Let’s get our Highlight on!

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After my Cult Beauty Haul post, one of my followers beautybunnii asked for a Becca Champagne Pop review and I thought I’d do a review and comparison with the 4 highlighters/strobing products that I have. A little disclaimer that I’m no expert so all my comments are what I feel/think on these products and how they show up on my skin.

Becca: Champagne Pop | Becca: Opal | Hourglass: Euphoric Light | Benefit: Watts Up!


I’ve tried to take different photos in different rooms /backgrounds to try and show the colours in various lights where possible.. but I don’t count myself as a good photographer so in advance I apologise for the amateur photos here.

Becca: Champagne Pop

This is the super famous Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill which started out as a limited edition which everyone tried to get their hands on. Whilst it was still limited edition, I happened to be in Florida at the time, and it was always sold out no matter which Sephora I would go to. Needless to say I was disappointed to say the least and settled with Opal…until I bought this via the Cult Beauty website and (one of my) dreams came true.

This is meant to flatter all skin tones and as a Champagne colour. I love how this looks and it definitely goes well with my skin tone, it naturally blends to my skin tone, and even though I’m not a massive highlighting/strobing fan I can tell what’s a good product (to me) and this is it. The texture is smooth and buttery and easy to apply. If you have no idea where to start, but want something fairly noticeable then this one is for you.

Becca: Opal

This was what my second choice was when Champagne Pop wasn’t available (but it’s still highly popular), and I actually don’t use this that much mainly due to the fact that this colour seems more obvious than Champagne Pop. I would wear this more during the evening since during the day I don’t really go for in your face make up, or just a light dusting. However given the choice that I have with highlighters, it’s not something that I would reach out naturally for as first or second choice. Saying that, as I have the high and lowlight Becca powder set which also has Opal there I do find myself using a light dusting of this more often just because I know I have more of this shade than the others.

Benefit: Watts Up!

This was my first highlighter and I can’t say that I’ve use it that much. I don’t think I like cream highlighters as much as powders, possibly because I don’t want to put a cream over a powder (as I needs to set my foundation to prevent my face becoming an oily mess come mid day), also because I feel that it just shows more obviously and doesn’t blend in as much as a powder could. However I would try putting a slight dusting of powder on top to see if that makes a difference.

I know that from blogs, a few people do rate this product, so if you like cream highlighters then this is the one for you. To me this seems the ‘darkest’ highlighter of my collection so probably something I would want to go for during the summer when I’ve got a touch more colour, otherwise it’s quite obvious on my skin.

Hourglass: Euphoric Light

This is the most natural, and glowy highlighter that I have. The first time I actually used this, my work colleague actually mentioned that I looked really glowy and she could see a difference. Right in that moment, I knew that this was a good buy. I bought this at Space NK (post here) after asking the sales lady to test out different shades on me. This shade seemed very subtle and natural and this is exactly what I would go to this product for. A non obvious glow.

The only thing I would put as a negative is that this product is quite powdery which makes me feel that there is more product ‘wastage’ than the other products that I have. I don’t think that I would need to go for any of the other strobe lights in the collection as this beige undertone blends in well with my skin and provides me something that I don’t already have. I think that the other colours would possibly give me something that I already have ie a more obvious highlight. I do have the ambient palette though, and the Incandescent light (middle pan) seems to be the same shade as the Incandescent strobe light.

I recommend this product highly for a natural glowy look. Hourglass powders are just great, and with four shades out there find the one that goes well for you and BUY IT NOW, and when I say ‘now’ I mean as in yesterday!!

To compare the Becca Highlighters:

Opal on the left and Champagne Pop on the right


All the highlighters:

Hourglass, Benefit, Champagne Pop, Opal



In summary:

  • For the day/work place/ natural look – Hourglass Euphoric Strobe Light
  • For an extra sparkle/sheen – Becca Champagne Pop
  • For the evening – Becca Opal
  • For never…Benefit Watt’s Up (OK not never since I hate product wastage..but you know what I mean!)

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