Product Empties #11

IMG_1201Hello you!

So here are the empties, and I’ve split it in two because there were quite a few products I went through and finished.

  • Biore: Charcoal pore strips – As I mentioned on my Glossybox post, I wasn’t too impressed with this. I feel that it’s too harsh, and whildt unsurprising as it is meant to be strong enough to unclog the junk, I feel like continual use will just dry out the skin.
  • L’Occitane: Amande Body Scrub – This was great to exfoliate my skin and felt good too. I guess I could re purchase but I’m not blown away either so for now I still don’t know what a go to brand would be and I am find trying out various exfoliators for now.
  • No7: Soft and Gentle Cleansing Milk – This is soft and gentle indeed. I would use this sample for taking any excess make up off, after the initial cleansing water.
  • Kevin Murphy: Plumping Wash – I think this was ok, I mean I remember liking it, but not enough to remember exactly. I think this brand does have some shampoo without sulphates so that could be worth trying out.
  • Batiste: Dry Shampoo – The original brand that I have used for a long time, but probably not the best one. This does do the trick, but it does feel like there is product in there hair, which is usually ignored as it does such a great job of absorbing all the oils. It’s a tried and tested one, I do find the Klorane one to be a bit better in terms of smell but I also have a dry shampoo foam to test out soon too.
  • Caudalie: Hand Cream – I love this hand cream. The smell is strong, but for me, nice. It’s something that I would buy again if I didn’t have any hand cream about, but I had plenty still from boxes, advent calendars and Christmas, including a smaller version of this one.
  • Crabtree & Evelyn: Hand Cream  – another hand cream as winter has been hard on my skin. This smelt gorgeous though, and a present from someone at work. I would like to try more from this brand, so it’s put on the radar.
  • Academie: Multi Vitamine Mask – This was great as a mask, a bit thick and I’m sure it’s done something but not enough that I could visibly see anyway. It’s the third product I got from this brand in a Glossybox, and I do enjoy them but not enough to go out my way to purchase on my own.
  • Hey Honey: Mask – I got this from a Glossybox and this was good but not sure if I wuld repurchase. It’s a thick clear transparent liquid, that is sticky and does dry (though you should have some moisturiser on before hand) so that you peel it off. It feels nice, who doesn’t like a peel off mask?, but I am so full with masks right now, it’s not on my radar to buy.

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