Glossybox: June 2016

Hello you!

This month my Glossybox came quite early! In fact around 27th May I got an email saying that my box was on its way already! I’m sorry for the delay in posting though, work has been super crazy. Anyway onto the unboxing! Overall, I am super happy with these contents:


  1. Unani: Dermo defence face mask. 100ml – 15.99ml
    • 100ml – 15.99Eur. Full size
    • Comments: I am super happy to have this, I think it was one of the products from last months box and I was slightly disappointed not to get this. I am loving face masks at the moment, I just don’t have enough  time to use all I have (though I will get round to it)!
  2. Creme Moana. 75ml – 13.90Eur
    • 75ml – 13.90Eur
    • Comments: I took this to the gym yesterday as my post shower body cream to lock in the moisture, and to have a random lady comment that the cream smells really nice was a bit surprising. I tend not to want to talk to or be spoken to at the gym! Anyway, this product smells really great, so much so that I did get the comment that I smelt like summer later that evening. However, no matter how good it smells, I still find it a bit expensive..
  3. Eborian Dongback Camellia Essence. 30ml – 59Eur
    • 3ml – 5.90Eur
    • Comments: Always up for trying oils, even if I haven’t lately been using the oils that I have already. I find it so difficult to choose what to put on overnight and I have so many things to choose from that the oils simply remain behind my bathroom mirror.
  4. Barbara Gould. Exfoliating Miceallaire Gel. 150ml – 4.50Eur
    • 150ml – 4.50Eur. Full size
    • Comments: Along with night time skin pampering, I am also really into making sure that my face is cleansed from the natural (and unnatural) dirt on my face. Having this wash is great, and I’ll be looking out to see how effective this is in taking off make up.
  5. Marsk. Eyeliner. 1.2g – 23Eur
    • 1.2g – 23Eur
    • Comments: I got this product in a previous box and didn’t use it much (I don’t use eyeliner’s that much anymore.. I stick to my face out of pure laziness, and then eyes if I have time or the weekend!). I gave this one away to a colleague of mine because I knew I wouldn’t need a second. The upside is that because of this error I could choose one of the products in the next box, so I chose the NARS product (obviously!), which I am excited for as I already know what it is!
  6. Icona Milano Mascara.10ml – 16.50Eur
    • 10ml – 16.50Eur
    • Comments: I’m not one for mascara alot, and I have collected more than a few from the various boxes. I do intend to use them all but as I hardly use eyeshadow during the working week, I don’t use mascara either. However I do need to get cracking on in clearing the stash.

What a box right, I was super happy to get these contents and the fact that there are 6 products in here, 5 of which full size makes it amazing (even if I gave my eyeliner away). So I make this value 79.79Eur and removing the value of the eyeliner gives me 56.79Eur which is probably the real value of this. Over 13Eur, that ain’t bad and I’m loving the products. Nice one Glossybox!


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