Trying to control the inevitable… Acne!


Hello you!

Spots, Acne, Blemishes, Break outs… Whatever you want to call those pesky annoying buggers. For me, it’s a regular fight to keep my skin as clear as I can (and I’m often on the losing side).

The first time I ever tried a spot clearing skincare product, it actually broke me out (I think it was by Clearasil?) so it took me around a decade to really want to try something else. I would just be using the toothpaste trick (though I can’t say I saw that much difference either).

Currently I flare up at least once a month (hello mother nature!) around my forehead and mouth area, which means that by the time my acne and scars have died down I have about three days before the cycle starts over again.

I’ve accepted this and it doesn’t bother me (as) much..especially since I’ve been sticking to some sort of morning and evening skin care routine so I know that overall my skin is in better condition than it used to be.

However I do like to try out and discover new things to eliminate (still haven’t found anything yet!) or at least control/reduce my breakouts and their appearance so I wanted to share what I currently have on the go:

Sephora blemish fighting roll on gel: I picked this up at a Sephora sale about a year ago and had only this to fight against blemishes for a long time. You squeeze the product on to the metal roller ball (similar to roll on deodorant) and apply to your face. For a long time I couldn’t really see a difference, and still can’t which I thought was normal until I actually tried the other two products I’ll mention in a bit. The best thing about this product is probably the metal roller ball which is always cooling and soothing to any affected areas. However, the gel itself didn’t seem to do much for me. I won’t be repurchasing this.

Argan oil: *The* Holy Grail Oil to end all Oils. I know that Coconut oil is probably more on trend these days but this remains a top oil that should never be forgotten about. This is literally miracle oil. If I have any break outs or imperfections I’ll put this on overnight and know that without fail I will wake up with better looking skin. For me, Argan oil smooths out textures, calms down irritations and does its magic on my skin (looks fuller, brighter and more youthful). The fact that I notice a difference overnight shows how amazing it is. This oil can also be used for other purposes (hair, nails, skin) which is why there is always a bottle in my bathroom cabinet.

Witch Blemish Stick: I’m not sure where this was from, actually I saw that my mum had two of these sticks and I cheekily asked if I could take one! Hesitant at first, I fell quickly in love with this product and take it with me everywhere. It has an instantaneous effect like the Argan oil, and will calm down problem areas or soon to be problem areas, resulting in a muted acne impact on my skin. The difference with the Argan oil is that I find this stings a bit and can be quite drying. There is also a bit of a medicinal smell which I don’t really mind. I can use this morning or night, first thing I’ll do after cleansing, and it’s a push up stick. I like to make sure that I properly moisturise my skin after since I do find this to be a bit drying and I will also alternate between this and Argan oil. However this stick is so handy I can put it in my purse (unlike putting oil in my bag…that’s asking for a disaster). If I can figure out where I can buy this, I’ll definitely be doing so. Love this!!

I have a few other items waiting in my bathroom cabinet to be given its turn. I’ll try to finish up the Sephora product first so I know what to try on days that I can risk not using my holy grails… However the bar has been set!!


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