Glossybox March 2016: Hayasei – Anti fatigue tissue mask


So this was the first thing that I tried given that this week has been super tiring and I’ve been feeling it too.

I don’t really use these types of masks, not because I have a particular reason not to, but at 3.90Eur I would think it’s quite expensive. I tore the packet and saw the folded paper mask soaked in product.

I’m always carefully trying to unfold these types of masks and put it on carefully to match the mask holes with my eyes, nose and mouth.

I kept this on for more than the 15mins until I felt that the mask was a bit drier. I kept the excess on over night.

For the results, I didn’t notice anything extra ordinary. I think perhaps it did well to rest my skin but real noticeable differences didn’t really show itself. So for 3.90Eur I don’t think I’ll be re purchasing, I know it’s wrong to expect instant results but I feel like after continuous use it could be a potentially too expensive beauty item for me.


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