Glossybox February 2016: Benefit cosmetics they’re real! Primer


So I got this little leaflet which, when you scratch off the silvery surface (what is that called?), nicely informed me that I won a quick makeover and a gimme brow travel size. Awesome!! As if I needed a reason to go to Sephora though šŸ˜‰

So I tried this primer with and without mascara. I feel that without mascara, it did give me a bit of colour without being dramatic. With mascara I definitely got less flakage so I am kind of impressed.

With regards to the wand, I feel like it gives good separation and I suspect it’s the same type of wand as the ” they’re real! mascara”.

I read that mostly the difference between mascaras are the wand itself rather than the product. I’m sure the formula does influence the flakage but I can see how the wand makes most of the product too. What I’ll probably do then is make sure to keep the wand after I finish (if I finish!) the primer.


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