Real techniques: Bold metals collection


Hello you!

I went to Boots before my Eurostar today and managed to snag myself these brushes, which were in clearance!! I’ve had my eye on these for ages but couldn’t justify paying full price for them. I was just wandering around and I saw the label and was a bit confused. A lady working at Boots came to get some before her shift ended and I knew I was on to a winner here.

The prices were way cheaper than half price too, the eye brushes were around £2.50/£3.50 (from around £16) and the bigger brushes around £6/£5 (from around £25). I’m missing two brushes that were out of stock, a golden triangle foundation brush and a rose gold blush brush which is a shame.

Anyway, just wanted to share and I can’t wait for try these out!! They look soft and luxurious. I’ll do a review on these when I’ve had a proper chance to try them out.


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