Glossybox: Too Faced Edition

J’ai craqué.. I don’t know how to really translate that but it’s kind of like when you look at xyz and you hum and ha over it and then finally go for it. This is how I felt when I saw this Glossybox Special Edition come out.

I had to sign up to the list so that when the box would come out I could have the link to access the sale, and could buy it (as long as there were still enough in stock). This email came in my inbox and 7am, I saw it and promptly bought it at 7.30am and by the time I got to work at 9am, it was already sold out! I knew what was in the box already, so this wasn’t a surprise, so I knew to be ready on the day that the email was to come out.

Here is what the box looks like, all decorate with the products that the box contains. How pretty is this?


And here are the contents:



I knew that I wanted this box because for the value of the products vs the price to pay, was a sure thing. Especially because I don’t have the chocolate bar palette, which I wanted, and I know that everyone raves about. I believe I paid around 37Eur for this, and the palette itself costs around 45Eur at Sephora, so that kind of made it a bit obvious and a no brainer in a short amount of time.

So on to the products:

  1. Chocolate Bar Palette: 17.7g net – 44Eur (Full size)
    • I wanted to get this as it is a fave amongst many, sometimes seeming more so than the Naked Palettes. It actually doesn’t smell as chocolatey as I had imagined. I can’t wait to try this one out.
  2. Better Than Sex Mascara Waterproof: 8ml – 23Eur (Full size)
    • I have the small non waterproof version from an earlier Glossybox which I haven’t yet tried. I must say though that this packaging of the mascara is AMAZING. It actually looks like there are water droplets on the tube and it feels so luxurious at the same time. I’m sold already (lol!)
  3. Melted Lipstick Chihuahua: 5ml – 8.33Eur (Sample size)
    • Another product I wanted to try, I have plenty of lipsticks and I have a bunch of Ofra liquid lipsticks too. I wanted to see what this is like, and I think the colour is also a good choice for my skin tone. Let’s see!
  4. Shadow Insurance Eye shadow primer: 5g – 8.20Eur (Sample size)
    • This was probably the only product that I wasn’t excited about. I have a sample of this from a previous box, and though it does hold eye shadow longer than without it (my eyes become an oily mess) I think I do find this to be a littke oily/silicone in texture and it doesn’t hold up as well as my MAC paint pot I find. It’s good, and I don’t mind having another one, but I don’t think this is something that would have knocked me over..unlike the other products that are in this box.
  5. Chocolate Soleil Medium/Deep Matte BronzerL 2.5g – 6.50Eur (Sample size)
    • I love this product. I love it so much. I got this in my first Glossybox last year (post here) and it has constantly been by my side, with me on my travels and weekends away and back again. I knew I wanted to buy the full size of this when I finished my current sample ( I use this so much and still haven’t hit pan? (or plastic as it’s in plastic packaging if we want to be technical) so when I saw this in the box I just went HELLS YES.

So in total 90.03Eur worth of products. Well I knew this anyway because they did promote the value of the box for the price, but I knew it was worth it anyway because I could get the Chocolate Bar and I already wanted the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and to test the Melted Lipstick. The Mascara and Primer were a plus. Anyway, my thoughts on this box are I’M SO HAPPY. I also have a neat little box too that just screams for me to use it to organise make up (all my other boxes currently are used to organise socks or tights..!).

I also have my Glossybox for May to unbox soon this space!



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