Beauty Blender: I finally bought one!

Hello you!

I finally caved in and bought a beauty blender. Well actually I bought it because it gave me two other positive knock ons as I just needed to buy something from Seohora to be upgraded to Sephora Gold status (I’m still not sure if that’s going to be better than the second tier Sephora VIB status in North America but we shall see..) and get free samples of a few products. I also would get the mini beauty blender if I spent over €15 and given that the beauty blender is about €16.. Well it seemed obvious what I should do!

So here we have the beauty blender and my freebie which I think is awesome as if it took me that long, and required two incentives, to buy the original (even though I know how amazing it is according to …everyone!), the. How long would it have taken for me to ever think to buy the mini ones!?!

It says that with care the mini blender should last 90days, which is in line what I’ve generally heard or read, that they last for about 3 months. I have incredible will power and as I’ll be moving during September, I’ll actually be packing this away and use this as soon as I’ve moved in fully to my new place..which by the way will have plenty of more space for me to finally put all my make up / brushes on display to easily use 😊.