Space NK haul

A couple of weeks ago when I picked up my Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes in London, I also made my way to a Space NK store for the first time. This is what I hauled:



I picked up a full sized version after receiving the sample size from a Glossybox. Having tested it out on the most driest area I could think of, my heel and having it smooth the next day I got a full sized version..naturally. Although it does smell of camphor which does go away once the cream is rubbed in, it is something to be aware of.

Hourglass:  Euphoric Strobe Light


I have the Ambient Lighting Palette and three blushes and knew I couldn’t do any wrong with picking a strobing colour. Admittedly I’m not the best when it comes to highlighting (I’m a WIP!) I asked the sales assistant to help me choose a colour. In the end I went with this one for a more natural highlight that blends in with my skin tone. This is the Euphoric Strobe Light.

Artis Brushes: Oval 8 and Oval 3



I finally got my hands on the Artis brushes (Oval 8 and Oval 3). I asked for a quick demonstration just to be sure before parting with a small fortune.

I chose the Oval 8 because it’s a good sized foundation brush and I feel it’s the most important point for me, to have a good base. It’s slightly too big for any bronzer/ contour/ blush but you could probably get away with it by using the sides/tip of the brush and blending it out.

Looking for an eye brush it was a toss up between the Oval 4 and 3. The Oval 4 seems like a good brush for base eye shadow colour or blending but too big for details. It would make a good under eye brush and detailed contouring though. I chose the Oval 3 since it could do the job of an Oval 4 (in terms of contour and blush) but being smaller means I can work with my hooded eyes a bit more detailed than with the Oval 4.

I decided against the microfibre clothes as the sales assistant said I could use a terry cloth or a towel and brush against that with the foaming cleanser instead. Any £££ saved is a great thing, and I’d rather spend on the actual cleanser than the microfibre cloth given the choice anyway.


Website link to:

Space NK



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