Lipstick Queen

Hello you!

A quick post today, to share what I picked up from the Sephora (France) sales that I found fairly interesting. These lipsticks, I feel have been around for a year or so? I remember seeing videos on YouTube about this, particularly because the lipsticks are strange colours and apply a natural colour to your lips.

As this was 30% off, I decided to go ahead and pick this up, given that a full size is 23Eur itself. I get to try out the products, and three of them at that for less than a full priced full sized version.


From left to right:

-Medival: “The sheer red that suits everyone”. Well I don’t know if that really is the case but I could see how it can be true. This is a subtle red that gives a hint of colour, and I feel is my favourite one of the trio. This is perfect for a hint of colour for work, or just every day casual and I love it.

-Hello Sailor: “the blue that comes out as a berry tint”. My least favourite but I don’t hate it alot. I mean the shade comes out quite dark blue/ purple in colour but remains overall fairly light and not super pigmented or anything. I don’t think it particularly goes well for an every day look but it isn’t horrendous. This is what I am keeping in my bag to use it up first, and because it’s super tiny if I want a hint of colour on my lips vs lip balm.

-Frog Prince: “the green that turns fairy tale pink”. Well it’s a pink and it’s softer than the already soft Medival shade, and this would be ranked as number 2 in the trio for me. Despite being the ‘original’ one I prefer Medival, which is a shame considering that is already red and gives less of a wow impact.

Overall, these are very moisturising and I feel like it’s a lip balm that gives a hint of colour, which is perfect to pop in my work bag!




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