What I like to watch: YouTube Beauty Channels

Hello you!

I just wanted to write a quick post here on the YouTubers that I’ve subscribed to and love to watch. I have subscriptions to more than this list, but these channels are what I’ll look at new uploads for on a regular basis and watch them all without fail. I know that these focus more on the better known YouTubers so these are just my comments and my preference so in general order:

Lisa Eldridge: I love her voice, it’s so calm and soothing and she just know’s what she’s talking about. As a professional make up artist, she knows what she’s talking about and you can see that she really does have a passion for make up too. She’s even written a book about make up (not a “how to” but a “origins of” style), that’s on my wish list.

Wayne Goss: His videos are so short and to the point, which is great since there are lot of videos that talk about other stuff (their life, the intros etc) which don’t get me wrong, I like, but sometimes it’s good to just get straight to the point! I love his videos, they are often a lot of hints and tricks for different face/eye shapes rather than just watching make up being done.

Kathleen Lights: The first ever video I saw of hers was about the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection (video: here) , when I first saw it at Boots and wanted to know what other people thought of the brushes (my post: here). Since then, I’ve watched her videos and I love everything about her, the voice, the style, the likability..I’ll watch her videos on repeat, and even sleep to her tutorials (they relax me ok?!)

Jaclyn Hill: I used to watch her videos a long time ago, then when I looked at her more recent ones I thought it was just too much for me. Recently (in the last 6 months), I’ve been loving her videos again and just feel that her make up is so amazing. I wish I had that eye shape so that I could re create the amazing eye looks. I don’t really learn much here on how to help define better my face/eyes but I enjoy watching her videos all the same.

Tina Yong: As she’s asian, I feel that any tips and make up looks she does will go better for me than other channels. I like that her videos are clean (can I even describe a video like that?) and informative. She’s also started a series of “Hacks” and “Tina Tries It” which is also great. She also does try to help with various face/eye shapes too which I love.

Saaammage: I love her because she has the same skin colour as me! I actually like when she tries new foundations because I know that I’ll be the same colour and we share the same skin type (oily) so I feel that this is great to help me decide for my own skin.

Tati: I first saw her when trying to find reviews on some higher end product, and when I mean higher end, I mean using money as toilet paper (haha). She has this WTF series where she’s reviewing La Prairie Foundation or Louboutin lipsticks etc. It’s so nice to see what these products could be like without actually having to spend a mini fortune on just one product.

NikkieTutorials: Speaking of someone else whose make up is so amazing. Super jealous. I only started watching her really since the Power of Make up video (video: here) that I saw on Buzzfeed.

As I said, I have more subscriptions but these are the ones I wanted to really call out. They are all quite popular channels so I am sure you’ve heard of them, but in case you haven’t go check them out! While you’re at it, let me know what channels you subscribe to, I’d love to discover more channels 😀




Sephora – Kat Von D Haul



Hello you!

As I was recently in Barcelona and had a couple of hours to spare before needing to catch my flight, I got a nagging feeling that I had to go to Sephora. How convenient right? Well I can only try to describe my excitement when I saw Kat Von D being sold!! I thought I’d have to wait until the summer until I could really try this brand (since I’ll be heading over to Canada & the US) but the fact that I could really spend some time looking at the selection and even asking the make up artists there for shade matching etc was a dream come true!

I knew for sure that I wanted the Lock It foundation, Shade and Light contour palette and the Eyeliner in Trooper….faves amongst many beauty reviewers! I also picked up the primer and the concealer too since I thought why the heck not, as well as the powder foundation because I do get super super oily. The key to looking good is having a good base after all right?!

It’s a huge haul, and the reason why I went super crazy (apart from being addicted) was that my face looked so fresh and as if I had slept a zillion years that I needed these products. That’s right, NEEDED!

So just a quick comment on what happened during my first ever ‘experience’ with a make up artist at a store:

My skin was first cleansed with the Clarasonic Mia 2 and some Micellaire gel. To my surprise the Clarasonic was really gentle to my skin. After some serum (Sephora brand) and moisturiser (Guerlain), my skin and pores looked really impressive..even to blind old me.

The primer was then layered on, only a small amount, and then came the concealer (Medium 22) under my eyes and blemishes. Then I got shade matched, after comparing two sides of my face with slightly different shades, we decided on the one that looking better for me (Light 45). Next came a slight dusting of powder and again, decided on the one that went better for my skin tone which was slightly darker than the foundation (Light 49). Next came the Shade and Light contour palette and it looked really good and natural. It’ll be interesting how the other shades will fare on my skin but the good news is that if the contour shades are too dark then it could be perfect for eyes. She then finished the look with a blush and then placed a highlighter on top of the “light” shade. With the eyeliner in Trooper to finish the look I was then in love with the entire look and proceeded to the counter with all these products in tow…

I’ll be doing an unboxing/review at some point after I’ve really managed to wear this for a good while so keep you eyes out for this future post 🙂

Project Pan #1 update @ 17 April


So about less than a month later..here is my current progress panning these two products, and my updated thoughts:

Sephora Brightening and Smoothing Powder:
I’ve been trying to pay really good attention with this product. I’ve done a couple of tests just using this on half my face and so on. This powder doesn’t claim to mattify and aside from an immediate mattifying effect when you put it on, around lunch time my powdered and non powdered side would show equally as oily. If I look really closely though I do see a difference in texture and brightness. This powder does make my skin appear smoother and due to the whiteness of the powder (perhaps) I do see a slight brightening effect.

Benefit boi-ing concealer:
I haven’t used this a great deal actually, and not for lack of areas to conceal. This week I’ve been in Barcelona and I think I’ve been breaking out due to the suncream element in my CC cream or something so I’ve been using this quite a bit and its just reminded me to put this back on the radar a bit. It’s always hard on the final stretch to finish a product isn’t it?!

Well I’ll try to give another update in a month or so, so be sure to keep an eye for that!

Product Empties #4

Time for another empties post. These are the products that I have recently gone through:


My comments on these:

  1. La Roche Posay: This was a sample that I had received in a beauty box, and finally decided to try it out. It lasted about two and a bit applications. It was light and I’m not sure I can say more than that. I have another small sample of that, and if that doesn’t blow me away either then I don’t think I need to worry about finding more counter space!
  2. Coslys: Another product from a beauty box, and took me a while to get through purely because I didn’t realise how much product could be packed into such a small tube! This is also a mask that I tried to use about once a week. I will admit that it smelt a bit funny, and is probably not the most appealing colour (dark brown/beige). It dries on your skin and then you wash it away with water. I did find some different but not enough to make me go WOW! and figure out how I was going to buy a bigger tube.
  3. Bare Minerals: This is the mineral veil powder and it’s taken me ages to use this. It’s one of the products that I used really alot, until it nearly finished and I started to use something else. I made a conscious decision to try and finish this as there was no point hanging on to it since I already have another new one at the ready. In terms of finishing /setting powders, I like that this is a light dusting powder that isn’t white or gave me any ghostly problems.
  4. Urban Decay: This is the matte primer potion sample that I got from a Naked 2 palette purchase. Boy do these samples last a LONG TIME ie a month. And that’s amazing given that I got 4 samples. I feel that this is very comparable to the Mac PaintPot which I generally use as eye primer, in terms of efficiency. I like that the colour also blends in nicely in a nude shade. In terms of texture/viscosity I feel like it’s a bit too liquidy for me (not as much as the Too Faced Shadow Insurance though), whereas maybe I am used to the sturdier feeling paint pot? I’ll put this as a potential repurchase.
  5. Amika: Dry shampoo that I used during my travels. I liked it, it did the job and smelt great. However I find that Amika products are a bit expensive and so I won’t be repurchasing a full size. This one I got in a beauty box.
  6. -417: Hair Conditioner that literally was as liquidy as you can get. Imagine diluting some conditioner and then diluting it again. That’s what I felt this was. It didn’t feel like it was really doing anything and honestly, I don’t need to say more about this.
  7. Richard Ward: This is from a UK supermarket I believe and is the thickest conditioner I have ever seen. Unlike the -417, this had the complete opposite problem. It was too thick to even come out of the bottle properly. I diluted it as much as I could and then had to dilute it even more to make it still a thick consistency that could actually be spread on my scalp! Having said that, I did like the conditioner itself. It’s thick and it actually felt like I was putting moisture back in my hair. In terms of volume though, I don’t really ever believe shampoos or conditioners that promise volume, I mean I just don’t see how..or maybe I haven’t found the right products yet.


Anyway, that’s the lot with just over half being from beautyboxes. At least I know that I’m trying them out and using products as I get new ones coming in every month!


Glossybox: April 2016

Hello you!

This month’s Glossybox reminded me of a mermaid theme..it must be the colours. So here’s my box:image

Contents as follows:

  1. Matrix: Miracle Creator 20 Benefices. 200ml – 14.30Eur
    • 30ml – 2.14Eur
    • Comments: Well, I don’t really use much hair products these days, it’s probably the only thing under ‘beauty/skincare’ that I lack. And that’s because my hair is most often just scrapped back and out the way. I can’t seem to get it to do what I want, so I just tie it all back. Besides, when I keep it down, it just gets so damned oily way quicker. Having said that, I’ll see what the fuss is about with this…I’m just saying, don’t expect to see it in my empties any time soon!
  2. Academie Scientifique de Beaute: Creme Hydra Protectrice. 50ml – 39Eur
    • 15ml – 11.70Eur
    • Comments: So I already have something from this brand from Glossybox (see here) which I haven’t tried apart from once or twice since I have a backlog of things to get through. This is a cream though, so is more likely to be used as I am getting through my travel sized creams quite quickly these days. For something so expensive though, I’m interested to see the results! I don’t really have a need to be hydrated with my creams (by noon I’m already half an oil slick anyway) but if this protects my skin from the harsh environmental elements/impacts then sure, why not.
  3. Benefit Cosmetics: Dew the Hoola.  30ml – 30.50Eur
    • 5ml – 6.10Eur
    • Comments: Wow, I was excited to see this one. I don’t have the Hoola bronzer but this is a cute travel sized option that I can try and compare against all my powder bronzers. I always thought powder bronzers and blushes were better for me after I set my face, so this one will certainly be interesting. I swatched this and it’s a light/subtle finish so could be perfect for me.
  4. Luxie: Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504. 14.23Eur
    • Full size. 14.23Eur
    • Comments: LOVE this. I got this in a special edition Glossybox (see here) and loved it. To have another brush to the collection is brilliant, and if I didn’t have tons of brushes anyway, and I had the spare cash, I would have bought more from the line anyway. This isn’t what I would call ‘large’ but it would be perfect for bronzer, blush or highlight I guess.
  5. Icona Milano: Eyeliner Tenue Longue. 5ml – 14.50Eur
    • Full size. 14.50Eur
    • Comments: Another brand I have recieved before, from the same special edition Glossybox mentioned above (see here for the special edition post). I’m not much for eyeliner if it doesn’t come from a pen or my own brush but why not. Let’s experiment with this one!

Overall thoughts, I’ve got brands that I’ve mostly seen before in other Glossyboxes so I guess I am a bit dissappointed about that. My top two products here are the Luxie brush and the Dew the Hoola which I am super excited to try out. In all, the box had 2 full sized items and an overall value of …48.67Eur. Not bad, at least that makes me feel good. And another nice box to add to the collection.

Let’s talk Micellaire Water

Hello you!

I wanted to “dedicate” this post to Micellaire water. I feel that it’s gained massively in popularity over the last year or so (which also happens to be when I started to really get into make up/ skin care so this could just be my perception too). I always used to use make up wipes to exfoliate/cleanse and make up remove. They were my go to for everything. Since discovering Micellaire water though, that has long changed, and I haven’t touched a make up wipe in years. (No judging here though, this is just my preference and I know they are convenient and are better than nothing!)

What is Micellaire Water?

Micellar water takes its name from micelles, tiny round balls of cleansing molecules that float in the water. When you apply the product to your skin, the cleansing agents come into contact with oil and dirt on your face, allowing them to be swept away quickly and efficiently. (Source: La Roche Posay website)

Ok so, I’ve pretty much stuck with Bioderma over the years. Living in Paris I get to benefit from the pharmacy /local prices rather than the marked up prices I’m sure import countries use. I chose this one because I saw a YouTube video of Lisa Eldridge talking about her French pharmacy skincare products and thought I couldn’t go wrong here. (Video here: from 1.30). This is at least my 3rd big bottle and is my go to product.

From my various beautybox subscriptions, I’ve also received a couple of other brands which is great because I know I love the Bioderma one so I wouldn’t willingly try out other brands in case they aren’t as good or I picked a ‘bad’ one. However to receive them means I can still try out other brands.

Here are the brands I have and will comment briefly on:




This is my all time favourite, and I judge all other Micellaire waters against this one. It literally feels like water, and after going through nearly 3 big bottles, I can safely say that I know how it absorbs on my cotton pads, how it feels on my skin, and how it removes the make up or cleanses my face in the morning. This literally feels so soft and gentle, like water, on your skin. It will remove eye make up like a dream ( I tend to put the soaked cotton pad on my eye and gently press for a few seconds, and then remove the eye shadow/ eye liner/ mascara), and doesn’t sting your eyes at all. This is holy grail status, and proof is shown due to how many people out there (YouTube, Bloggers, Magazines, Models, Make up artists etc) use this product. If you haven’t tried this out, then I recommend you get at least the mini bottle to check it out.

La Roche Posay :

I got this in a Birchbox and a Glossybox. I know this brand is great for skincare (according to what I’ve read, I haven’t had too much experience with this brand myself), so I was glad to receive this in my Birchbox. I feel like this liquid is a bit heavier compared to the Bioderma and does feel slightly different on my skin – heavier. I don’t think there’s anything bad about this product, but it’s just not easy compared to my Bioderma in terms of make up removal (face and eye make up)


I got this in a special edition Glossybox and this has to be my second favourite of the four (after the Bioderma). The cotton pad absorption rate is similar, and feels like and gentle. I think it’s a second due to the price, as I can get two big bottles of 500ml Bioderma for around 15Eur, whereas this 200ml bottle cost 18Eur. I feel like Japanese skincare is really good, and I can feel this through this Micellaire water, but at the rate that I go through my Bioderma as it is, would mean that this would add up so much.


I got this from my Deauty box and I don’t find myself reaching out for this at all. It’s the heaviest of the lot, and my cotton pad feels heavy and stiff like after I put some product on it. It has a smell of rose, and I do think it is gentle on the skin, but I don’t think this is efficient in make up removal compared to the other three that I’ve used. I wouldn’t be buying this, but I will use it until it’s finished as I don’t have a bad reaction to it. I just know I spend a little bit longer on my make up removal when I use this and sometimes I just don’t have the extra time..not with all the cleansing, and toning, serums and creams etc to go!


So there’s my comments on these 4 Micellaire waters. I would like to try the Garnier one, as a lot of people have compared that to the Bioderma or even preferred that. I also have Sephora’s one to try out (from my Haul)  too. I’m just waiting to finish my big bottle of Bioderma so that I can use the other products (which I wouldn’t reach for if I know Bioderma is an option..) and then afterwards I’ll try with the Garnier and Sephora versions too.