Product Empties #3


Hello! So a quick run through from left to right of the empties I’ve collected since my last post:

Talika: Photo hydra day moisturiser
I got this in a Glossybox and I think that although it is a full size, I’m sure that this wasn’t fully filled up. I’ve used products this size that take me a lot longer to go through that this one did. It’s a light cream and I do felt that it brightened my complexion but not so much that it’s a repeat buy for me. I have seen the brand in Sephora (here in France) though, so I might wander around and see what else the brand has to offer.

Elmex mouthwash
I try to use mouthwash as much as I can. Dental hygiene is important! I don’t always floss and mouthwash each day (bad me) but I’m trying to get into the habit. This is a light mouthwash and doesn’t taste too strong. I’m using Listerine right now and that is so powerful my eyes almost watered compared to this!

Aquafresh, triple protection toothpaste
I feel like it does the job and it tastes minty fresh. I’m not always going to post toothpaste empties, since I bought a heck load of these at Costco ..

Avene: Cicalfate
This is a great solution to heal cuts, bruises, acne quickly. The formula does dry though so I tend to use this overnight so that I can wash any white dry residual flakes that remain in the morning. I prefer a cream overnight so I don’t think I’ll buy this least not after trying a few more healing lotions/creams out first.

Huygens: Regulator shampoo
I didn’t like this shampoo this time around. I find it watery and not efficient in comparison to other sulfate free shampoos. I feel like I’m mostly put off by the watery texture though, so it’s a miss for me.

Amika: Triple Rx Mask
I loved this. A little trully goes a long way and boy is this efficient. My hair felt so smooth and silky afterwards it was great. I think I might be interested to check out their hair masks in the future.

Sampar: Masque gommage de nuit
Still not sure how I felt about this, but I do think it’s too expensive. For that reason, I’m not sure I’ll purchase this again. It was nice to try but I’m not too convinced.. Not on this product anyway. However, I’d love to sample more products from the brand.


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