Project Pan #1 update @ 29 May


Hello you!

Just a quick update on how my project pan is going.

I’m using the Benefit Boi-ing concealer at a fairly good rate, due to my intense breaking out and requirement to slap this on all over my chin/mouth and forehead areas. I’ve taken to using a brush with this to precisely cover my blemish areas as well as try to limit the bacteria spreading if I used my finger. I’m not usually like this but this breakout has been so bad that I’m not going to take any chances. I have a couple of small pointy brushes so I use a new one each day and I pick as much product as I can and then slap it on before blending it out. Using a brush also helps me reach the side pan areas which my fingers wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

The Sephora Powder I’m noticing the visible pan surface area is increasing slowly but surely. Since I use a light dusting of this all over to set my foundation I think it will take a while longer to use this up. I love using this before going in with my bronzer and blush (and highlight) for better blending but also to avoid moving the foundation/concealer around.

I hope I finish the concealer in the next update..that’s the aim!!


Glossybox: May 2015

I got two Glossyboxes this month, one was the Glossybox x TooFaced special edition, and the second one was this ‘normal’ one. I did have some sneak peaks via Instagram (my instagram is @beautywithmei) and I was hoping for the dr.Brandt and to my delight, I got it!

Here’s the box:


  1. L’Oreal Studio Pro – Creme lissant Smooth It 95H. 150ml – 6.50Eur
    • Full Size. 6.50Eur
    • Comments: Well, I don’t really need to smooth my hair that much so I’m not sure what to do with this.. I don’t really blow dry or straighten my hair either. I’ll figure it out. I’d have rather the Fixation or Volume XL sprays.
  2. dr.Brandt Pure Dermabraision. 60ml – 58Eur
    • 7.5g – 7.76Eur (approx)
    • Comments: I wanted this, I hear great things on the brand and anything to eliminate pores I am up for!
  3. Studio 10 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner. 1.38g – 28.40Eur
    • Full size. 28.40Eur
    • Comments: I’ve not really been into brows, even though I know it’s been a big deal, I’ll either use a brown eyeshadow just to thicken them up a bit but I’ve never owned a proper brow product so we shall see how this goes.
  4. Emite Make Up – Lip and Cheek Tint. 6ml – 16Eur
    • Full size – 16Eur
    • Comments: I don’t rate multi use products for Lips and Cheeks, though this might be based on the one product I received from a Birchbox which just wasn’t great. However I’ll give this one a go since the colour seems to be good for lips, even if it wouldn’t be good for cheeks. I have had primer from this make up brand from a beauty box previously, and I had indifferent thoughts towards it so I am interested to see how this product rates.
  5. Carmex – Stick a Levres. 4.25g – 4Eur
    • Full size. 4Eur
    • Comments: I’ve not tried Carmex before but I know that it’s widely used. I love a good chapstick, to counter the dry flaky lips (and liquid lipstick doesn’t help either!) so will be interested to see how this one fares out too. Right now I do have my holy grail, but if I can try out new products through these boxes then I am always happy to (because let’s face it, I’ll not be as experimental if I know I have a holy grail already. If it ain’t broke and all that..)

So in all, 62.66Eur. I think that the brow pencil really pushed up the value of this month’s box. I hope I do end up liking this product, or at least see how I feel about brow pencils in general at least. That way it’s at least saved me money from trying and buying something and not being sure of it and wasting money. ( I consider this not as wasting money since I can’t control what I get, and the value of the box is more than what I pay anyway)

Trying to control the inevitable… Acne!


Hello you!

Spots, Acne, Blemishes, Break outs… Whatever you want to call those pesky annoying buggers. For me, it’s a regular fight to keep my skin as clear as I can (and I’m often on the losing side).

The first time I ever tried a spot clearing skincare product, it actually broke me out (I think it was by Clearasil?) so it took me around a decade to really want to try something else. I would just be using the toothpaste trick (though I can’t say I saw that much difference either).

Currently I flare up at least once a month (hello mother nature!) around my forehead and mouth area, which means that by the time my acne and scars have died down I have about three days before the cycle starts over again.

I’ve accepted this and it doesn’t bother me (as) much..especially since I’ve been sticking to some sort of morning and evening skin care routine so I know that overall my skin is in better condition than it used to be.

However I do like to try out and discover new things to eliminate (still haven’t found anything yet!) or at least control/reduce my breakouts and their appearance so I wanted to share what I currently have on the go:

Sephora blemish fighting roll on gel: I picked this up at a Sephora sale about a year ago and had only this to fight against blemishes for a long time. You squeeze the product on to the metal roller ball (similar to roll on deodorant) and apply to your face. For a long time I couldn’t really see a difference, and still can’t which I thought was normal until I actually tried the other two products I’ll mention in a bit. The best thing about this product is probably the metal roller ball which is always cooling and soothing to any affected areas. However, the gel itself didn’t seem to do much for me. I won’t be repurchasing this.

Argan oil: *The* Holy Grail Oil to end all Oils. I know that Coconut oil is probably more on trend these days but this remains a top oil that should never be forgotten about. This is literally miracle oil. If I have any break outs or imperfections I’ll put this on overnight and know that without fail I will wake up with better looking skin. For me, Argan oil smooths out textures, calms down irritations and does its magic on my skin (looks fuller, brighter and more youthful). The fact that I notice a difference overnight shows how amazing it is. This oil can also be used for other purposes (hair, nails, skin) which is why there is always a bottle in my bathroom cabinet.

Witch Blemish Stick: I’m not sure where this was from, actually I saw that my mum had two of these sticks and I cheekily asked if I could take one! Hesitant at first, I fell quickly in love with this product and take it with me everywhere. It has an instantaneous effect like the Argan oil, and will calm down problem areas or soon to be problem areas, resulting in a muted acne impact on my skin. The difference with the Argan oil is that I find this stings a bit and can be quite drying. There is also a bit of a medicinal smell which I don’t really mind. I can use this morning or night, first thing I’ll do after cleansing, and it’s a push up stick. I like to make sure that I properly moisturise my skin after since I do find this to be a bit drying and I will also alternate between this and Argan oil. However this stick is so handy I can put it in my purse (unlike putting oil in my bag…that’s asking for a disaster). If I can figure out where I can buy this, I’ll definitely be doing so. Love this!!

I have a few other items waiting in my bathroom cabinet to be given its turn. I’ll try to finish up the Sephora product first so I know what to try on days that I can risk not using my holy grails… However the bar has been set!!

Glossybox: Too Faced Edition

J’ai craqué.. I don’t know how to really translate that but it’s kind of like when you look at xyz and you hum and ha over it and then finally go for it. This is how I felt when I saw this Glossybox Special Edition come out.

I had to sign up to the list so that when the box would come out I could have the link to access the sale, and could buy it (as long as there were still enough in stock). This email came in my inbox and 7am, I saw it and promptly bought it at 7.30am and by the time I got to work at 9am, it was already sold out! I knew what was in the box already, so this wasn’t a surprise, so I knew to be ready on the day that the email was to come out.

Here is what the box looks like, all decorate with the products that the box contains. How pretty is this?


And here are the contents:



I knew that I wanted this box because for the value of the products vs the price to pay, was a sure thing. Especially because I don’t have the chocolate bar palette, which I wanted, and I know that everyone raves about. I believe I paid around 37Eur for this, and the palette itself costs around 45Eur at Sephora, so that kind of made it a bit obvious and a no brainer in a short amount of time.

So on to the products:

  1. Chocolate Bar Palette: 17.7g net – 44Eur (Full size)
    • I wanted to get this as it is a fave amongst many, sometimes seeming more so than the Naked Palettes. It actually doesn’t smell as chocolatey as I had imagined. I can’t wait to try this one out.
  2. Better Than Sex Mascara Waterproof: 8ml – 23Eur (Full size)
    • I have the small non waterproof version from an earlier Glossybox which I haven’t yet tried. I must say though that this packaging of the mascara is AMAZING. It actually looks like there are water droplets on the tube and it feels so luxurious at the same time. I’m sold already (lol!)
  3. Melted Lipstick Chihuahua: 5ml – 8.33Eur (Sample size)
    • Another product I wanted to try, I have plenty of lipsticks and I have a bunch of Ofra liquid lipsticks too. I wanted to see what this is like, and I think the colour is also a good choice for my skin tone. Let’s see!
  4. Shadow Insurance Eye shadow primer: 5g – 8.20Eur (Sample size)
    • This was probably the only product that I wasn’t excited about. I have a sample of this from a previous box, and though it does hold eye shadow longer than without it (my eyes become an oily mess) I think I do find this to be a littke oily/silicone in texture and it doesn’t hold up as well as my MAC paint pot I find. It’s good, and I don’t mind having another one, but I don’t think this is something that would have knocked me over..unlike the other products that are in this box.
  5. Chocolate Soleil Medium/Deep Matte BronzerL 2.5g – 6.50Eur (Sample size)
    • I love this product. I love it so much. I got this in my first Glossybox last year (post here) and it has constantly been by my side, with me on my travels and weekends away and back again. I knew I wanted to buy the full size of this when I finished my current sample ( I use this so much and still haven’t hit pan? (or plastic as it’s in plastic packaging if we want to be technical) so when I saw this in the box I just went HELLS YES.

So in total 90.03Eur worth of products. Well I knew this anyway because they did promote the value of the box for the price, but I knew it was worth it anyway because I could get the Chocolate Bar and I already wanted the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and to test the Melted Lipstick. The Mascara and Primer were a plus. Anyway, my thoughts on this box are I’M SO HAPPY. I also have a neat little box too that just screams for me to use it to organise make up (all my other boxes currently are used to organise socks or tights..!).

I also have my Glossybox for May to unbox soon this space!


Project Pan #1 Update @ 10 May


Hello you!
I’ve put a comparison photo on my Instagram (@beautywithmei) to show my progression over the last few months.

My Sephora Brightening and Smoothing Powder is what I use to set my foundation before I continue on with my other powders (blush, bronzer etc). The benefit on religiously using this product means that I can tell what happens when I don’t use it one day at random. I can tell that my face doesn’t stay matte for as long and I can tell a slight difference in the smoothing and brightening impact when I look up close. I don’t think it’s visible to anyone else though but me (unlike when I use my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette). For now, I continue to enjoy this.

Now on to the Benefit Cosmetics concealer. It’s getting so darn tricky to get at product with my fingers anymore, I had to take out a brush today to apply some concealer to my face. I’m using this alot more now since I suddenly broke out all over my forehead and mouth area. I love the’s just too bad that concealer can’t do anything about texture! I’ll be needing to continue using little brushes to spot conceal (or all over conceal these days) and I expect to have finished this in no time at all.

Let’s get our Highlight on!

Hello you!

After my Cult Beauty Haul post, one of my followers beautybunnii asked for a Becca Champagne Pop review and I thought I’d do a review and comparison with the 4 highlighters/strobing products that I have. A little disclaimer that I’m no expert so all my comments are what I feel/think on these products and how they show up on my skin.

Becca: Champagne Pop | Becca: Opal | Hourglass: Euphoric Light | Benefit: Watts Up!


I’ve tried to take different photos in different rooms /backgrounds to try and show the colours in various lights where possible.. but I don’t count myself as a good photographer so in advance I apologise for the amateur photos here.

Becca: Champagne Pop

This is the super famous Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill which started out as a limited edition which everyone tried to get their hands on. Whilst it was still limited edition, I happened to be in Florida at the time, and it was always sold out no matter which Sephora I would go to. Needless to say I was disappointed to say the least and settled with Opal…until I bought this via the Cult Beauty website and (one of my) dreams came true.

This is meant to flatter all skin tones and as a Champagne colour. I love how this looks and it definitely goes well with my skin tone, it naturally blends to my skin tone, and even though I’m not a massive highlighting/strobing fan I can tell what’s a good product (to me) and this is it. The texture is smooth and buttery and easy to apply. If you have no idea where to start, but want something fairly noticeable then this one is for you.

Becca: Opal

This was what my second choice was when Champagne Pop wasn’t available (but it’s still highly popular), and I actually don’t use this that much mainly due to the fact that this colour seems more obvious than Champagne Pop. I would wear this more during the evening since during the day I don’t really go for in your face make up, or just a light dusting. However given the choice that I have with highlighters, it’s not something that I would reach out naturally for as first or second choice. Saying that, as I have the high and lowlight Becca powder set which also has Opal there I do find myself using a light dusting of this more often just because I know I have more of this shade than the others.

Benefit: Watts Up!

This was my first highlighter and I can’t say that I’ve use it that much. I don’t think I like cream highlighters as much as powders, possibly because I don’t want to put a cream over a powder (as I needs to set my foundation to prevent my face becoming an oily mess come mid day), also because I feel that it just shows more obviously and doesn’t blend in as much as a powder could. However I would try putting a slight dusting of powder on top to see if that makes a difference.

I know that from blogs, a few people do rate this product, so if you like cream highlighters then this is the one for you. To me this seems the ‘darkest’ highlighter of my collection so probably something I would want to go for during the summer when I’ve got a touch more colour, otherwise it’s quite obvious on my skin.

Hourglass: Euphoric Light

This is the most natural, and glowy highlighter that I have. The first time I actually used this, my work colleague actually mentioned that I looked really glowy and she could see a difference. Right in that moment, I knew that this was a good buy. I bought this at Space NK (post here) after asking the sales lady to test out different shades on me. This shade seemed very subtle and natural and this is exactly what I would go to this product for. A non obvious glow.

The only thing I would put as a negative is that this product is quite powdery which makes me feel that there is more product ‘wastage’ than the other products that I have. I don’t think that I would need to go for any of the other strobe lights in the collection as this beige undertone blends in well with my skin and provides me something that I don’t already have. I think that the other colours would possibly give me something that I already have ie a more obvious highlight. I do have the ambient palette though, and the Incandescent light (middle pan) seems to be the same shade as the Incandescent strobe light.

I recommend this product highly for a natural glowy look. Hourglass powders are just great, and with four shades out there find the one that goes well for you and BUY IT NOW, and when I say ‘now’ I mean as in yesterday!!

To compare the Becca Highlighters:

Opal on the left and Champagne Pop on the right


All the highlighters:

Hourglass, Benefit, Champagne Pop, Opal



In summary:

  • For the day/work place/ natural look – Hourglass Euphoric Strobe Light
  • For an extra sparkle/sheen – Becca Champagne Pop
  • For the evening – Becca Opal
  • For never…Benefit Watt’s Up (OK not never since I hate product wastage..but you know what I mean!)

Nivea Men: Sensitive Post Shave Balm



Hello you!

Whilst in the UK for the weekend, I popped into Sainsbury’s and picked this up for 3.50GBP. I thought why not give it a go since last year so many people were on about it thanks to NikkiTutorials (who I mentioned in my YouTube Beauty Blogger post here) who tried this by chance.

You can watch her video (if you haven’t done so already) but in summary, she didn’t have any moisturizer one day (or primer) and saw that her boyfriend had this and tried it on. She felt that during the day her make up looked pretty good, lasting quite well too. Seeing as this was the only really thing that changed during her normal routine she figured out this was the reason and looked closer into the ingredients to find out why it was working so well, and the answer was glycerin. This is the glue for makeup if you will, and being listed as the second ingredient..well you can expect some impact!

I thought I’d give this a go, and I’ll take the sensitive one just in case. I know that some people have broken out even with this one, but the good side is that if it doesn’t work on me I can always give it to my brother or dad. Waste not want not 🙂

In terms of the smell, there is a faint after shave smell which doesn’t really linger for too long and it’s noticeable after the first 30seconds or so (for me). The consistency is quite liquidy and you have to pour it out of the glass bottle, so you have to watch that you don’t pour out too much. It glides well on the skin and feels quite light. In terms of working as a primer, when I used this with my MUFE HD foundation (which I always team up with my MUFE HD Primer) I see a slightly better difference. My forehead is not as shiny as usual and my face does still look good. I’ve tried this with different foundations which don’t work as well (but I think these foundations with any primer tend to make me oily anyhow.. I’ll need to test a bit more), so I’ll be keeping up with this one to see if I get any good/bad reactions/effects and to compare the results with different combinations of foundations.

If this does (continue to) work well though, then for the price and the size…it’s a pretty awesome and cheap primer dupe.