Nivea Men: Sensitive Post Shave Balm



Hello you!

Whilst in the UK for the weekend, I popped into Sainsbury’s and picked this up for 3.50GBP. I thought why not give it a go since last year so many people were on about it thanks to NikkiTutorials (who I mentioned in my YouTube Beauty Blogger post here) who tried this by chance.

You can watch her video (if you haven’t done so already) but in summary, she didn’t have any moisturizer one day (or primer) and saw that her boyfriend had this and tried it on. She felt that during the day her make up looked pretty good, lasting quite well too. Seeing as this was the only really thing that changed during her normal routine she figured out this was the reason and looked closer into the ingredients to find out why it was working so well, and the answer was glycerin. This is the glue for makeup if you will, and being listed as the second ingredient..well you can expect some impact!

I thought I’d give this a go, and I’ll take the sensitive one just in case. I know that some people have broken out even with this one, but the good side is that if it doesn’t work on me I can always give it to my brother or dad. Waste not want not 🙂

In terms of the smell, there is a faint after shave smell which doesn’t really linger for too long and it’s noticeable after the first 30seconds or so (for me). The consistency is quite liquidy and you have to pour it out of the glass bottle, so you have to watch that you don’t pour out too much. It glides well on the skin and feels quite light. In terms of working as a primer, when I used this with my MUFE HD foundation (which I always team up with my MUFE HD Primer) I see a slightly better difference. My forehead is not as shiny as usual and my face does still look good. I’ve tried this with different foundations which don’t work as well (but I think these foundations with any primer tend to make me oily anyhow.. I’ll need to test a bit more), so I’ll be keeping up with this one to see if I get any good/bad reactions/effects and to compare the results with different combinations of foundations.

If this does (continue to) work well though, then for the price and the size…it’s a pretty awesome and cheap primer dupe.


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