Glossybox: August 2016

Hello you!

So two unboxing posts in one month!! Here’s what we have this time:

1) Signal White Now – White now glossy chic. 50ml – 3.30-3.59€

  • 50ml – 3.30€ ( I’ll count on the lower end of the RRP scale)
  • Comments: this toothpaste is clearly marketed for women, and that kinda annoys me..even if I hope that this does make my teeth look nice and white. Apparently there is ‘blue light’ technology that gives your teeth an instant whitening effect. I’ve literally got a few more teeth brushes to go before I run out of toothpaste so the timing is almost perfect!

2) Benefit – Gimme brow. 3g – 26.50€

  • 1g – 8.83€
  • Comments: I’m not one for a lot of brow products but after seeing so much about this new product line launch I’m kinda glad to get in on the action here. This is a brow volumizing fibre gel, so I guess should be pretty easy to use.

3) Trifle cosmetics – lip perfect lipstick in the shade ‘guilty pug’. 3.5g – 17.95€

  • 3.5g – 17.95€
  • Comments: I’m not going to open this actually because I have far too many lip products open and I’m receiving new ones at a faster rate than I receive them so instead of checking out the color I’ll just keep this unopened if ever I want to give this one away to my sister or a friend. I do think from the photos the shade would be a nice summer but natural color.

4) -417 – Shampoo with minerals from the Dead Sea. 250ml – 24€

  • 40ml – 3.84€
  • Comments: I had a conditioner from the same brand and I don’t think I rated that well. I’m not sure I’ll like this product either, there are no parabens but there are sulphate so and since I’m on a general anti sulphate shampoo regime (aside from once a month to really get that stripped back but squeaky clean feeling) it might get me a while to get to this…or I’ll just give it away. Undecided yet but I don’t expect great things.

5) Lilas Blanc – Huile marveilleuse. 100ml – 25,90€

  • 30ml – 7.77€
  • Comments: this is a dry oil but I’m not sure what exactly it is. The ingredients list sesame oil, sunflower seed oil as the top two ingredients and then there’s rapeseed oil, jojoba oil, camellia oil and so on. I have a few oils already but in the summer I prefer not to use them on my face in the summer unless I’m breaking out and I need my Argan oil, but I’ll give this one a go on my body and hair. It does seem to absorb into the skin really quickly and well, leaving a moisturized and soft feeling after and non oily at all.

41.69€ is this months total value. I think I like the oil or Benefit brow products the best and the -417 shampoo is the product I’m not excited to have. I’ll be trying to do an updated project pan and/or empties post soon and then hopefully back in September I can continue talking about foundations or other make up I’m using at the moment. Ciao till then!


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