Project Pan 2016 #1


Hello you!
So I’ve decided to do my first project pan post, to focus on using up products that I don’t particularly love or want to finish up. I’ve also never really done a project pan or finished a product fully so I thought it would also be good to try.

I’ll try to update pictures on how I’m getting along with planning these products. I’ll also add a few comments when I can, especially since I feel like it takes me a while to notice what the product does/doesn’t do and really form an opinion …unless I really like/don’t like something is holy grail or an instant hate (which is rare).

Onto the products on my current pan list:

Sephora’s Smoothing and Brightening Powder: something I picked up around a year ago as an alternative to the Make Up Forever HD finishing powder which was more expensive. I currently use this to set my foundation now since I actually picked up the MUFE HD powder on sale recently, so before starting that wanted to finish what I have. I hit pan on this today and was so excited! Is that a bit weird?!

Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer in #3: is something I picked up at a Benefit store. I’ve liked this since the beginning, it’s easy to cover up acne scars or blemishes and easy to pop in my bag or pocket. I thought I lost this so I bought a replacement until I found it again, so I’m keen to finish this up so I don’t have two on the go simultaneously.


6 thoughts on “Project Pan 2016 #1

  1. BeautyBunnii

    Really good idea! It really makes me trust your opinions because you’ve used it more than just a “couple” of times. So u have a full understanding of how the product works for u! Looking forward to seeing more of these posts!!


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