was great to exfoliate my skin and felt good too. I guess I could re purchase but I’m not blown away either so for now I still don’t know what a go to brand would be and I am find trying out various exfoliators for now.
  • No7: Soft and Gentle Cleansing Milk – This is soft and gentle indeed. I would use this sample for taking any excess make up off, after the initial cleansing water.
  • Kevin Murphy: Plumping Wash – I think this was ok, I mean I remember liking it, but not enough to remember exactly. I think this brand does have some shampoo without sulphates so that could be worth trying out.
  • Batiste: Dry Shampoo – The original brand that I have used for a long time, but probably not the best one. This does do the trick, but it does feel like there is product in there hair, which is usually ignored as it does such a great job of absorbing all the oils. It’s a tried and tested one, I do find the Klorane one to be a bit better in terms of smell but I also have a dry shampoo foam to test out soon too.
  • Caudalie: Hand Cream – I love this hand cream. The smell is strong, but for me, nice. It’s something that I would buy again if I didn’t have any hand cream about, but I had plenty still from boxes, advent calendars and Christmas, including a smaller version of this one.
  • Crabtree & Evelyn: Hand Cream  – another hand cream as winter has been hard on my skin. This smelt gorgeous though, and a present from someone at work. I would like to try more from this brand, so it’s put on the radar.
  • Academie: Multi Vitamine Mask – This was great as a mask, a bit thick and I’m sure it’s done something but not enough that I could visibly see anyway. It’s the third product I got from this brand in a Glossybox, and I do enjoy them but not enough to go out my way to purchase on my own.
  • Hey Honey: Mask – I got this from a Glossybox and this was good but not sure if I wuld repurchase. It’s a thick clear transparent liquid, that is sticky and does dry (though you should have some moisturiser on before hand) so that you peel it off. It feels nice, who doesn’t like a peel off mask?, but I am so full with masks right now, it’s not on my radar to buy.

Product empties #10

Hello you!

Another empties round here so let’s get started! (Apologies for the blurry photo, I didn’t realise it was a bad one..)

17-02-2017 17-24-27.png

From top left to right, then bottom left to right:

  1.  Dr. Goldfaden: Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator: This felt like rubbing salt on your face, it felt like it did something but at the same time also felt rough. I liked to wet my face and fingers whilst spreading this around otherwise it would have been too much for me. I did think this was ok, but I think it was a bit too harsh so I wouldn’t buy this.
  2. Eyeko Fat Liner: I got this from a beauty box and I really did enjoy this product. I find pen eyeliners to probably be the most easiest way to apply eyeliner. The only thing is that this is a fat pen, so whilst good to try and create the flick, as my hooded eyes don’t have much space for lash lining, I had to be careful with this. I would consider purchasing this, if I knew where I could easily get it (in store I mean)
  3. DeClerc Mascara: I got this from a beautybox too, and I actually think this wasn’t bad. For me, it didn’t seem to flake, it did what I wanted to, which was to darken my lashes and I do remember being very surprised with this. I wouldn’t re purchase because I have a lot of mascaras to use up from a variety of boxes, but seeing how  those will go, I might keep this one in the back of my mind.
  4. Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye: I do think this cream works, probably not as much as another cream I am using, but I did seem to notice a difference the morning after application that my dark under eye area wouldn’t be as dark anymore. This one I am not going to repurchase but keep in the back of my mind for sure.
  5. Academie francaise: This was a moisture cream I think – really I can’t remember – but it might have been a daily cream. It did moisturize well but I wouldn’t say anything specific against this one. I kept this in my travel bag and it suited the purpose.
  6. Yves Rocher moisturiser: This is a small sample I received, and probably don’t have much to comment on it. It was a moisturiser and did what I needed it to, it was ok to put it on in the morning without being too thick but it’s probably something I wouldn’t repurchase.
  7. Fresh Vitamin Nectar Mask: I really like this product. It was a sample but something I might consider to get at Sephora now that the brand is in France. It smelt like oranges and zesty but I do feel like it did something to my face. The texture was strange, something like a jelly with bits in I feel like, but I do think I would try purchasing this if I got the chance.
  8. Elemis Tri-Enzyme face wash: I bought this a while ago, with a bunch of other Elemis products that I have been using up and must be in my previous empties posts. I like this enough as I was using it, but I don’t think I noticed anything special after having used more products through various beauty boxes. I do seem to like the brand, to me it reflects quality and British-ness, however if I had to say one product I liked the most, it would probably be the lavender toner which I did think that more of an effect for me in balancing out my oils.
  9. + 10. Panier de Sens, cleanser and toner. This was refreshing, as the packaging suggests and did the job well. It removed my make up gently and toned my face gently and in a refreshing manner. I think this brand is probably a bit too pricy if I remember correctly, however it was nice to use.

11.  Aussie 3 minute miracle: I love the smell of this,  and I think it does work well. My hair felt nourished, smooth and moisturised. I would probably purchase from this brand again.

12. Nars creamy concealer in Custard: This is a sample, and I have another one actually which is great as I don’t think I can really remember much about this. I do think I liked it though, it goes well for my skin tone under the eyes, and also as a spot concealer too. I don’t remember if there was much creasing so I will have to try out the second sample and give it a go. I do remember thinking it might be worth to buy the concealer though so I don’t think it was bad for me.

13. Rituals foaming shower gel: This was gentle in cleaning and foamed nicely. I think it was a calming and gentle body cleanse which was great. I think though that I don’t care much for shower gels (at least not as much for now) so I wouldn’t re purchase, but to test more from this brand is something I would consider for sure.



Product Empties #9 & Disappointing Products


Hello you!

Another empties post, I seem to be going through products at a decent rate I think to be able to use them. I also have two disappointments too..

From top to bottom and left to right:

-REN Revitalising Night cream: I think this must have been something amazing. I’m pretty sure that after a few days of using this product my skin actually felt softer and better. This actually led me to buy so so many things from REN during a private sale..oops

-Amika Nourishing Mask: I really do like this brand actually, I think this is the third time I have had a product from them by a beauty box subscription and I think they are a good quality. I don’t know if I would actually go out of my way to buy something from them though, purely because I am quit lazy when it comes to hair products..however this would certainly be on the list and it has left a good impression. The product smells good and does make my hair feel softer.

-Whish Body Butter (Almond): Although the scent was nice, this brand is something that gives a ‘meh’ response for me. I really don’t know what to say apart from, it got used up by being in my gym bag and it was fine but nothing out of the ordinary.

-Elemis Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Gel: This is something that I bought after an Elemis facial as this is one of the products that was used, and the facial was really good. This is something that I used a fair bit in the beginning, and then at about 75% use I started to use it a bit less. I am not sure if I would re purchase, I did use this regularly at once a week with other products in the line, but I don’t think I saw that much of a difference when I stopped and started using it again. I do like that it is a British brand though, but I don’t think that makes much difference apart from an emotional / patriotic factor I suppose.

-Urban Decay Ultra Definition Pressed Powder: I got this in a Sephora sale last year, and used this as a setting powder after my foundation. To be honest, it actually broke before I got a chance to use it so I did have to re press it using the old alcohol trick. It did the job to set my foundation but nothing amazing so I don’t know if I would necessarily repurchase, but if I did I wouldn’t have any worries to use it.

-Clarisonic Sensitive head brush: I got this with my Clarisonic Mia 2, it was the original brush that came with it, and I replaced it with the deep pore cleansing brush head. I feel that this product does get rid of all the make up even after I cleansed, so I tend to use this brush head as a second cleanse and it works well. In terms of clearing out my pores, this one didn’t do so much for me.

-Kiehls Multi Correcting Eye opening serum: A tester from Kiehls that actually I don’t think it did much for me. In any case, if I can’t remember anything about it, then it isn’t good enough surely?!

-The buff stuff, Citrus Body Scrub: This smelt very citrusy, and was exfoliating. However I remember that it was quite liquidy and that took me by surprise, considering I am used to exfoliators to be a bit more thicker in consistency. I wouldn’t buy this for that reason.

-Panier de sens, body wash oil: Ok so this one I have to say the packaging was god awful. The plastic tube has no give, and I mean no give, so when you try to get the product out you had to wait for gravity to do its thing! Apart from that, it was a gentle body wash, with a nice subtle scent and it was moisturising.


-Emite make up primer: I got this from a beautybox and tried so many times to make this work but I just couldn’t. When I mean I tried to make this work, I tried to see what foundation would actually change slightly (for the better) when I used this primer but I sort of believe that it made zero difference. In the end, I thought why try to finish something that doesn’t do anything to control my oils, make foundation apply better or anything like that. If I needed am moisturiser then I already had applied need for this one!

-Naked lips super berries lip balm: I like that it is made from anti oxidant fruits, but I don’t like the product at all. The smell is something that never sat right with me, I am not sure if it’s too chemical or just too smelly but its overpowering to me that as I got half way I just felt sick to smell it. The actual lip balm is a soft consistency and not bad, but honestly, the smell and thinking about the smell is enough to make me want to throw up.

Product Empties #8


Hey you!

I love when I go through products, it feels that I’m making progress, despite new products coming in through each month through my Glossybox (at least!). There are a fair few sample products this month but let’s get started..

NaturalTech Replumping shampoo – this was from a beautybox and without any sulphates or parabens I was bound to already give this a few points. It was good and though I can’t really say with one use if I liked it alot or not, it did clean my hair well. I don’t think I’ll go out my way to repurchase, but if I don’t have any shampoos and I see this brand I might think why not.

Hayasei anti-fatigue eye patches – this was also from a beautybox. This was a one use eye patch mask, with the patches going just under your eye. I did feel that this did something, if not just to relax my eye area and feel that it was working. However, eye patches aren’t something I would use regularly, so whilst I would use it if I have it, I wouldn’t buy it.

Fresh Soy face cleanser – this is a mild, lovely smelling and gentle cleanser. I used this on it’s own and with my clarasonic to get rid of any make up. I think it’s gentle and effective, and I already have a small version of this in my back up. I would repurchase this.

La roche posay – This is the second time I had a bottle like this, and my thoughts pretty much stay the same. It feels kind of heavy for a micellaire water, and I didn’t like it so much. I wouldn’t repurchase it, as I like them to feel like water and invisible on the skin but it did the job in taking off my make up.

Skin Owl – This product is a clear gel like texture, that I could easily rub into my neck area. Whether or not it made a difference, I can’t really say. I think it was good that it reminded me to take care of my neck area, as the product was specifically for this, however I don’t think I would re purchase because I didn’t see any difference.

Benefit They’re Real! Primer – This worked well as a light tint to my eyelashes post eyeshadow, and I feel that it worked as a primer because I would get less flaking. I would repurchase if I was really into mascara, and I could wear them alot, but as I don’t tend to (especially as longer lashes would rub against my glasses) it’s a non re purchase from me.

Benefit They’re Real! Push up liner – This was a product that I was super interested to try out. I think in the beginning I loved this, it did give me exactly what I wanted but I will say two things about this product. 1) Super hard to get rid of and 2) This did transfer and I would need to keep checking that I didn’t get panda eyes. If the formula changed, I think I would re purchase. However I think I initially loved it because it was the first product that I could get up close to my lash line, however the transfer of the product for me stopped me from using it after I discovered other products / brushes.

L’Atelier Maquillage – This was a light mascara, but I think it also did flake on me. I would need to check for any transfer. I don’t feel that it did anything in particular to my lashes (strengthen, grow, volume etc) but I did give it a good go and good use to quickly darken the lashes after using lighter eyeshadow colours.

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatement – This is a sample, and I think I might consider getting the full sized. The texture was not what I thought it would be though, more plasticky than anything I could describe. As I put it under my eye area, it was light and spread easily, but the texture is something that isn’t an oil, cream or gel like feeling… however, I think that it did do something to my under eye area.

Caudalie masks – I got these from a pharmacy I think, after my big shop, and they are either hydrating ones (where you slap it all on and then after 15mins wipe off the excess) or the ones you wash off. I think that the brand is great, I love the hand creams for sure, and apart from the moisturising mask, I might be tempted to get the full sized versions to fully test more. However, the truth is that I have a ton of masks already to go through (from boxes or sales) so I might not get around to it, and the products weren’t impacting me so much that I’d want to stock up right away.




Product Empties #7


Hello you!

Firstly, super super sorry for the insane delay in getting back to posting. I do have a backlog of beauty unboxing posts to get through. I’ve been in the process of moving apartments and that has been more hectic than I imagined! Not to mention still not having any furniture (well, there is a mattress and that’s the important thing!). Anyway back to beauty.. here is an empties post because there was no point me saving up these empties to move them all to the new place, so I took a photo before I recycled the containers to be ready for my next post.

So here we go:

  • Karmameju Micellar Water – this was from a beauty box, and I found this to be very gentle. I don’t know if i was super effective in removing make up (compared to other brands) but I  did find it to be very gentle whilst doing so. I think though, it wasn’t enough to fully convert me so this is a no to repurchasing.
  • Elemis Lavender Cleanser and Toner – I like this brand, and I feel that it feels soft, gentle and caring for my skin. I chose this one as this seemed the best for oily skin and I do know that if I missed out on the toner especially my face would get slightly more oily during the day. I did buy these a long time ago though, they really do last a long time, and  though I might have not used them for a while, the size and quality of the products is good enough to repurchase. This will definitely stay on the list to re purchase, but as I have still a mountain of products to get through, it’ll be for another day.
  • Body gel – this was from a beauty box and really did smell ALOT like fresh zesty oranges. I took this in my gym bag so it did last a while (mainly because I have been lazy and not been going to the gym as much as I should do..) but I did enjoy smelling this. However, it’s a body gel and I’m pretty much indifferent to those so its a no to repurchasing from me.
  • Witch, anti blemish stick – I must admit that I loved this for a long time. I think it did work, it was probably more drying than I wanted it to be but I do feel that it was effective. I don’t know if my skin got used to this or I used it too much, but I felt that towards the end the product wasn’t as effective as it used to be. I have repurchased but I think I will be using this product sparingly instead.
  • Bleu des anges toner – OMG this product is soft, gentle ,refreshing and by far the BEST toner I must have ever used. I can’t remember if it is pricy or not, and whilst I still have a ton of toners in my drawers to go through, I certainly think this one will stay in my mind for the future. For anyone out there, I do recommend that you at least check this toner out…it just seems magical.
  • Lange Paris BB cream – I think I must be partially allergic to suncream, and I think this might have broken me out a bit. Plus I can’t say much for the scent either, it seemed to strong and sickly for me. The coverage was probably not even decent and I would use this in the summer when I didn’t want a full face either. I don’t recommend purchasing this, it seems nothing more than a slightly tinted cream, and I think there must be better products out there.
  • Sephora  brightening powder – this was on my project pan posts so I won’t comment much here. I don’t think I will repurchase purely because I would like to try out other finishing powders on the market.
  • Benefit Boi-ing concealer – Again, this was in my project pan updates. I have another one that I am currently going through, I do feel that there are probably better concealers out there, but for now concealers are not a top priority (not because I don’t need them) but because this works well enough for me for now.
  • Benefit Hello flawless oxygen wow foundation – I commented on this in a post, and to sum it up, it did break down on my face through the day even if I powdered. The colour match was a good enough colour for my skin but I don’t think I’ll repurchase.
  • Benefit Some kind-a gorgeous foundation – I disliked this more than anything else I’ve tried. It’s a cream to powder type of formula, and I think it is discontinued, but this seemed oily on my face, didn’t seem to stick, broke down so much (even if I powdered) and towards the end I started using it more as a concealer. I’d not buy this again (even if it wasn’t discontinued), and if I had to, I’d prefer the Hello flawless oxygen one by miles.


That’s it for this post! I’ll have the September Glossybox and October Glossybox AND Birchbox up soon I hope. 🙂


Have a good weekend!



Product Empties #6

Hello you!

I’ve got a fair few empties, and some variety in products for this post so let’s get started!

– Sephora masks: I got a bunch of these from the Summer sales and too right too at 70% off!! If I’m honest I don’t really see much of a difference with face masks but they do feel cool and relaxing so I wouldn’t mind paying a euro or so for one. I’d only repurchase if they were on sale again, I didn’t see any particular difference according to what there were meant to be doing. However the yellow one did smell strongly, not in a bad way, but I can only see that as a positive that it contains what it’s called.

– Aussie 3 minute miracle: I’ve never tried this brand before but I have wanted to. I feel that this did a good job, probably not enough to really test it out and potentially worth buying a full sized bottle to really see how I feel.

– Dr.Brandt overnight resurfacing serum: I got this as part of the Glow set by Dr.brandt, which contains a serum for the day and a bb cream. I got this (on sale) because I saw it had retinol and I wanted to try products with this in to help my skin. This product was yellow and smelt strongly, in what I assume was the retinol. I’m not entirely sure if this is meant to be fast or slow to improve the skin but I feel like I do see slow improvements. My skin seems to be able to take this every day  what I had been doing with this, and sometimes with a cream on top. I’m continuing with the bigger sized ‘main’ product where I hope to really know more about this. Having said that I did buy another retinol product so I’ll compare the two before deciding what to stick with.

– be fine cucumber facial mask: this is a clay type of mask that is as calming, relaxing and smelling like you’d expect from a cucumber product. I think this is a good gentle product and though I’ll probably not repurchase it, it would stick in my mind should I finally finish all the masks in my bathroom cabinet!

– Caudalie hand cream: I love this so much, it did take a while to get used to the smell which isn’t unpleasant but for me a bit strange to have such a strong smell. However this cream feel nourishing and thick enough that I absolutely adore it and as it came in a two pack I’m already on the other one, I also love how it did last a long time too. Love!

– Make up forever HD primer: this was the white colored one, and in the old packaging due to being on a vente privee sale (so I also have the green and blue ones to go through). I used this with the MUFE foundation and they worked well together. I’m sure there are more primers out there better suited to my oily face but I didn’t hate it and I haven’t found any others to work better so I don’t mind for now. (I normally have one or two primers on the go but I know I have more in my unopened makeup stash)

– Sephora flawless moisturizing lotion SPF 15: I love using this in the morning, it’s light and easily absorbed and there is SPF which is perfect. I already have another one (I loved this that I bought another in the sale immediately back in Feb time I think) but I’m not using it yet as I want to finish a few other things first. Love!

– Sephora ultimate brightening serum: I used this under the previous product in the morning and felt that it was nice. I did buy another but I am not sure if it really had any impact. I probably shouldn’t have bought the second one but the two products work well together and I can mix them to put just one layer on so it doesn’t bother me too much.

– Givenchy very irresistible : I love this smell but it does take me a while to go through perfumes and I have a bunch more in a shelf to go through, some even untouched so I’m not going to repurchase until I make a considerable dent into that stash. I like having options but I also want to clear space of ones I know I don’t want to repurchase before I even consider buying perfumes. They’re also quite expensive too..
Alright that sums up my empties so ciao for now!

Product Empties #5

Hello you!

So, what have I used up over the last two months? Quiet a bit it seems. What did I think of them? Let’s find out! Here’s what I’m adding to the recycling bin:image

  1. Bioderma Micellaire Water – This stuff is amazing. Honestly, and now I have actually used another full sized product from another brand up ( item #2) I can say that having compared it to another product, it is still amazing. It feels like water on your skin and doesn’t hurt when taking eye make up off, it spreads nicely on the cotton pad. I did mention in a previous post (here) that I do have a fair few products still to use so I will wait before repurchasing but this will be bought again (and again, and again…).
  2. Nuxe Micellaire Water – This is not so great. It smells of rose, it feels thick on the cotton pad and on the skin and I didn’t feel that it was efficient at taking my make up off either. Plus it was hard to tell because the liquid isn’t clear but has a tint of yellow/beige so I kept on thinking I had traces of foundation on or being unsure if I did or not. Not repurchasing.
  3. Sephora Blemish fighting roll-on gel – This I still have doubts on. It’s not exactly the most effective and fast action product I have (this post might give more information) but I do like that it has a metal roll on ball which does have a calming / soothing effect. I do have something else I like better so.. not repurchasing.
  4. Unani il-luminate serum – I don’t really know if this did much. I did use this constantly and over time I did notice my skin looking better but I am not 100% sure if it was because of this, being better in my skin care routine or both. Since I got this from a beautybox I don’t feel the need to repurchase. However as I do have a face mask now from the same brand, I’ll be able to tell more about the brand after using this I think, which may give some insight on if the brand and this product was good. Either way though, I didn’t fall in love with it so not repurchasing.
  5. Thermaliv Soin jour nouvelle age – This product is super nourishing, which makes sense given the amount of vitamins it has in it. Using this as a day cream I would find that my face would get rather oily (more than usual) even if I used the most tiny amount. Therefore I would tend to use this overnight. As rich and nourishing as it was, I don’t think I will repurchase, because I wasn’t completely blown away by it.
  6. Uriage Roseliane CC Cream SPF 30 – This product I didn’t technically finish, but I don’t think there’s actually much left. The reason why I didn’t finish this is because I realised that it broke me out – more specifically, I think some ingredients break me out that are connected to suncream. I never used this on a regular basis, only when I knew I would be in sunny areas and I didn’t connect the slight breakouts until I did notice that I would get bumps during the day, and overnight when I would put some Argan oil on it and it would disappear, and then the next day it would reappear. Not repurchasing.
  7. MUFE HD Foundation – I got this in a Vente Privee (Private sales) so cheaper than the RRP but this is not the Ultra HD formula because it was the old one (hence why it was on sale). I bought two at the time so I still have one more to go. This is in the shade N125 which I think is slightly off for me (a touch too light) but something I think I can get away with after bronzer and blush etc. The thing I like about this one is that it’s easy to use. It’s not too thick but it does cover, your brushes won’t get gunky after one use and there is a pump and with the primer it works really well. If I set it with some powder then I do make it last a while too. I have one more to go, and another in the Ultra HD range in the same shade and no regrets.
  8. Paris Hilton perfume – I don’t know if this is even sold anymore? Don’t judge me… I bought this 10 years ago or so, with the main reason being that I had read an article saying that this perfume had pheromones in it. And of course, I thought that was great because then it would help me attract all the guys (ha ha). Anyway, turns out it too me ages to finish and I really decided to use the remainder left. It’s a sweet smelling scent which I don’t mind but it’s not something I would repurchase.
  9. Naobay Protective Hair Mask Volume Conditioner – I got this from a beauty box and I don’t think I will repurchase this. I like hair masks to be thick and this isn’t exactly that.  I do believe it did make my hair soft, and I do realise that this is natural and organic so it wouldn’t have all the chemicals that would make me think my hair is super nourished and soft but I’m not super convinced of this product yet. I didn’t hate it but my conversion to the organic side is slow and I’m already trying to get my hair used to natural shampoos so once I have that one down and sorted, then I can try to complement it with natural conditioners. However until then, I somehow feel that I need thick creamy conditioners.
  10. Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived – I got this in a Deauty box way back around Winter time and had been using this fairly regularly until I somehow just stopped. I had about 20% of this left and decided to just finish it off. I like that it does give a gentle colour to your skin, but you do have to beware since if you miss out your feet then after a while you will be able to tell! The smell seems fake tanny to me (though I Have never used fake tan so I can’t be sure) but my skin does seem smooth and moisturised. Would I repurchase? Potentially if I saw it again / it was held up close to my face, but I don’t believe I would go out of my way to buy this.

So there we go, that’s another empties down.. I’ll get cracking for the next post shall I 🙂


Product Empties #4

Time for another empties post. These are the products that I have recently gone through:


My comments on these:

  1. La Roche Posay: This was a sample that I had received in a beauty box, and finally decided to try it out. It lasted about two and a bit applications. It was light and I’m not sure I can say more than that. I have another small sample of that, and if that doesn’t blow me away either then I don’t think I need to worry about finding more counter space!
  2. Coslys: Another product from a beauty box, and took me a while to get through purely because I didn’t realise how much product could be packed into such a small tube! This is also a mask that I tried to use about once a week. I will admit that it smelt a bit funny, and is probably not the most appealing colour (dark brown/beige). It dries on your skin and then you wash it away with water. I did find some different but not enough to make me go WOW! and figure out how I was going to buy a bigger tube.
  3. Bare Minerals: This is the mineral veil powder and it’s taken me ages to use this. It’s one of the products that I used really alot, until it nearly finished and I started to use something else. I made a conscious decision to try and finish this as there was no point hanging on to it since I already have another new one at the ready. In terms of finishing /setting powders, I like that this is a light dusting powder that isn’t white or gave me any ghostly problems.
  4. Urban Decay: This is the matte primer potion sample that I got from a Naked 2 palette purchase. Boy do these samples last a LONG TIME ie a month. And that’s amazing given that I got 4 samples. I feel that this is very comparable to the Mac PaintPot which I generally use as eye primer, in terms of efficiency. I like that the colour also blends in nicely in a nude shade. In terms of texture/viscosity I feel like it’s a bit too liquidy for me (not as much as the Too Faced Shadow Insurance though), whereas maybe I am used to the sturdier feeling paint pot? I’ll put this as a potential repurchase.
  5. Amika: Dry shampoo that I used during my travels. I liked it, it did the job and smelt great. However I find that Amika products are a bit expensive and so I won’t be repurchasing a full size. This one I got in a beauty box.
  6. -417: Hair Conditioner that literally was as liquidy as you can get. Imagine diluting some conditioner and then diluting it again. That’s what I felt this was. It didn’t feel like it was really doing anything and honestly, I don’t need to say more about this.
  7. Richard Ward: This is from a UK supermarket I believe and is the thickest conditioner I have ever seen. Unlike the -417, this had the complete opposite problem. It was too thick to even come out of the bottle properly. I diluted it as much as I could and then had to dilute it even more to make it still a thick consistency that could actually be spread on my scalp! Having said that, I did like the conditioner itself. It’s thick and it actually felt like I was putting moisture back in my hair. In terms of volume though, I don’t really ever believe shampoos or conditioners that promise volume, I mean I just don’t see how..or maybe I haven’t found the right products yet.


Anyway, that’s the lot with just over half being from beautyboxes. At least I know that I’m trying them out and using products as I get new ones coming in every month!


Product Empties #3


Hello! So a quick run through from left to right of the empties I’ve collected since my last post:

Talika: Photo hydra day moisturiser
I got this in a Glossybox and I think that although it is a full size, I’m sure that this wasn’t fully filled up. I’ve used products this size that take me a lot longer to go through that this one did. It’s a light cream and I do felt that it brightened my complexion but not so much that it’s a repeat buy for me. I have seen the brand in Sephora (here in France) though, so I might wander around and see what else the brand has to offer.

Elmex mouthwash
I try to use mouthwash as much as I can. Dental hygiene is important! I don’t always floss and mouthwash each day (bad me) but I’m trying to get into the habit. This is a light mouthwash and doesn’t taste too strong. I’m using Listerine right now and that is so powerful my eyes almost watered compared to this!

Aquafresh, triple protection toothpaste
I feel like it does the job and it tastes minty fresh. I’m not always going to post toothpaste empties, since I bought a heck load of these at Costco ..

Avene: Cicalfate
This is a great solution to heal cuts, bruises, acne quickly. The formula does dry though so I tend to use this overnight so that I can wash any white dry residual flakes that remain in the morning. I prefer a cream overnight so I don’t think I’ll buy this least not after trying a few more healing lotions/creams out first.

Huygens: Regulator shampoo
I didn’t like this shampoo this time around. I find it watery and not efficient in comparison to other sulfate free shampoos. I feel like I’m mostly put off by the watery texture though, so it’s a miss for me.

Amika: Triple Rx Mask
I loved this. A little trully goes a long way and boy is this efficient. My hair felt so smooth and silky afterwards it was great. I think I might be interested to check out their hair masks in the future.

Sampar: Masque gommage de nuit
Still not sure how I felt about this, but I do think it’s too expensive. For that reason, I’m not sure I’ll purchase this again. It was nice to try but I’m not too convinced.. Not on this product anyway. However, I’d love to sample more products from the brand.