Project Pan #1 update 26 June


Hello you!

I know I’ve been slacking a little bit lately, I am still trying to maintain at least a post a week though. I’ve just been busy with work lately so any free time I have is largely spent on sleeping alot to catch up. Anyway around the end of the month I like to do an update on my project pan products and I’m loving seeing the progress I am making!

As you can see the Benefit Boi-ing concealer is nearly finished, just a couple more days of use left I think. I like to use a brush to grab at the remaining product and also to pinpoint where exactly I would like to conceal my blemishes. I know I have another one to use after this, but I am thinking that this might become my staple concealer. I don’t have anything against it, and whilst I don’t think I would swear by this, it is something I will keep until I find something better. The coverage is good, and the colour seems to blend well with my skin tone.

The Sephora powder I can tell mattifies my foundation the more I’ve used it. I do see this layer of powder now but I am still not convinced of how well it wears, especially these days which are quite hot and humid (sometimes) in Paris. By the time I get out of the metro my forehead is already sweating off my make up a little ( I really need a good primer for this..). However I do continue to use this. I might for the next week powder only half my face, but I expect that this might just lead my powder bronzer and blush application to come off a bit weird and/or have my foundation rub off at the same time. To be seen… Anyway, there is still probably just under half the powder to go. How exciting, I have never finished a powder product before (well any panned product before if I am honest actually) so I wonder how the powder stays as it near’s full pan stage!


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