Glossybox: December 2016

Hello you!

This one’s a bit late, but better late than never I guess. I think my new year’s resolution should be to try and get into some sort of routine to post, or at least make use of the schedule button to have a post out regularly rather than sometimes alot at once and long breaks in between..

Anyway, hope you all had a fun food filled Christmas and a great start to the new year!



  • La Theorie des Volcans – Noir Eternae, Youth Potion Face Scrub. 30mls – 30Eur
    • 30mls – 30Eur. Full Size
    • Comments: Interesting “Interstellar” type packagine, and a face scrub with volcanic ash. Sounds interesting!
  • Go Pretty – Dry Shampoo. 6.90Eur – 200mls
    • 50ml – 1.72Eur
    • Comments: Dry Shampoo! Who doesn’t love dry shampoo?! It get’s you out of a sticky (or more like greasy) situation fast and can save the day! Hell yes!
  • Bougie My Jolie Candle x Glossybox. 30g – 6Eur
    • 30g – 6Eur
    • Comments: This isn’t exactly a full sized candle, as this one didn’t come with jewellery inside, to my disappointment. I guess the concept is cool, but it didn’t have that much of a strong lasting scent for me, so honestly I don’t think it would be for me to buy a full sized with the jewellery inside it.
  • Essence – light up your face luminizer palette.
    • 4.99Eur
    • Comments: Ok, enough with the highlighter trio types. I really don’t use them this much, and from this brand too?! I didn’t like the eye shadow palette from them, and I really didn’t think I would enjoy this, so I gave it to a colleague who at best might have some use out of it than I would. I don’t think I like this brand, ok judging JUST from one eyeshadow palette, but also this product isn’t something that I would want or need to add to my collection as I know it wouldn’t get used at all.
  • Too Faced – Melted Chocolate – Chocolate Honey. 12ml – 20Eur
    • 5ml – 8.33Eur
    • Comments: Love this brand, and I’m sure I can make this work. Excited!
  • Eye brush – This wasn’t actually in the magazine.. so I won’t count this in the total.

51.04Eur is the grand total, excl the brush but incl the trio palette. Not so bad this month for the items that I am actually keeping.


Birchbox: October 2016


Hey you!

So there was a buy 1 box get the 2nd free offer going on with vente-privee so I took the chance to get the Birchbox again and with October’s box I am not regretting that so far. (Birchbox has two prices, the prices for box subscribers and the prices for non box subcribers. I’m comparing the price for box subscribers here.)

  1. Davines – replumping hair filler 100ml – 100ml -25.02Eur
    • 50ml – 12.56Eur
    • Comments: Anything that replumps / fills / promotes hair growth I am up for! I have fine hair and I could do with these types of products so very happy to receive this. You spray to the roots on clean towel dried hair and let it do it’s thing!
  2. Davines – replumping shampoo 250ml – 16.20Eur
    • 12ml – 0.78Eur
    • Comments: It’s a replumping shampoo which is great but it has sulfates, which is not so great as I am trying to avoid, or heavily limit, my exposure to sulphate based shampoos. It’s a small packet though so into the gym bag it goes!
  3. Embryolisse – Micellaire water 250ml -8.91Eur
    • 100ml – 3.56Eur
    • Comments: I have received a fair amount of brands but not this one and I’d love to see how good it is. I didn’t rate the la roche posay one too much so I am wondering if this is good like bioderma, or a miss like that one.
  4. Huygens – la creme visage supernature 75ml – 25.11Eur
    • 10ml – 3.35Eur
    • Comments: I like this brand, though I do find it expensive. However happy to receive products from them as it seems fresh and gentle. This is a hydrating cream which is perfect for a travel bag
  5. IBY beauty blush brush 19.80Eur
    • 19.80Eur. Full size
    • Comments: I hoped for this brush, instead of the foundation/flat concealer type brush. It’s a brush and so far hasn’t shed alot so nothing much I can say about this. This brush alone pays off the box value so that’s awesome!
  6. Whish almond body butter 150ml – 14.58Eur
    • 22ml – 2.14Eur
    • Comments: What is Birchbox’s deal with this brand. I really don’t think it’s anything special and I think it’s a waste of a product. I have had the shower gel and something else (perhaps a body cream) so this is the third product and I am not impressed. I haven’t tried it yet but this brand just doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll try to use it or give it away but … please no more products from Whish!!

Overall, this box cost me 6.50Eur (as let’s say BOGOF is the same as half price) and the value is 20.25Eur which isn’t bad. Even if you paid for the box as a one off (13Eur) you still get slightly more than you paid for, but then it does depend on the products you’d use. For me the hair products and the brush, plus Huygens makes up alot of the value. So I hope November continues like this..fingers crossed!

Glossybox: September 2016


Hello you!

As mentioned, I’m playing catch up since my moving left me with no time to update my blog, and being so close to the summer break means I’ve been MIA more than I’d have liked. So now is the September Glossybox!

Firstly, I’m loving this Glossybox design with the marble effect. It’s probably one of the better designs that I’ve received in my opinion. It looks like this month everyone has got the same items, which I don’t know if I necessarily like or not but at least this way there is no wishing that I had got something else.

  1. Academie scientifique de beaute – fluide dermo-hydratant. 50ml – 34.20Eur
    • 15ml – 10.26Eur
    • Comments: I’ve received this brand before and I think they do have hydrating products – that I normally use over night since I am quite oily – so I don’t mind having another one but that’s the third one now… I’m up for a change please!
  2. Too faced better than sex waterproof. 7.65g – 23Eur
    • 4.8g – 14.43Eur
    • Comments: I have the bigger size of this mascara, as well as the smaller non waterproof version, all of which I haven’t tried yet so I hope it is worth it! Mind you I have heard/ read good things about it so I supposed I’m not worried too much
  3. Universal beauty cosmetics – secret flush. 4.50g – 18Eur
    • 4.50g – 18Eur. Full size
    • Comments: I don’t rate multi purpose lip and cheek products so much, I can’t say I’ve tried many but the few that I have I don’t think do too good a job on either. This shade seems interesting though so this one might work..let’s see.
  4. Secret product
    • This was a total secret, but having received since the box that it is a Head and Shoulder’s shampoo, I guess I am disappointed that an easily accessible brand was this secret shampoo. Seems a bit weird though? As for the secret part, it was kind of interesting to see what it was but I think when it comes to shampoos I would rather know what it is since I try to take a bit more care to see what the ingredients are.
  5. The vintage cosmetic company – cleaning brush tool. 7.50Eur
    • I actually have a brush egg from Amazon..or maybe it was ebay, that is exactly the same only I paid something like 2 or 3Eur for it. For that reason I gave this to a colleague of mine because I really didn’t see the need to have two. Especially when I hardly use mine anyway. I feel these tools are great for the small eye brushes, but anything bigger I always end up doing a second wash with my fingers anyway to get the product and colours out.

So in total, this box was worth 50.19Eur at least (as I don’t have a price for the shampoo), so when I take away the cleaning brush tool, it still makes for a good value for price. However, if I take away the cheek and lip duo it makes 24.69 and mostly thanks to the Academie scientifique de beaute product. So actually, this month didn’t excite me too much and I certainly didn’t feel like I hit the jackpot with this one. Apart from the awesome looking marble box.. oh well. You win some and you lose some…

Beauty Blender: I finally bought one!

Hello you!

I finally caved in and bought a beauty blender. Well actually I bought it because it gave me two other positive knock ons as I just needed to buy something from Seohora to be upgraded to Sephora Gold status (I’m still not sure if that’s going to be better than the second tier Sephora VIB status in North America but we shall see..) and get free samples of a few products. I also would get the mini beauty blender if I spent over €15 and given that the beauty blender is about €16.. Well it seemed obvious what I should do!

So here we have the beauty blender and my freebie which I think is awesome as if it took me that long, and required two incentives, to buy the original (even though I know how amazing it is according to …everyone!), the. How long would it have taken for me to ever think to buy the mini ones!?!

It says that with care the mini blender should last 90days, which is in line what I’ve generally heard or read, that they last for about 3 months. I have incredible will power and as I’ll be moving during September, I’ll actually be packing this away and use this as soon as I’ve moved in fully to my new place..which by the way will have plenty of more space for me to finally put all my make up / brushes on display to easily use 😊. 

Glossybox: April 2016

Hello you!

This month’s Glossybox reminded me of a mermaid must be the colours. So here’s my box:image

Contents as follows:

  1. Matrix: Miracle Creator 20 Benefices. 200ml – 14.30Eur
    • 30ml – 2.14Eur
    • Comments: Well, I don’t really use much hair products these days, it’s probably the only thing under ‘beauty/skincare’ that I lack. And that’s because my hair is most often just scrapped back and out the way. I can’t seem to get it to do what I want, so I just tie it all back. Besides, when I keep it down, it just gets so damned oily way quicker. Having said that, I’ll see what the fuss is about with this…I’m just saying, don’t expect to see it in my empties any time soon!
  2. Academie Scientifique de Beaute: Creme Hydra Protectrice. 50ml – 39Eur
    • 15ml – 11.70Eur
    • Comments: So I already have something from this brand from Glossybox (see here) which I haven’t tried apart from once or twice since I have a backlog of things to get through. This is a cream though, so is more likely to be used as I am getting through my travel sized creams quite quickly these days. For something so expensive though, I’m interested to see the results! I don’t really have a need to be hydrated with my creams (by noon I’m already half an oil slick anyway) but if this protects my skin from the harsh environmental elements/impacts then sure, why not.
  3. Benefit Cosmetics: Dew the Hoola.  30ml – 30.50Eur
    • 5ml – 6.10Eur
    • Comments: Wow, I was excited to see this one. I don’t have the Hoola bronzer but this is a cute travel sized option that I can try and compare against all my powder bronzers. I always thought powder bronzers and blushes were better for me after I set my face, so this one will certainly be interesting. I swatched this and it’s a light/subtle finish so could be perfect for me.
  4. Luxie: Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504. 14.23Eur
    • Full size. 14.23Eur
    • Comments: LOVE this. I got this in a special edition Glossybox (see here) and loved it. To have another brush to the collection is brilliant, and if I didn’t have tons of brushes anyway, and I had the spare cash, I would have bought more from the line anyway. This isn’t what I would call ‘large’ but it would be perfect for bronzer, blush or highlight I guess.
  5. Icona Milano: Eyeliner Tenue Longue. 5ml – 14.50Eur
    • Full size. 14.50Eur
    • Comments: Another brand I have recieved before, from the same special edition Glossybox mentioned above (see here for the special edition post). I’m not much for eyeliner if it doesn’t come from a pen or my own brush but why not. Let’s experiment with this one!

Overall thoughts, I’ve got brands that I’ve mostly seen before in other Glossyboxes so I guess I am a bit dissappointed about that. My top two products here are the Luxie brush and the Dew the Hoola which I am super excited to try out. In all, the box had 2 full sized items and an overall value of …48.67Eur. Not bad, at least that makes me feel good. And another nice box to add to the collection.

Cult Beauty Haul

A fellow beauty and skincare obsessed friend of mine introduced me to Cult Beauty a while ago, and had let me know that they were doing a Spring Goodie Bag promotion. If you spent 100GBP then you’d get a goodie bag with 10 products worth around 150GBP. We decided to split the order and the goodies and I chose the Becca Champagne Pop highlighter and a set of 6 deluxe contour brushes by Morphe.

[I’m adding links so that you can check out the products if you would like to. I’m trying to be less lazy and add a couple of links here and there to make it easier for those that are interested in the product. They aren’t affiliate links or anything, just something to make it easier for you guys]

Here’s the haul (the paid for part):


Morphe 6 Piece Deluxe Contour Set:

I chose this brush set to make up my 50GBP order, and I’ve heard so many good things (and seen on YouTube too) so I decided to go for this set. It’s cheaper than buying the individual brushes too.

The brushes are: Angled Buffer, Rounded Buffer, Pointed Contour Buffer, Mini Angled Buffer, Mini Round Buffer and Mini Pointed Contour

I think I’ll use the smaller brushes for eye work, and the larger brushes for my face. Currently I’m thinking the Pointed Contour Buffer for highlighter/ Contour, the Angled Buffer for Contour/ Blush and the Rounded Buffer for all over finishing powder.

This is the brush set, and you can buy it here:


Becca Highlighter: Champagne Pop

I have tried to get this highlighter so many times. I tried to get it last summer when I was in the US in Florida but it was sold out everywhere. At that time it was meant to be a limited edition, but seeing as it is so popular I believe it is not a permanent colour. This colour is meant to go well with all skin tones, and the internet pretty much blew up over how amazing this is. I’m not really into highlighter’s that much, but I knew I had to try this one for sure.

You can buy this here:


Here is my part of the Spring Goodie Bag Haul:

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser

MV Jojoba Oil

Skin Owl Neck+

Goldfaden Doctor’s Scrub

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist 

I chose these products as I am always interested in discovering new products to help calm down my skin, and anything that is a good cleanser, scrub or moisturiser you can sign me up for!


Space NK haul

A couple of weeks ago when I picked up my Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes in London, I also made my way to a Space NK store for the first time. This is what I hauled:



I picked up a full sized version after receiving the sample size from a Glossybox. Having tested it out on the most driest area I could think of, my heel and having it smooth the next day I got a full sized version..naturally. Although it does smell of camphor which does go away once the cream is rubbed in, it is something to be aware of.

Hourglass:  Euphoric Strobe Light


I have the Ambient Lighting Palette and three blushes and knew I couldn’t do any wrong with picking a strobing colour. Admittedly I’m not the best when it comes to highlighting (I’m a WIP!) I asked the sales assistant to help me choose a colour. In the end I went with this one for a more natural highlight that blends in with my skin tone. This is the Euphoric Strobe Light.

Artis Brushes: Oval 8 and Oval 3



I finally got my hands on the Artis brushes (Oval 8 and Oval 3). I asked for a quick demonstration just to be sure before parting with a small fortune.

I chose the Oval 8 because it’s a good sized foundation brush and I feel it’s the most important point for me, to have a good base. It’s slightly too big for any bronzer/ contour/ blush but you could probably get away with it by using the sides/tip of the brush and blending it out.

Looking for an eye brush it was a toss up between the Oval 4 and 3. The Oval 4 seems like a good brush for base eye shadow colour or blending but too big for details. It would make a good under eye brush and detailed contouring though. I chose the Oval 3 since it could do the job of an Oval 4 (in terms of contour and blush) but being smaller means I can work with my hooded eyes a bit more detailed than with the Oval 4.

I decided against the microfibre clothes as the sales assistant said I could use a terry cloth or a towel and brush against that with the foaming cleanser instead. Any £££ saved is a great thing, and I’d rather spend on the actual cleanser than the microfibre cloth given the choice anyway.


Website link to:

Space NK


Real Techniques: Bold Metal Collection First Impressions Review

I said I’d write more on these so after a week or of trying out these good looking brushes here’s my first impressions.

So here’s the collection (well at least the brushes that I have), and I apologise that they are a bit dirty…but it’s proof that I used them eh? The thing I want to say about all these brushes is that they look pretty and luxurious and they do photograph well. However, what sort of surprised me was that they feel a lot less ‘expensive’ than I had imagined (and after looking at so many photos). It makes me feel better that I snagged them on sale and didn’t buy them full priced like I was originally thinking to do.


100: Arched Power Brush



“The domed cut sweeps perfectly across the face for flawless application of pressed or loose powders”

I used this brush with a finishing powder and also blush. I like the shape but I don’t think that it’s anything special. It distributes the powder for a light finish and was exactly what I was missing in my brush collection. It’s great for the 6pounds or so I paid for it but for 25? No way. At least not in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it and all but I’m trying to be objective for the amount that I paid for it.


301: Flat Contour


“A dense head creates shadows and highlights on targeted areas of face to play up favourite features”

This was the brush that I wanted right from the beginning for contour/bronzer. The shape reminded me of the Nars “Ita” brush and I thought it would be a fool proof way to make sure I place contour in the right place. I’ve been using this brush with my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer and I’ve been loving it. It’s a fairly dense brush head that placed the product where I want it and also allows for blending. For the 5pounds or so, down from 22 I feel like it’s definitely a winner!


200: Oval Shadow

“Densely packed, tapered bristles apply eye shadow for a smokey effect”

This brush is a bit too big to apply a base eye shadow given that it’s larger than my eye. For that reason, it wouldn’t be my go to brush for base eye shadow as I prefer a flatter brush head. This is good for blending out the crease and would also be small enough to powder and set under eye concealer. At 15pounds, I snagged this for about 3.


201: Pointed Crease

“The full, round shape allows for all-over lid application and seamless blending”

I’ve been using this for a crease brush and packing on product to the outer corner. I do like the brush since I have to put on eye shadow fairly precisely due to my hooded eyes. It’s a dense brush so it does pack on the product but isn’t what I’d use to blend out. I love this to define my crease and do pack on darker eye shadow on the outer corner. It’s precise enough and I feel will be my go brush. It was between 2 or 3 pounds down from 12 pounds and for that, simply amazing.


202: Angled Liner

“The firm, slanted head fits close to lash line for smooth, even application of eye liner”

This has got to be my favourite brush which is actually quite surprising, given that I was nearly going to pass on this one. I only picked it up because I thought at 2pounds, what was the worst that could happen right? The reason why I love this brush is because it’s absolutely perfect for the liner. I’ve used it with eye shadow to line my eyes and it’s so precise and hugs my lash line so closely which is perfect for my hooded eyes. This is 10pounds at full price and honestly, I would probably buy this at full price for the amount because I love it.




Real techniques: Bold metals collection


Hello you!

I went to Boots before my Eurostar today and managed to snag myself these brushes, which were in clearance!! I’ve had my eye on these for ages but couldn’t justify paying full price for them. I was just wandering around and I saw the label and was a bit confused. A lady working at Boots came to get some before her shift ended and I knew I was on to a winner here.

The prices were way cheaper than half price too, the eye brushes were around £2.50/£3.50 (from around £16) and the bigger brushes around £6/£5 (from around £25). I’m missing two brushes that were out of stock, a golden triangle foundation brush and a rose gold blush brush which is a shame.

Anyway, just wanted to share and I can’t wait for try these out!! They look soft and luxurious. I’ll do a review on these when I’ve had a proper chance to try them out.

Glossybox February 2016: Nicka K Blending Sponge


This had to be the first product to try this month and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The sponge was really firm, even more so after squeezing it under the tap. It didn’t expand so much in size, and it still fit in the box but it did feel slightly softer.

I dotted my foundation on my face and ready to go I pat the foundation in. It’s a different feeling for sure than using my fingers or make up brush. Using the damp sponge did sheer out my foundation coverage to a natural finish. In terms of product absorption, as the sponge was mostly filled with water anyway, was minimal but still present.

I’d like to do a side by side with my Sephora sponge to properly do a test but it does seem better. I’ll certainly be using this for when I have a good skin day and/or want a natural look. The only downside I see so far is the cleaning…I’m really not sure how I can ever get the sponge back to be perfectly pink. Any tips/tricks ??