What I like to watch: YouTube Beauty Channels

Hello you!

I just wanted to write a quick post here on the YouTubers that I’ve subscribed to and love to watch. I have subscriptions to more than this list, but these channels are what I’ll look at new uploads for on a regular basis and watch them all without fail. I know that these focus more on the better known YouTubers so these are just my comments and my preference so in general order:

Lisa Eldridge: I love her voice, it’s so calm and soothing and she just know’s what she’s talking about. As a professional make up artist, she knows what she’s talking about and you can see that she really does have a passion for make up too. She’s even written a book about make up (not a “how to” but a “origins of” style), that’s on my wish list.

Wayne Goss: His videos are so short and to the point, which is great since there are lot of videos that talk about other stuff (their life, the intros etc) which don’t get me wrong, I like, but sometimes it’s good to just get straight to the point! I love his videos, they are often a lot of hints and tricks for different face/eye shapes rather than just watching make up being done.

Kathleen Lights: The first ever video I saw of hers was about the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection (video: here) , when I first saw it at Boots and wanted to know what other people thought of the brushes (my post: here). Since then, I’ve watched her videos and I love everything about her, the voice, the style, the likability..I’ll watch her videos on repeat, and even sleep to her tutorials (they relax me ok?!)

Jaclyn Hill: I used to watch her videos a long time ago, then when I looked at her more recent ones I thought it was just too much for me. Recently (in the last 6 months), I’ve been loving her videos again and just feel that her make up is so amazing. I wish I had that eye shape so that I could re create the amazing eye looks. I don’t really learn much here on how to help define better my face/eyes but I enjoy watching her videos all the same.

Tina Yong: As she’s asian, I feel that any tips and make up looks she does will go better for me than other channels. I like that her videos are clean (can I even describe a video like that?) and informative. She’s also started a series of “Hacks” and “Tina Tries It” which is also great. She also does try to help with various face/eye shapes too which I love.

Saaammage: I love her because she has the same skin colour as me! I actually like when she tries new foundations because I know that I’ll be the same colour and we share the same skin type (oily) so I feel that this is great to help me decide for my own skin.

Tati: I first saw her when trying to find reviews on some higher end product, and when I mean higher end, I mean using money as toilet paper (haha). She has this WTF series where she’s reviewing La Prairie Foundation or Louboutin lipsticks etc. It’s so nice to see what these products could be like without actually having to spend a mini fortune on just one product.

NikkieTutorials: Speaking of someone else whose make up is so amazing. Super jealous. I only started watching her really since the Power of Make up video (video: here) that I saw on Buzzfeed.

As I said, I have more subscriptions but these are the ones I wanted to really call out. They are all quite popular channels so I am sure you’ve heard of them, but in case you haven’t go check them out! While you’re at it, let me know what channels you subscribe to, I’d love to discover more channels 😀




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