Glossybox: July 2016

Hello you!!

I apologize for being MIA but I’ve been on holidays and decided to not stress meld about missing posts because summer is the time when everyone gets to, and should relax. My phone also broke so as this was my primary method of uploading photos, I’m using a screenshot of my Instagram (where you can check out my posts too if you like) instead.

Overall I was happy with this box for the Nars blush, but let’s go into the contents a bit more
1) Panier des sens – make up remover “milk”. 200ml – 12.90€

  • 50ml – 3,23€
  • Comments: make up remover is always welcome and having received a body wash by the same brand, I expect this to smell great too.

2) Panier des sens – toner. 12.90€ – 200ml

  • 50ml – 3,23€
  • Comments: same as point one. I didn’t mind having two items from the same brand as I often think of cleansing milk and toner as a combined pair. Plus the brand seemed like an ok one so I don’t feel that it was a cheat.

3) Nars – Blush “orgasm”. 4,8g – 31€

  • 3.5g – 22.60€
  • Comments: this was the item I chose as I already received the marsk eyeliner that I got for the second time in the June Glossybox. I’m glad that I don’t have to buy this famous blush but instead I get to receive this, especially when it is so pricey. I love the small little blush compact, so easy for on the go but I know the packaging will get dirty so easily.

4) Hayasei – anti tiredness eye patches. 2.90€

  • Comments: I’m not sure if eye patches work, I’m sure they do cool down the eye area so that in itself will help, but I’m not sure I’d ever go out and buy eye patches…especially if not on sale. But we’like see how these go

5) De Bruyere – after sun in Manoi scent. 50ml – 11€

  • 50ml – 11€
  • Comments: I loved the body lotion from a previous box and remember being complimented on the smell. I thought the same was to be said of this product but it’s actually quite liquidy than I thought, and doesn’t smell as strong. I’m not sure if it feels effective as an after sun but I think it would still make my a kin soft so I treat it like a body lotion.

In all, this value came to 42.96€. The best product was the Nars blush, and the product I wouldn’t have minded not receiving would be the eye mask.

Since I’m so late in posting this box, I’ll have the August box post up soon as I’ve already received the contents!


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