Foundation: Benefit’s “Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow”

What: Foundation

From: Benefit Cosmetics, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

Shade: (I’m all the rage) Beige

Hello you!

Continuing with Benefit foundation for this post, next up is first foundation that I bought after seeking out advice from the Benefit saleslady with regards to colour matching to my skin. I don’t remember buying this particular foundation for any reason apart from there being a store close to where I live. (This is where I also first picked up the boi-ing concealer at the same time as the foundation after being colour matched).

This foundation has a pump, which is always great as I do prefer the pumps to a squeeze tube. The texture is quite light and liquidy. I would say it’s thicker and gives more coverage than you’d expect from the viscosity alone. Lately, I’ve been tending to use my fingers for foundation, but with this one I need to have a buffing brush to make sure it’s spread out evenly and I always need to wash my hands before picking up my brush.

There is SPF 25 with this, which is a positive of this product. I do try to wear SPF underneath anyway, but any extra SPF is perfect, or even on lazy days when I am too lazy to layer up.

As you can tell from the photo,  I am nearly done with this product, but I will say that this foundation level has stayed at the 90% completion rate for a long long time. Recently I decided to go back to it, as it’s got a higher SPF and it is summer now. Initially I did wonder why I stopped using it, as the initial coverage is great, it’s thick but it does brighten and create a good base. However, soon after I realised why I had stopped using this for other foundations.

Not only is it quite thicker than I would like (perhaps due to the SPF?), during the day somehow the product really breaks up and becomes really patchy. You can tell the areas where the oil has completely broken up the foundation and the areas that are in the process of it. I know that no one is bound to get super up close and personal to my face area to see the actual details, but I don’t actually think you have to be super close to see what’s going on. I’m used to being oily and the effect this has in breaking down products and becoming shiny after a while, but I don’t remember the product breakdown being as obvious with other foundations. I’ll continue to use this until completion but after these two not so positive experiences with Benefit’s foundations, I think I might give foundations a rest for a while from them.


Positives: Good initial coverage, SPF 25, pump/packaging

Negatives: Breaks down in a patchy and too obvious manner, heavy product (despite liquidy texture) that transfers


Foundation: Benefit’s “Some kind-a gorgeous”


What: Foundation

From: Benefit Cosmetics, Some Kind-a Gorgeous

Shade: Medium

Hello you!


I got this foundation in the Sephora Sales (post: here) and picked it up. I don’t think it’s available anymore either. Here’s what I said about it originally:

“Benefit – I got this foundation in the shade medium which, from the tester, seemed to be a good match. It comes in a compact (with a mirror) and looks and first feels liquid/creamy which then transforms into a powder finish and dries quickly. I have the oxygen wow foundation from benefit which I’m still unsure of (she says half way through the bottle) but as this is on sale I went for a I’ll make it work mindset. Plus I’m sort of expanding my foundation ‘collection’ so why not”

What I also forgot to mention is that I had seen this foundation before, before seeing in in the sales and being semi interested in it, so also factored into why I decided to buy it.

Having used this foundation a couple of times I’ve formed an opinion on this, and it’s not great. The packaging is in line with Benefit’s style and I like that there is a sponge and a mirror. I like the shade, I think it matches well against my skin so my quick shade match with the tester was good.

This foundation does turn from a cream to a powdery finish, however it is absolutely a disaster I feel with my skin type (oily). I will put this foundation on and my skin already feels like an oily mess. I will feel my skin and the texture feels more slick that it really should, and wearing glasses too I just don’t appreciate the extra slip. Before even lunch time my foundation has broken down (even with wearing primer). I’m not liking this and am seeing why this is now discontinued. I currently use this as a concealer touch up or a quick touch up on my chin (which is where I usually break out, and don’t tend to get oily).Let’s see how I feel about it towards the end of this product but either way, as it is discontinued, there’s nothing much I’ll be able to do about it even if I change my mind about this…