Let’s talk Micellaire Water

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I wanted to “dedicate” this post to Micellaire water. I feel that it’s gained massively in popularity over the last year or so (which also happens to be when I started to really get into make up/ skin care so this could just be my perception too). I always used to use make up wipes to exfoliate/cleanse and make up remove. They were my go to for everything. Since discovering Micellaire water though, that has long changed, and I haven’t touched a make up wipe in years. (No judging here though, this is just my preference and I know they are convenient and are better than nothing!)

What is Micellaire Water?

Micellar water takes its name from micelles, tiny round balls of cleansing molecules that float in the water. When you apply the product to your skin, the cleansing agents come into contact with oil and dirt on your face, allowing them to be swept away quickly and efficiently. (Source: La Roche Posay website)

Ok so, I’ve pretty much stuck with Bioderma over the years. Living in Paris I get to benefit from the pharmacy /local prices rather than the marked up prices I’m sure import countries use. I chose this one because I saw a YouTube video of Lisa Eldridge talking about her French pharmacy skincare products and thought I couldn’t go wrong here. (Video here: from 1.30). This is at least my 3rd big bottle and is my go to product.

From my various beautybox subscriptions, I’ve also received a couple of other brands which is great because I know I love the Bioderma one so I wouldn’t willingly try out other brands in case they aren’t as good or I picked a ‘bad’ one. However to receive them means I can still try out other brands.

Here are the brands I have and will comment briefly on:




This is my all time favourite, and I judge all other Micellaire waters against this one. It literally feels like water, and after going through nearly 3 big bottles, I can safely say that I know how it absorbs on my cotton pads, how it feels on my skin, and how it removes the make up or cleanses my face in the morning. This literally feels so soft and gentle, like water, on your skin. It will remove eye make up like a dream ( I tend to put the soaked cotton pad on my eye and gently press for a few seconds, and then remove the eye shadow/ eye liner/ mascara), and doesn’t sting your eyes at all. This is holy grail status, and proof is shown due to how many people out there (YouTube, Bloggers, Magazines, Models, Make up artists etc) use this product. If you haven’t tried this out, then I recommend you get at least the mini bottle to check it out.

La Roche Posay :

I got this in a Birchbox and a Glossybox. I know this brand is great for skincare (according to what I’ve read, I haven’t had too much experience with this brand myself), so I was glad to receive this in my Birchbox. I feel like this liquid is a bit heavier compared to the Bioderma and does feel slightly different on my skin – heavier. I don’t think there’s anything bad about this product, but it’s just not easy compared to my Bioderma in terms of make up removal (face and eye make up)


I got this in a special edition Glossybox and this has to be my second favourite of the four (after the Bioderma). The cotton pad absorption rate is similar, and feels like and gentle. I think it’s a second due to the price, as I can get two big bottles of 500ml Bioderma for around 15Eur, whereas this 200ml bottle cost 18Eur. I feel like Japanese skincare is really good, and I can feel this through this Micellaire water, but at the rate that I go through my Bioderma as it is, would mean that this would add up so much.


I got this from my Deauty box and I don’t find myself reaching out for this at all. It’s the heaviest of the lot, and my cotton pad feels heavy and stiff like after I put some product on it. It has a smell of rose, and I do think it is gentle on the skin, but I don’t think this is efficient in make up removal compared to the other three that I’ve used. I wouldn’t be buying this, but I will use it until it’s finished as I don’t have a bad reaction to it. I just know I spend a little bit longer on my make up removal when I use this and sometimes I just don’t have the extra time..not with all the cleansing, and toning, serums and creams etc to go!


So there’s my comments on these 4 Micellaire waters. I would like to try the Garnier one, as a lot of people have compared that to the Bioderma or even preferred that. I also have Sephora’s one to try out (from my Haul)  too. I’m just waiting to finish my big bottle of Bioderma so that I can use the other products (which I wouldn’t reach for if I know Bioderma is an option..) and then afterwards I’ll try with the Garnier and Sephora versions too.





5 thoughts on “Let’s talk Micellaire Water

  1. I have tried so many water based cleansers/toners from my subscriptions and the only one that stands up to my Garnier is Dr Jarts Dermaclear but it’s more than double the price! I haven’t tried Bioderma but it sounds very similar to Garnier.


  2. I’ve been loving micellar water this year. I usually only use it on more natural makeup days as I feel that it’s just easier to use a cleanser for heavy makeup days, but I love how easy and effective it is 🙂 xo J


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