Birchbox: November 2016


Hello you!

So this is the second Birchbox that I have, and the last one for a while, as this was a one off as it was a two for one. I’m actually a bit bummed that it’s going to be the last one, especially since I stopped due to not liking the products so much (and also because I have a LOAD of things to try and get through already). However these boxes are pretty cute and I am actually liking this box where you can design / sew on what you’d like.

Anyway, let’s get to the contents (like last month, the prices are the ones if you are a subscriber):

  1. Amika: Nourishing mask. 250ml – 24.65Eur
    • 20ml – 1.97Eur
    • Comments: I think I received this before (from a Glossybox) and I don’t mind having this again. I think the product works well, though not something I might necessarily buy myself. If I remember correctly, I used a load last time so it only got a few uses but I’m just going to concentrate on the tips this time.
  2. Anatomicals: Citrus body scrub. 200ml – 5.10Eur
    • 50ml – 1.27Eur
    • Comments: A body scrub, why not in terms of the exfoliating. Slightly better than a plain old shower gel anyway. Not sure if I like the packaging but then it doesn’t bother me too much, just means I’d probably not see this in the shop and want to buy it.
  3. Huygens: Le gommage visage. 50ml -16.92Eur
    • 10ml – 3.38Eur
    • Comments: I received this also from a Glossybox, and I didn’t mind this so again I don’t mind have things. I think this brand isn’t something I would go out to buy something but more than happy to continue receiving it in my beauty boxes. This mask has tiny grains to help exfoliate and I actually like the smell (vervine) as it smells fresh and cleansing.
  4. Modelco: Highlighting trio. 3.6g – 13.60Eur
    • 3.6g – 13.60Eur. Full size
    • Comments: Although this product costs the price that you’d pay for a one off Birchbox, and therefore earns itself, I don’t think I would use this at all. It’s a cream highlighting trio, and a quick look online tells me that it seems to be good and does the trick, but for me I tend to stay away from the cream bases products. I’m still debating whether to keep this or give this away..
  5. Ren: V-Cense creme de nuit revitalisante (Night cream). 50ml – 38.25Eur
    • 15ml – 11.47Eur
    • Comments: Wow, I think this is the first time I can try something from this brand and I am excited to as well. I think many people think highly of this brand ( I might be wrong but to me it appears like that anyway) and this is a pricey product. I’ve put aside my Embryolisse to make room for this as my night cream. So I can try it out asap

So the total value of this box is 31.70Eur, which is definitely thanks to the Ren and Modelco products. Considering a normal box is 13Eur, and then I paid 13Eur for 2 boxes, and therefore 6Eur for this box…BARGAIN! This is actually why I think I have a beauty/skincare hoarding problem. Forget clothes or shoes.. I like to trawl through Sephora and fill my bathroom cupboards until I can see no space. Not sure when I will have time to actually try and finish everything, one of the reasons why I stuck with just Glossybox, but we shall see. That day will come when I have a manageable amount of products (perhaps)…ok I got side tracked there. Point is, I feel that this is great value, good products and a kick ass designed box. I’d consider re subscribing if I didn’t have too much things already.



Birchbox: October 2016


Hey you!

So there was a buy 1 box get the 2nd free offer going on with vente-privee so I took the chance to get the Birchbox again and with October’s box I am not regretting that so far. (Birchbox has two prices, the prices for box subscribers and the prices for non box subcribers. I’m comparing the price for box subscribers here.)

  1. Davines – replumping hair filler 100ml – 100ml -25.02Eur
    • 50ml – 12.56Eur
    • Comments: Anything that replumps / fills / promotes hair growth I am up for! I have fine hair and I could do with these types of products so very happy to receive this. You spray to the roots on clean towel dried hair and let it do it’s thing!
  2. Davines – replumping shampoo 250ml – 16.20Eur
    • 12ml – 0.78Eur
    • Comments: It’s a replumping shampoo which is great but it has sulfates, which is not so great as I am trying to avoid, or heavily limit, my exposure to sulphate based shampoos. It’s a small packet though so into the gym bag it goes!
  3. Embryolisse – Micellaire water 250ml -8.91Eur
    • 100ml – 3.56Eur
    • Comments: I have received a fair amount of brands but not this one and I’d love to see how good it is. I didn’t rate the la roche posay one too much so I am wondering if this is good like bioderma, or a miss like that one.
  4. Huygens – la creme visage supernature 75ml – 25.11Eur
    • 10ml – 3.35Eur
    • Comments: I like this brand, though I do find it expensive. However happy to receive products from them as it seems fresh and gentle. This is a hydrating cream which is perfect for a travel bag
  5. IBY beauty blush brush 19.80Eur
    • 19.80Eur. Full size
    • Comments: I hoped for this brush, instead of the foundation/flat concealer type brush. It’s a brush and so far hasn’t shed alot so nothing much I can say about this. This brush alone pays off the box value so that’s awesome!
  6. Whish almond body butter 150ml – 14.58Eur
    • 22ml – 2.14Eur
    • Comments: What is Birchbox’s deal with this brand. I really don’t think it’s anything special and I think it’s a waste of a product. I have had the shower gel and something else (perhaps a body cream) so this is the third product and I am not impressed. I haven’t tried it yet but this brand just doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll try to use it or give it away but … please no more products from Whish!!

Overall, this box cost me 6.50Eur (as let’s say BOGOF is the same as half price) and the value is 20.25Eur which isn’t bad. Even if you paid for the box as a one off (13Eur) you still get slightly more than you paid for, but then it does depend on the products you’d use. For me the hair products and the brush, plus Huygens makes up alot of the value. So I hope November continues like this..fingers crossed!

Birchbox: March 2016

My last Birchbox was in December, because I simply felt like a) I had too many products coming in and b) the products weren’t as good (in my eyes) to merit the subscription. However, as you can see, I got the March box and swiftly cancelled again the monthly subscription. I got the March box as I had some points that were going to expire and I wanted to use the reduction on the Egyptian Magic cream. Birchbox also happened to add two products to the box -their “Best Sellers”, and added to the two samples for purchasing the Egyptian Magic cream, I felt that this month was a good month.

All my products from Birchbox:



Purchased Product:

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream – I was super curious to try this out, it contains Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly Extract and Bee Propolis. It doesn’t exactly look like a cream but I think you have to rub a bit to make it a liquidy oil and then apply. I can’t wait to try this out and I’m glad for my 6Eur reduction.

Free Samples:

Lait Creme Concentre – I love this, as already featured in one of my empties posts and I purposely chose a small sample size of this for travel, rather than trying something new. Just shows how much I love this product.

Arnaud Nutri Regenerante (Wrinkle filling serum) – I went for this one, not because I have wrinkles (yet) but more because it’s a serum that I can try out, and the other options didn’t really call out to me.

As for my two products that were added on to this box in a promotion (I didn’t know what they were in advance):

  • Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge in the colour New York. I guess this is a liquid lipstick and I’m loving the colour. It’s like a vibrant bright red that seems perfect for spring. I just quickly swatched this on my hand and it is bright for sure. Seems to be a thick creamy texture too.
  • Dermanace Moisturising Foundation Mineral Care Powder in Golden Beige. My first mineral powders were from, of course, Bare Minerals which I loved for a long while. This colour seems to be matching my skin I think, and I’m definitely going to try this out.

The contents of my box:


  1. Ciate Nail Varnish. 13.5ml – 9.95Eur
    • 5ml – 3.69Eur
    • Comments: I tried this and it really is fast drying. I love it. I always hate putting on nail varnish as I always seem to mess it up, no matter how long I dry my nails for. I’ll walk around like a zombie and really watch what I’m doing only to mess it up accidentally at some point. With this though, no problems at all. I like it!
  2. Sampar Equalising Foam Peel. 30ml – 39Eur
    • 15ml – 19.50Eur
    • Comments: I think this brand is actually quite pricy and I highly doubt that I will actually buy anything from Sampar but I am always open to try new products, especially expensive ones that I wouldn’t go for normally.
  3. Whish – Pomegranate body wash. 390ml – 16.25Eur
    • 30ml –  1.25Eur
    • Comments: I know that this brand is always heavily used by Birchbox (or at least that’s my impression) as I have a body lotion from Whish. As mentioned, I don’t particularly get too fussy over body washes, but I like the travel sizes to put in my gym bag for sure.
  4. Aussie 3 minute miracle. 250ml – 9.25Eur
    • 75ml – 2.78Eur
    • Comments: I have never tried this brand, but I certainly have always wanted to in the back of my mind. Unrelated note, at this rate, I have so many conditioners from boxes that I don’t need to buy any myself! I can’t wait to try this one out and perhaps find myself a convert….Having said that, I just checked out the ingredients and I see Parabens, I don’t think that’s a good thing right?
  5. Les Anges ont la peau douce (Angels have soft skin) – L’eau bleue des Anges (Blue water of angels). 200ml – 19Eur
    • 30ml – 2.85Eur
    • Comments: This is a toner, and I’m actually curious to see how this works out. There are no parabens, alcohol or phtalates in this. (I need to find out what phtalates are..)

This is worth: 36.33Eur, for a box that cost 13Eur. Not bad indeed, and I’m quite liking the products. Not enough to re subscribe though, probably more because I am rapidly running out of bathroom space..

Product Empties #2


So here are my product empties since my last empties post. I’ll write a few words on each and because there are quite a lot here let’s go! (Top Left to Top Right then Bottom Left to Bottom Right)

  1. Hairways Professional: Repair Conditioner. I got this from my Deauty box. You can see the original posts here and here. I loved this product, it’s lovely smelling as I mentioned previously (minty fresh) and leaves a tingle to your scalp. It made my hair very soft and I liked it a lot. As for re purchasing, not for this moment. It’s something that’s for sure on my radar now though.
  2. La Cassidaine en Provence: Gel Douche Caramel Lacte. I got this from my Glossybox (posts here and here) I didn’t appreciate the smell that much, I’m not sure I want to smell caramel when I’m in the shower? I ended up using this as bubble bath which worked great. No strong caramel smell, but bubbles galore. This one’s a miss.
  3. Beauty Protector: Body Wash. This was from a Birchbox (posts here and here), which just like #2 I used for bubble bath. I didn’t object to the smell or anything, but it was a perfect size to put in my travel bag. This one’s a miss, not because I didn’t like the protect, but because I’m indifferent to it.
  4. Klorane: Shampooing Sec (Dry Shampoo) with nettle. I love dry shampoo. It’s my saviour. I previously used Batiste dry shampoo, but when I moved to France I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then I came across this little beauty in the pharmacy. I think this brand is well known, as is this dry shampoo and I love it. It’s far more gentle in terms of odour, feeling, texture and more natural smelling. This has already been re purchased.
  5. Vichy: Normaderm deep cleansing  purifying gel. I used this for cleaning my face as the brand is well known, and it’s around in pharmacies over here everywhere. I like that it felt like a mild cleanse, and I used it in the morning and evening, especially when I felt that my make up was still ingrained in my skin somehow. I’ve already repurchased this, but it’s a huge bottle so I’m letting myself use a different cleanser in the mean time otherwise it would take me ages to finish the second bottle.
  6. Lancome: Advanced Genifique. I remember really being excited to have this in my Deauty box (You can see the original posts here and here). I was so curious about this and to see if it worked, since I was looking for a serum at the time. Well you need three drops on your face, and it absorbs quite quickly. I’m not sure if it was because I was changing up my night cream or something, but I’m pretty sure this made no difference to my skin. At least it didn’t make a bad difference! It lasted a while as you use so little product, and the lid has a dropper. It’s a miss for me.
  7. No7: Advanced Hydration Day Cream. I remember using this ages ago and thinking that my skin became super soft over night (I used it as a night cream). However as I’ve grown older, my skin has changed and this didn’t give me the same effect as before. It’s a thick cream, so it’s great for dry skin, but for me with my oily skin it was used for night cream only. I liked this product but I have found something better, which leads me on to..
  8. Embryolisse: Lait Creme Concentre. This product was a recommendation from a friend of mine who said this was a holy grail product for so many people, and I know why. This is actually my third empty of this, so you can see how much I like it. In the beginning I could really tell a difference in my skin and how it felt more plump. As I get used to the feeling, it’s not as obvious anymore..however by switching up my routine (as I use products from my beauty box) I might see the effect again. I use this as a night cream, though I know dry skin users love this for the day to prep their skin. HIT.. I already have 2 more tubes in my cupboard waiting to be used after I finish my current night time cream.
  9. Erborian: Pink Perfect Creme. This was from a Birchbox (posts here and here). I didn’t rate it much in my update, however the product did last quite a while actually. However any difference to my pores / imperfections or make up lasting power wasn’t that great. It was good to mix it up a little, and I know people talk about this brand and product alot, however for me.. a miss
  10. Neutrogena: Concentrated Hand Cream. I got this in a pack of 2, a very long time ago in a pharmacy. The fact that it is super concentrated and has taken me years to finish off these two bottles (mind you I wasn’t religious in using this) tells you that it last a long time. The cream is quite thick, as you might expect, but you can feel that it’s doing its thing when you massage it into your hands. For now, I have a bunch of creams (not necessarily hand creams) that I want to use, but I would purchase this again. It’s great, especially for the colder weather.

Well that’s it. It’s been a blast writing this ‘essay’ and I didn’t realise I had an even 10 products to talk about I just knew that I had ALOT of products piling up.

Let me know if you’ve tried these products and your views, or if you’re interested to know more!

Birchbox December 2015: Sicilian body gel update


This smells quite nice, and I like the packaging. It’s too nice to use a product bubble bath I think so I’ll keep it in my gym bag/ travel bag for when I need to use it. I must say that I have had quite a lot of body gels/washes in both my Birchbox/ Glossybox so I’m glad to be stopping the Birchbox for the near future since I simply can’t use them all as fast as I seem to receive them! Plus I have a huge 1litre bottle of shower gel that I had before I ordered any boxes in the first place.

Last post for Birchbox in a while, I  think I will continue but very much on an ad hoc basis. I have some points that will help me on a nice reduction in the store which is probably the one thing I really like about Birchbox, but for the time being I need to stop the incoming products. Plus I still am not too happy that I had to wait 2 months for the top I had ordered and I had to keep chasing them up until I said to just give me a refund. Birchbox fail on many levels. I’m sure they just under estimated the response, and since they didn’t proactively reach out, I’m sure they would have just kept my money if I didn’t raise the issue. Not cool Birchbox, not cool.

Birchbox Update 2015: Eyeko liquid liner update



So I was fairly excited to receive this and so far, I’m not actually impressed. I’m not sure if it’s because it has been a while since I’ve used these types of eyeliner pens or something but I find it hard to use. It’s quite chunky so I feel that it is difficult to be precise too. The nib has a point but I feel like its still a bit too chunky if you want to do a cat eye.

The colour is black, but it’s not an intense deep black, and I find the nib not useful…at least not for my eye shape. I tried this on yesterday and I also got black panda eyes (which I didn’t notice until I got home..obviously). So for that reason I’m not impressed. I’ve got a good thing going on with my eye shadow primers and a thin layer of dark eyeshadow which doesn’t budge at I’m disappointed to have to pay attention again to make sure I’m not panda eye-d during the day. I can continue to use this until it finishes, but I hope the eyeliner ‘fall out’ / panda eye effect was just a one off..

Birchbox December 2015: Model and co update


I am hesitant on this colour to be honest, I feel that this shade is on the borderline. Anything lighter tends to just look weird on me, and I am still debating if I think the colour looks alright or not on me, since my lips seem quite dark that lighter colours look strange. ( My natural lip colour is pretty much the shade of Pasadena)

It’s a bit lighter than a natural nude, so on the fence with this one. I’ll give it a go but this might just not work out for me enough to keep using it alot.

It’s creamy and not really sticky so it is smooth to apply which is great.

Birchbox December 2015: Kevin Murphy plumping wash update


This is a ‘cheat’ post I guess because I actually don’t want to try it yet. I’m trying to condition my hair a certain way at the moment to see if I can regulate the oils, and something is happening right now and I don’t want to disturb the routine just yet.

However there doesn’t seem to be any sulfphates or parabens in this shampoo, and the smell is great. The container itself, whilst a nice design, doesn’t seem so appropriate for shampoo (or perhaps I just like a squeezy bottle..). However 29Eur for 250ml still seems pricy so I’d want to see how miracle working this shampoo is with the 40ml I have of it.

Birchbox December 2015: Befine cucumber facial mask update



This smells refreshing and like cucumbers so I guess it’s a good start already. You leave this in for 5mins and it dries up a bit, then you wash it off. I like it so far, I think this brand might be worth exploring a bit more after I finish this sample.

This would be the second sample from this brand that I’ve received in a Birchbox subscription (total of 4 in 2015 and 1 in 2014). I guess Birchbox gave regular brands they work with.

Birchbox: December 2015

So as I mentioned previously , this is my last Birchbox for a while at least as I try to free up time to post more about other things rather than just unboxing posts. By the time I receive and write about them, the cycle starts over and seeing that I have a (tiring but still awesome) day job I have to prioritise what I would like to post vs what I have time to post.

Anyway, I have not been loving Birchbox a whole lot, especially compared to my Glossybox so it was probably inevitable. However, I had ordered in my November box a top from ba&sh worth 40Eur which never arrived in my box, and after being told it would come in December’s ‘box’ and didn’t… I complained and do not feel guilty ONE BIT about cancelling with them. Alright moving on:

This month was a bag instead of a box. You would buy a chain for 5Eur to attach to this bag, but I wasn’t convinced that it would be of good quality or of any real use to me so I didn’t bother. Apologies for the photo..but my package arrived like so:



And the contents:



  1. Eyeko: Fat liquid Eyeliner black. 3.5g – 12Eur
    • 3.5g – 12Eur. Full size
    • Comments: Well I have been waiting to receive an eyeliner in one of the boxes because I’ve been watching a couple of videos on how to do a flick with a hooded eye so I can’t wait to try this out with a pen liner
  2. ModelCo: Lipstick colour essentials. 3 x 3.5 – 17Eur
    • 3.5g – 5.67Eur
    • Comments: Thankfully this is not a red colour. I’ve got a bit too many red’s (from previously and from boxes). This is a nude looking colour which is perfect.
  3. Befine: Masque Visage Concombre. 120ml – 20Eur
    • 28g – 4.67Eur
    • Comments: I had received a masque from Befine from a August 2014 Birchbox I believe and it wasn’t bad. So happy to try this, plus with cucumber I am expecting cooling effects
  4. Kevin Murphy: Plumping wash. 250ml – 29Eur
    • 40ml – 4.64Eur
    • Comments: Another shampoo. I don’t mind though because it’s supposed to be good for thin lifeless hair. Hello!
  5. Skin & Co Roma: Sicilian Body gel. 230ml – 17Eur
    • 60ml – 4.43Eur
    • Comments: Body gel. Why not. In fact I’ve been using the body gel’s from the boxes (apart from this one) for bubble baths whilst I’ve been on work travels. This seems a bit more high class though, so I might put it in my gym bag.
  6. Birchbox bag.
    • Comments: Why not. The quality is cheap, let’s be honest. But then you wouldn’t really expect anything else right, Birchbox still have to manage profit margins and such.. I wouldn’t use it to go out since it’s flimsy, but as a make up bag perhaps


So in all the value of my products are 31.41Eur, for a box worth 13Eur. In all, I think the products are better, but it might just be because it’s also Christmas.. I have no regret’s for leaving Birchbox, I might or might not keep up with their offerings and what other’s receive but for now I think I’m good.