Glossybox: October 2016


Hey you!

I’ve been trying so hard to whack out these beautybox posts to get back on track. Phew this is the last one and I’m getting it uploaded just in time before we start the new month! I’m super impressed with this month’s unboxing so here we go..

  1. Erborian – Perfect morning BB mask. 30Eur for 8 sachets
    • 2 sachets – 7.50Eur
    • Comments: I have only tried one product from this brand but it seems to be popular (perhaps as it is Korean?). I was on the fence with that product (I think it was the primer), and so with this mask I’ll be interested to see if it’s good or not.
  2. Evoluderm – Soin de visage – gommage doux aloe vera. 150ml – 3Eur
    • 150ml – 3Eur. Full size.
    • Comments: WHAT only 3Eur for this big product? Crazy?? It kind of makes me wonder why it is so cheap and if it’s any good, and the second makes me wonder if it’s a typo. Oh well…anyway we’ll give it a go and see if there is any difference to the skin. However it goes back of the line since I simply have so many products already for my skin.
  3. Lindt Sensation fruit raspberry and cranberry. 65g – 2Eur
    • Comments: These are just 4 ‘balls’ and taste good. It’s kind of nice to get something sweet, and from a well known brand too.
  4. Daily Concepts – Exfoliating sponge. 5Eur
    • 5Eur. Full size
    • Comments: I always use a loofah as I think it helps exfoliate my skin, and if anything it makes me feel clean, so why not with this product. I’ll use this as soon as my loofah needs replacing and we’ll give it a go!
  5. Mai Couture – Paper blush in ‘Prettyful’. 50 sheets for 17Eur
    • 4sheets – 1.36Eur
    • Comments: Paper blush?? Shall be interesting to see. I wonder if it will take away my foundation whilst I try this on or not. To be investigated…
  6. Naobay – Natural and Organic body radiance lotion. 200ml – 14.80Eur
    • 200ml – 14.80Eur. Full size
    • Comments: Wow. This brand I’ve received in boxes before (but not yet tried) though I think they are well known and a good brand. To get a full size product is pretty amazing I think. Can’t wait to use this
  7. Lavera Naturkosmetik. Hand cream. 75ml – 4.49Eur
    • 20ml – 1.20Eur
    • Comments: With the cold seasons approaching, you can never complain if you receive hand cream. I’ve used this one as it’s small enough to put in my pocket, and to help remind me to use hand cream as the temperature turns. It’s a thick, moisturising cream, and I like it. The only thing is that when I rub my hands together sometimes it seems like the product ‘rolls up’ which is a bit strange. Either way though, it does the job and protects my hands when I need it. To buy it though, I think I’d prefer something else.

So, here we have  2 full sized products, good brands and a total value of 32.86Eur compared to what I paid, 13Eur (as I have the yearly subscription). Not bad at all, and I can’t wait to use these products!


Birchbox: October 2016


Hey you!

So there was a buy 1 box get the 2nd free offer going on with vente-privee so I took the chance to get the Birchbox again and with October’s box I am not regretting that so far. (Birchbox has two prices, the prices for box subscribers and the prices for non box subcribers. I’m comparing the price for box subscribers here.)

  1. Davines – replumping hair filler 100ml – 100ml -25.02Eur
    • 50ml – 12.56Eur
    • Comments: Anything that replumps / fills / promotes hair growth I am up for! I have fine hair and I could do with these types of products so very happy to receive this. You spray to the roots on clean towel dried hair and let it do it’s thing!
  2. Davines – replumping shampoo 250ml – 16.20Eur
    • 12ml – 0.78Eur
    • Comments: It’s a replumping shampoo which is great but it has sulfates, which is not so great as I am trying to avoid, or heavily limit, my exposure to sulphate based shampoos. It’s a small packet though so into the gym bag it goes!
  3. Embryolisse – Micellaire water 250ml -8.91Eur
    • 100ml – 3.56Eur
    • Comments: I have received a fair amount of brands but not this one and I’d love to see how good it is. I didn’t rate the la roche posay one too much so I am wondering if this is good like bioderma, or a miss like that one.
  4. Huygens – la creme visage supernature 75ml – 25.11Eur
    • 10ml – 3.35Eur
    • Comments: I like this brand, though I do find it expensive. However happy to receive products from them as it seems fresh and gentle. This is a hydrating cream which is perfect for a travel bag
  5. IBY beauty blush brush 19.80Eur
    • 19.80Eur. Full size
    • Comments: I hoped for this brush, instead of the foundation/flat concealer type brush. It’s a brush and so far hasn’t shed alot so nothing much I can say about this. This brush alone pays off the box value so that’s awesome!
  6. Whish almond body butter 150ml – 14.58Eur
    • 22ml – 2.14Eur
    • Comments: What is Birchbox’s deal with this brand. I really don’t think it’s anything special and I think it’s a waste of a product. I have had the shower gel and something else (perhaps a body cream) so this is the third product and I am not impressed. I haven’t tried it yet but this brand just doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll try to use it or give it away but … please no more products from Whish!!

Overall, this box cost me 6.50Eur (as let’s say BOGOF is the same as half price) and the value is 20.25Eur which isn’t bad. Even if you paid for the box as a one off (13Eur) you still get slightly more than you paid for, but then it does depend on the products you’d use. For me the hair products and the brush, plus Huygens makes up alot of the value. So I hope November continues like this..fingers crossed!

Glossybox: September 2016


Hello you!

As mentioned, I’m playing catch up since my moving left me with no time to update my blog, and being so close to the summer break means I’ve been MIA more than I’d have liked. So now is the September Glossybox!

Firstly, I’m loving this Glossybox design with the marble effect. It’s probably one of the better designs that I’ve received in my opinion. It looks like this month everyone has got the same items, which I don’t know if I necessarily like or not but at least this way there is no wishing that I had got something else.

  1. Academie scientifique de beaute – fluide dermo-hydratant. 50ml – 34.20Eur
    • 15ml – 10.26Eur
    • Comments: I’ve received this brand before and I think they do have hydrating products – that I normally use over night since I am quite oily – so I don’t mind having another one but that’s the third one now… I’m up for a change please!
  2. Too faced better than sex waterproof. 7.65g – 23Eur
    • 4.8g – 14.43Eur
    • Comments: I have the bigger size of this mascara, as well as the smaller non waterproof version, all of which I haven’t tried yet so I hope it is worth it! Mind you I have heard/ read good things about it so I supposed I’m not worried too much
  3. Universal beauty cosmetics – secret flush. 4.50g – 18Eur
    • 4.50g – 18Eur. Full size
    • Comments: I don’t rate multi purpose lip and cheek products so much, I can’t say I’ve tried many but the few that I have I don’t think do too good a job on either. This shade seems interesting though so this one might work..let’s see.
  4. Secret product
    • This was a total secret, but having received since the box that it is a Head and Shoulder’s shampoo, I guess I am disappointed that an easily accessible brand was this secret shampoo. Seems a bit weird though? As for the secret part, it was kind of interesting to see what it was but I think when it comes to shampoos I would rather know what it is since I try to take a bit more care to see what the ingredients are.
  5. The vintage cosmetic company – cleaning brush tool. 7.50Eur
    • I actually have a brush egg from Amazon..or maybe it was ebay, that is exactly the same only I paid something like 2 or 3Eur for it. For that reason I gave this to a colleague of mine because I really didn’t see the need to have two. Especially when I hardly use mine anyway. I feel these tools are great for the small eye brushes, but anything bigger I always end up doing a second wash with my fingers anyway to get the product and colours out.

So in total, this box was worth 50.19Eur at least (as I don’t have a price for the shampoo), so when I take away the cleaning brush tool, it still makes for a good value for price. However, if I take away the cheek and lip duo it makes 24.69 and mostly thanks to the Academie scientifique de beaute product. So actually, this month didn’t excite me too much and I certainly didn’t feel like I hit the jackpot with this one. Apart from the awesome looking marble box.. oh well. You win some and you lose some…

Product Empties #7


Hello you!

Firstly, super super sorry for the insane delay in getting back to posting. I do have a backlog of beauty unboxing posts to get through. I’ve been in the process of moving apartments and that has been more hectic than I imagined! Not to mention still not having any furniture (well, there is a mattress and that’s the important thing!). Anyway back to beauty.. here is an empties post because there was no point me saving up these empties to move them all to the new place, so I took a photo before I recycled the containers to be ready for my next post.

So here we go:

  • Karmameju Micellar Water – this was from a beauty box, and I found this to be very gentle. I don’t know if i was super effective in removing make up (compared to other brands) but I  did find it to be very gentle whilst doing so. I think though, it wasn’t enough to fully convert me so this is a no to repurchasing.
  • Elemis Lavender Cleanser and Toner – I like this brand, and I feel that it feels soft, gentle and caring for my skin. I chose this one as this seemed the best for oily skin and I do know that if I missed out on the toner especially my face would get slightly more oily during the day. I did buy these a long time ago though, they really do last a long time, and  though I might have not used them for a while, the size and quality of the products is good enough to repurchase. This will definitely stay on the list to re purchase, but as I have still a mountain of products to get through, it’ll be for another day.
  • Body gel – this was from a beauty box and really did smell ALOT like fresh zesty oranges. I took this in my gym bag so it did last a while (mainly because I have been lazy and not been going to the gym as much as I should do..) but I did enjoy smelling this. However, it’s a body gel and I’m pretty much indifferent to those so its a no to repurchasing from me.
  • Witch, anti blemish stick – I must admit that I loved this for a long time. I think it did work, it was probably more drying than I wanted it to be but I do feel that it was effective. I don’t know if my skin got used to this or I used it too much, but I felt that towards the end the product wasn’t as effective as it used to be. I have repurchased but I think I will be using this product sparingly instead.
  • Bleu des anges toner – OMG this product is soft, gentle ,refreshing and by far the BEST toner I must have ever used. I can’t remember if it is pricy or not, and whilst I still have a ton of toners in my drawers to go through, I certainly think this one will stay in my mind for the future. For anyone out there, I do recommend that you at least check this toner out…it just seems magical.
  • Lange Paris BB cream – I think I must be partially allergic to suncream, and I think this might have broken me out a bit. Plus I can’t say much for the scent either, it seemed to strong and sickly for me. The coverage was probably not even decent and I would use this in the summer when I didn’t want a full face either. I don’t recommend purchasing this, it seems nothing more than a slightly tinted cream, and I think there must be better products out there.
  • Sephora  brightening powder – this was on my project pan posts so I won’t comment much here. I don’t think I will repurchase purely because I would like to try out other finishing powders on the market.
  • Benefit Boi-ing concealer – Again, this was in my project pan updates. I have another one that I am currently going through, I do feel that there are probably better concealers out there, but for now concealers are not a top priority (not because I don’t need them) but because this works well enough for me for now.
  • Benefit Hello flawless oxygen wow foundation – I commented on this in a post, and to sum it up, it did break down on my face through the day even if I powdered. The colour match was a good enough colour for my skin but I don’t think I’ll repurchase.
  • Benefit Some kind-a gorgeous foundation – I disliked this more than anything else I’ve tried. It’s a cream to powder type of formula, and I think it is discontinued, but this seemed oily on my face, didn’t seem to stick, broke down so much (even if I powdered) and towards the end I started using it more as a concealer. I’d not buy this again (even if it wasn’t discontinued), and if I had to, I’d prefer the Hello flawless oxygen one by miles.


That’s it for this post! I’ll have the September Glossybox and October Glossybox AND Birchbox up soon I hope. 🙂


Have a good weekend!