Sephora HAUL!

Hello you!

So, during the summer I went to Canada and the US and knew I would be spending ALOT of money to buy a load of items that Sephora doesn’t stock here in France (boo hoo). I did manage to actually get the VIB status (the second level..equivalent to the Sephora Black in France) due to spending so much..oops.

I also have to admit that I did also buy the Drunk Elephant Night Serum at the very last minute so that’s not in the photo, nor the second 100 pt gift I could claim (which is a double of one of the samples here anyway). I signed up to be a rewards member and because it was my birthday month, I got the Fresh gift as well, which was great because I wanted the cleanser again.

I think the Sephora loyalty program is far better than the one here in France, we hardly get good samples and we don’t get things like 100 or 500pt rewards. Plus it works in Canada and the US.

All these products I’ve been keeping on my list, due to various YouTuber’s mentioning them or using them, waiting for my chance to get my hands on these products ( aside from the Boscia brush which was a 100% impulse buy whilst standing in the line to pay). I’ll also be honest and say that apart from the make up products and the cleansing brush, all the rest I won’t be using immediately as I would like to finish of what I’m currently using. I really don’t like (nor have enough space) to have many open products on the go. I just know that I do want these products and they will be used in due time…I just have to be patient first :).

(Anything to the right of the Cover FX, Becca or Philosophy products are the 100 pt samples or the birthday gift).

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think??



Product Empties #6

Hello you!

I’ve got a fair few empties, and some variety in products for this post so let’s get started!

– Sephora masks: I got a bunch of these from the Summer sales and too right too at 70% off!! If I’m honest I don’t really see much of a difference with face masks but they do feel cool and relaxing so I wouldn’t mind paying a euro or so for one. I’d only repurchase if they were on sale again, I didn’t see any particular difference according to what there were meant to be doing. However the yellow one did smell strongly, not in a bad way, but I can only see that as a positive that it contains what it’s called.

– Aussie 3 minute miracle: I’ve never tried this brand before but I have wanted to. I feel that this did a good job, probably not enough to really test it out and potentially worth buying a full sized bottle to really see how I feel.

– Dr.Brandt overnight resurfacing serum: I got this as part of the Glow set by Dr.brandt, which contains a serum for the day and a bb cream. I got this (on sale) because I saw it had retinol and I wanted to try products with this in to help my skin. This product was yellow and smelt strongly, in what I assume was the retinol. I’m not entirely sure if this is meant to be fast or slow to improve the skin but I feel like I do see slow improvements. My skin seems to be able to take this every day  what I had been doing with this, and sometimes with a cream on top. I’m continuing with the bigger sized ‘main’ product where I hope to really know more about this. Having said that I did buy another retinol product so I’ll compare the two before deciding what to stick with.

– be fine cucumber facial mask: this is a clay type of mask that is as calming, relaxing and smelling like you’d expect from a cucumber product. I think this is a good gentle product and though I’ll probably not repurchase it, it would stick in my mind should I finally finish all the masks in my bathroom cabinet!

– Caudalie hand cream: I love this so much, it did take a while to get used to the smell which isn’t unpleasant but for me a bit strange to have such a strong smell. However this cream feel nourishing and thick enough that I absolutely adore it and as it came in a two pack I’m already on the other one, I also love how it did last a long time too. Love!

– Make up forever HD primer: this was the white colored one, and in the old packaging due to being on a vente privee sale (so I also have the green and blue ones to go through). I used this with the MUFE foundation and they worked well together. I’m sure there are more primers out there better suited to my oily face but I didn’t hate it and I haven’t found any others to work better so I don’t mind for now. (I normally have one or two primers on the go but I know I have more in my unopened makeup stash)

– Sephora flawless moisturizing lotion SPF 15: I love using this in the morning, it’s light and easily absorbed and there is SPF which is perfect. I already have another one (I loved this that I bought another in the sale immediately back in Feb time I think) but I’m not using it yet as I want to finish a few other things first. Love!

– Sephora ultimate brightening serum: I used this under the previous product in the morning and felt that it was nice. I did buy another but I am not sure if it really had any impact. I probably shouldn’t have bought the second one but the two products work well together and I can mix them to put just one layer on so it doesn’t bother me too much.

– Givenchy very irresistible : I love this smell but it does take me a while to go through perfumes and I have a bunch more in a shelf to go through, some even untouched so I’m not going to repurchase until I make a considerable dent into that stash. I like having options but I also want to clear space of ones I know I don’t want to repurchase before I even consider buying perfumes. They’re also quite expensive too..
Alright that sums up my empties so ciao for now!

Glossybox: August 2016

Hello you!

So two unboxing posts in one month!! Here’s what we have this time:

1) Signal White Now – White now glossy chic. 50ml – 3.30-3.59€

  • 50ml – 3.30€ ( I’ll count on the lower end of the RRP scale)
  • Comments: this toothpaste is clearly marketed for women, and that kinda annoys me..even if I hope that this does make my teeth look nice and white. Apparently there is ‘blue light’ technology that gives your teeth an instant whitening effect. I’ve literally got a few more teeth brushes to go before I run out of toothpaste so the timing is almost perfect!

2) Benefit – Gimme brow. 3g – 26.50€

  • 1g – 8.83€
  • Comments: I’m not one for a lot of brow products but after seeing so much about this new product line launch I’m kinda glad to get in on the action here. This is a brow volumizing fibre gel, so I guess should be pretty easy to use.

3) Trifle cosmetics – lip perfect lipstick in the shade ‘guilty pug’. 3.5g – 17.95€

  • 3.5g – 17.95€
  • Comments: I’m not going to open this actually because I have far too many lip products open and I’m receiving new ones at a faster rate than I receive them so instead of checking out the color I’ll just keep this unopened if ever I want to give this one away to my sister or a friend. I do think from the photos the shade would be a nice summer but natural color.

4) -417 – Shampoo with minerals from the Dead Sea. 250ml – 24€

  • 40ml – 3.84€
  • Comments: I had a conditioner from the same brand and I don’t think I rated that well. I’m not sure I’ll like this product either, there are no parabens but there are sulphate so and since I’m on a general anti sulphate shampoo regime (aside from once a month to really get that stripped back but squeaky clean feeling) it might get me a while to get to this…or I’ll just give it away. Undecided yet but I don’t expect great things.

5) Lilas Blanc – Huile marveilleuse. 100ml – 25,90€

  • 30ml – 7.77€
  • Comments: this is a dry oil but I’m not sure what exactly it is. The ingredients list sesame oil, sunflower seed oil as the top two ingredients and then there’s rapeseed oil, jojoba oil, camellia oil and so on. I have a few oils already but in the summer I prefer not to use them on my face in the summer unless I’m breaking out and I need my Argan oil, but I’ll give this one a go on my body and hair. It does seem to absorb into the skin really quickly and well, leaving a moisturized and soft feeling after and non oily at all.

41.69€ is this months total value. I think I like the oil or Benefit brow products the best and the -417 shampoo is the product I’m not excited to have. I’ll be trying to do an updated project pan and/or empties post soon and then hopefully back in September I can continue talking about foundations or other make up I’m using at the moment. Ciao till then!

Glossybox: July 2016

Hello you!!

I apologize for being MIA but I’ve been on holidays and decided to not stress meld about missing posts because summer is the time when everyone gets to, and should relax. My phone also broke so as this was my primary method of uploading photos, I’m using a screenshot of my Instagram (where you can check out my posts too if you like) instead.

Overall I was happy with this box for the Nars blush, but let’s go into the contents a bit more
1) Panier des sens – make up remover “milk”. 200ml – 12.90€

  • 50ml – 3,23€
  • Comments: make up remover is always welcome and having received a body wash by the same brand, I expect this to smell great too.

2) Panier des sens – toner. 12.90€ – 200ml

  • 50ml – 3,23€
  • Comments: same as point one. I didn’t mind having two items from the same brand as I often think of cleansing milk and toner as a combined pair. Plus the brand seemed like an ok one so I don’t feel that it was a cheat.

3) Nars – Blush “orgasm”. 4,8g – 31€

  • 3.5g – 22.60€
  • Comments: this was the item I chose as I already received the marsk eyeliner that I got for the second time in the June Glossybox. I’m glad that I don’t have to buy this famous blush but instead I get to receive this, especially when it is so pricey. I love the small little blush compact, so easy for on the go but I know the packaging will get dirty so easily.

4) Hayasei – anti tiredness eye patches. 2.90€

  • Comments: I’m not sure if eye patches work, I’m sure they do cool down the eye area so that in itself will help, but I’m not sure I’d ever go out and buy eye patches…especially if not on sale. But we’like see how these go

5) De Bruyere – after sun in Manoi scent. 50ml – 11€

  • 50ml – 11€
  • Comments: I loved the body lotion from a previous box and remember being complimented on the smell. I thought the same was to be said of this product but it’s actually quite liquidy than I thought, and doesn’t smell as strong. I’m not sure if it feels effective as an after sun but I think it would still make my a kin soft so I treat it like a body lotion.

In all, this value came to 42.96€. The best product was the Nars blush, and the product I wouldn’t have minded not receiving would be the eye mask.

Since I’m so late in posting this box, I’ll have the August box post up soon as I’ve already received the contents!