Product empties #10

Hello you!

Another empties round here so let’s get started! (Apologies for the blurry photo, I didn’t realise it was a bad one..)

17-02-2017 17-24-27.png

From top left to right, then bottom left to right:

  1.  Dr. Goldfaden: Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator: This felt like rubbing salt on your face, it felt like it did something but at the same time also felt rough. I liked to wet my face and fingers whilst spreading this around otherwise it would have been too much for me. I did think this was ok, but I think it was a bit too harsh so I wouldn’t buy this.
  2. Eyeko Fat Liner: I got this from a beauty box and I really did enjoy this product. I find pen eyeliners to probably be the most easiest way to apply eyeliner. The only thing is that this is a fat pen, so whilst good to try and create the flick, as my hooded eyes don’t have much space for lash lining, I had to be careful with this. I would consider purchasing this, if I knew where I could easily get it (in store I mean)
  3. DeClerc Mascara: I got this from a beautybox too, and I actually think this wasn’t bad. For me, it didn’t seem to flake, it did what I wanted to, which was to darken my lashes and I do remember being very surprised with this. I wouldn’t re purchase because I have a lot of mascaras to use up from a variety of boxes, but seeing how  those will go, I might keep this one in the back of my mind.
  4. Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye: I do think this cream works, probably not as much as another cream I am using, but I did seem to notice a difference the morning after application that my dark under eye area wouldn’t be as dark anymore. This one I am not going to repurchase but keep in the back of my mind for sure.
  5. Academie francaise: This was a moisture cream I think – really I can’t remember – but it might have been a daily cream. It did moisturize well but I wouldn’t say anything specific against this one. I kept this in my travel bag and it suited the purpose.
  6. Yves Rocher moisturiser: This is a small sample I received, and probably don’t have much to comment on it. It was a moisturiser and did what I needed it to, it was ok to put it on in the morning without being too thick but it’s probably something I wouldn’t repurchase.
  7. Fresh Vitamin Nectar Mask: I really like this product. It was a sample but something I might consider to get at Sephora now that the brand is in France. It smelt like oranges and zesty but I do feel like it did something to my face. The texture was strange, something like a jelly with bits in I feel like, but I do think I would try purchasing this if I got the chance.
  8. Elemis Tri-Enzyme face wash: I bought this a while ago, with a bunch of other Elemis products that I have been using up and must be in my previous empties posts. I like this enough as I was using it, but I don’t think I noticed anything special after having used more products through various beauty boxes. I do seem to like the brand, to me it reflects quality and British-ness, however if I had to say one product I liked the most, it would probably be the lavender toner which I did think that more of an effect for me in balancing out my oils.
  9. + 10. Panier de Sens, cleanser and toner. This was refreshing, as the packaging suggests and did the job well. It removed my make up gently and toned my face gently and in a refreshing manner. I think this brand is probably a bit too pricy if I remember correctly, however it was nice to use.

11.  Aussie 3 minute miracle: I love the smell of this,  and I think it does work well. My hair felt nourished, smooth and moisturised. I would probably purchase from this brand again.

12. Nars creamy concealer in Custard: This is a sample, and I have another one actually which is great as I don’t think I can really remember much about this. I do think I liked it though, it goes well for my skin tone under the eyes, and also as a spot concealer too. I don’t remember if there was much creasing so I will have to try out the second sample and give it a go. I do remember thinking it might be worth to buy the concealer though so I don’t think it was bad for me.

13. Rituals foaming shower gel: This was gentle in cleaning and foamed nicely. I think it was a calming and gentle body cleanse which was great. I think though that I don’t care much for shower gels (at least not as much for now) so I wouldn’t re purchase, but to test more from this brand is something I would consider for sure.




Vice #4

Hello you!

So it must have been over a year ago I think that I bought this Urban Decay Vice 4 palette in the Sephora sales with 30% off.. it pains me to admit but actually I didn’t use this so that by the next Sephora sales I saw this for 50% off and I could have saved some money! Well I remember thinking that there was a good shade selection of actual colours (ie not the various shades of brown that exist), but blues and pinks and purples.

So here is the palette:


I haven’t used all the colours yet of the palette and I still am working on that (it’s kind of hard for me to incorporate colours into my usual work makeup looks..where I really do stick to the browns and neutrals there).

I have used “discreet” a grey type of colour that I would use as a transition/crease colour due to the shade, however I feel that this is tightly packed and does kick up a bit more powder that I would be used to (compared to the Naked Basics 2 and the Naked Smoky palettes).

I feel that the three green colours don’t really give me that much difference in colour that I would probably expect just looking at the pans, especially “grasshopper” and “arctic”. What I like to do is use “grasshopper” over the lid and crease, and then use “deadbeat” in the outer v to darken up the colours a little bit. I have to play around more in using colours because normally I would use a cream/ight brown shade for the lid, with a medium brown for the crease and a darker brown for the outer V. With these green shades looking quite similar, I think I want to try mixing the green in the crease with another colour on the lid..or vice versa.

The two colours I will probably avoid are the two in the bottom left corner, which are a bit more orangey. “Bitter” I might be able to use somehow, at least in the crease, but the sparkly “flame” is a glitter orange that I am not sure goes with my skintone, nor my eyes.

Overall, I am trying to bring this palette out for at least the weekends, so I hope to check in back later with what I think about this, even if it was limited edition, and it isn’t in the shops anymore..