Product Empties #5

Hello you!

So, what have I used up over the last two months? Quiet a bit it seems. What did I think of them? Let’s find out! Here’s what I’m adding to the recycling bin:image

  1. Bioderma Micellaire Water – This stuff is amazing. Honestly, and now I have actually used another full sized product from another brand up ( item #2) I can say that having compared it to another product, it is still amazing. It feels like water on your skin and doesn’t hurt when taking eye make up off, it spreads nicely on the cotton pad. I did mention in a previous post (here) that I do have a fair few products still to use so I will wait before repurchasing but this will be bought again (and again, and again…).
  2. Nuxe Micellaire Water – This is not so great. It smells of rose, it feels thick on the cotton pad and on the skin and I didn’t feel that it was efficient at taking my make up off either. Plus it was hard to tell because the liquid isn’t clear but has a tint of yellow/beige so I kept on thinking I had traces of foundation on or being unsure if I did or not. Not repurchasing.
  3. Sephora Blemish fighting roll-on gel – This I still have doubts on. It’s not exactly the most effective and fast action product I have (this post might give more information) but I do like that it has a metal roll on ball which does have a calming / soothing effect. I do have something else I like better so.. not repurchasing.
  4. Unani il-luminate serum – I don’t really know if this did much. I did use this constantly and over time I did notice my skin looking better but I am not 100% sure if it was because of this, being better in my skin care routine or both. Since I got this from a beautybox I don’t feel the need to repurchase. However as I do have a face mask now from the same brand, I’ll be able to tell more about the brand after using this I think, which may give some insight on if the brand and this product was good. Either way though, I didn’t fall in love with it so not repurchasing.
  5. Thermaliv Soin jour nouvelle age – This product is super nourishing, which makes sense given the amount of vitamins it has in it. Using this as a day cream I would find that my face would get rather oily (more than usual) even if I used the most tiny amount. Therefore I would tend to use this overnight. As rich and nourishing as it was, I don’t think I will repurchase, because I wasn’t completely blown away by it.
  6. Uriage Roseliane CC Cream SPF 30 – This product I didn’t technically finish, but I don’t think there’s actually much left. The reason why I didn’t finish this is because I realised that it broke me out – more specifically, I think some ingredients break me out that are connected to suncream. I never used this on a regular basis, only when I knew I would be in sunny areas and I didn’t connect the slight breakouts until I did notice that I would get bumps during the day, and overnight when I would put some Argan oil on it and it would disappear, and then the next day it would reappear. Not repurchasing.
  7. MUFE HD Foundation – I got this in a Vente Privee (Private sales) so cheaper than the RRP but this is not the Ultra HD formula because it was the old one (hence why it was on sale). I bought two at the time so I still have one more to go. This is in the shade N125 which I think is slightly off for me (a touch too light) but something I think I can get away with after bronzer and blush etc. The thing I like about this one is that it’s easy to use. It’s not too thick but it does cover, your brushes won’t get gunky after one use and there is a pump and with the primer it works really well. If I set it with some powder then I do make it last a while too. I have one more to go, and another in the Ultra HD range in the same shade and no regrets.
  8. Paris Hilton perfume – I don’t know if this is even sold anymore? Don’t judge me… I bought this 10 years ago or so, with the main reason being that I had read an article saying that this perfume had pheromones in it. And of course, I thought that was great because then it would help me attract all the guys (ha ha). Anyway, turns out it too me ages to finish and I really decided to use the remainder left. It’s a sweet smelling scent which I don’t mind but it’s not something I would repurchase.
  9. Naobay Protective Hair Mask Volume Conditioner – I got this from a beauty box and I don’t think I will repurchase this. I like hair masks to be thick and this isn’t exactly that.  I do believe it did make my hair soft, and I do realise that this is natural and organic so it wouldn’t have all the chemicals that would make me think my hair is super nourished and soft but I’m not super convinced of this product yet. I didn’t hate it but my conversion to the organic side is slow and I’m already trying to get my hair used to natural shampoos so once I have that one down and sorted, then I can try to complement it with natural conditioners. However until then, I somehow feel that I need thick creamy conditioners.
  10. Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived – I got this in a Deauty box way back around Winter time and had been using this fairly regularly until I somehow just stopped. I had about 20% of this left and decided to just finish it off. I like that it does give a gentle colour to your skin, but you do have to beware since if you miss out your feet then after a while you will be able to tell! The smell seems fake tanny to me (though I Have never used fake tan so I can’t be sure) but my skin does seem smooth and moisturised. Would I repurchase? Potentially if I saw it again / it was held up close to my face, but I don’t believe I would go out of my way to buy this.

So there we go, that’s another empties down.. I’ll get cracking for the next post shall I 🙂



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