Sephora – Kat Von D Haul



Hello you!

As I was recently in Barcelona and had a couple of hours to spare before needing to catch my flight, I got a nagging feeling that I had to go to Sephora. How convenient right? Well I can only try to describe my excitement when I saw Kat Von D being sold!! I thought I’d have to wait until the summer until I could really try this brand (since I’ll be heading over to Canada & the US) but the fact that I could really spend some time looking at the selection and even asking the make up artists there for shade matching etc was a dream come true!

I knew for sure that I wanted the Lock It foundation, Shade and Light contour palette and the Eyeliner in Trooper….faves amongst many beauty reviewers! I also picked up the primer and the concealer too since I thought why the heck not, as well as the powder foundation because I do get super super oily. The key to looking good is having a good base after all right?!

It’s a huge haul, and the reason why I went super crazy (apart from being addicted) was that my face looked so fresh and as if I had slept a zillion years that I needed these products. That’s right, NEEDED!

So just a quick comment on what happened during my first ever ‘experience’ with a make up artist at a store:

My skin was first cleansed with the Clarasonic Mia 2 and some Micellaire gel. To my surprise the Clarasonic was really gentle to my skin. After some serum (Sephora brand) and moisturiser (Guerlain), my skin and pores looked really impressive..even to blind old me.

The primer was then layered on, only a small amount, and then came the concealer (Medium 22) under my eyes and blemishes. Then I got shade matched, after comparing two sides of my face with slightly different shades, we decided on the one that looking better for me (Light 45). Next came a slight dusting of powder and again, decided on the one that went better for my skin tone which was slightly darker than the foundation (Light 49). Next came the Shade and Light contour palette and it looked really good and natural. It’ll be interesting how the other shades will fare on my skin but the good news is that if the contour shades are too dark then it could be perfect for eyes. She then finished the look with a blush and then placed a highlighter on top of the “light” shade. With the eyeliner in Trooper to finish the look I was then in love with the entire look and proceeded to the counter with all these products in tow…

I’ll be doing an unboxing/review at some point after I’ve really managed to wear this for a good while so keep you eyes out for this future post 🙂


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