Project Pan #1 update @ 17 April


So about less than a month is my current progress panning these two products, and my updated thoughts:

Sephora Brightening and Smoothing Powder:
I’ve been trying to pay really good attention with this product. I’ve done a couple of tests just using this on half my face and so on. This powder doesn’t claim to mattify and aside from an immediate mattifying effect when you put it on, around lunch time my powdered and non powdered side would show equally as oily. If I look really closely though I do see a difference in texture and brightness. This powder does make my skin appear smoother and due to the whiteness of the powder (perhaps) I do see a slight brightening effect.

Benefit boi-ing concealer:
I haven’t used this a great deal actually, and not for lack of areas to conceal. This week I’ve been in Barcelona and I think I’ve been breaking out due to the suncream element in my CC cream or something so I’ve been using this quite a bit and its just reminded me to put this back on the radar a bit. It’s always hard on the final stretch to finish a product isn’t it?!

Well I’ll try to give another update in a month or so, so be sure to keep an eye for that!


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