Vice #4

Hello you!

So it must have been over a year ago I think that I bought this Urban Decay Vice 4 palette in the Sephora sales with 30% off.. it pains me to admit but actually I didn’t use this so that by the next Sephora sales I saw this for 50% off and I could have saved some money! Well I remember thinking that there was a good shade selection of actual colours (ie not the various shades of brown that exist), but blues and pinks and purples.

So here is the palette:


I haven’t used all the colours yet of the palette and I still am working on that (it’s kind of hard for me to incorporate colours into my usual work makeup looks..where I really do stick to the browns and neutrals there).

I have used “discreet” a grey type of colour that I would use as a transition/crease colour due to the shade, however I feel that this is tightly packed and does kick up a bit more powder that I would be used to (compared to the Naked Basics 2 and the Naked Smoky palettes).

I feel that the three green colours don’t really give me that much difference in colour that I would probably expect just looking at the pans, especially “grasshopper” and “arctic”. What I like to do is use “grasshopper” over the lid and crease, and then use “deadbeat” in the outer v to darken up the colours a little bit. I have to play around more in using colours because normally I would use a cream/ight brown shade for the lid, with a medium brown for the crease and a darker brown for the outer V. With these green shades looking quite similar, I think I want to try mixing the green in the crease with another colour on the lid..or vice versa.

The two colours I will probably avoid are the two in the bottom left corner, which are a bit more orangey. “Bitter” I might be able to use somehow, at least in the crease, but the sparkly “flame” is a glitter orange that I am not sure goes with my skintone, nor my eyes.

Overall, I am trying to bring this palette out for at least the weekends, so I hope to check in back later with what I think about this, even if it was limited edition, and it isn’t in the shops anymore..


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