Project Pan #1 update @ 29 May


Hello you!

Just a quick update on how my project pan is going.

I’m using the Benefit Boi-ing concealer at a fairly good rate, due to my intense breaking out and requirement to slap this on all over my chin/mouth and forehead areas. I’ve taken to using a brush with this to precisely cover my blemish areas as well as try to limit the bacteria spreading if I used my finger. I’m not usually like this but this breakout has been so bad that I’m not going to take any chances. I have a couple of small pointy brushes so I use a new one each day and I pick as much product as I can and then slap it on before blending it out. Using a brush also helps me reach the side pan areas which my fingers wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

The Sephora Powder I’m noticing the visible pan surface area is increasing slowly but surely. Since I use a light dusting of this all over to set my foundation I think it will take a while longer to use this up. I love using this before going in with my bronzer and blush (and highlight) for better blending but also to avoid moving the foundation/concealer around.

I hope I finish the concealer in the next update..that’s the aim!!


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