Glossybox February 2016: Nicka K Blending Sponge


This had to be the first product to try this month and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The sponge was really firm, even more so after squeezing it under the tap. It didn’t expand so much in size, and it still fit in the box but it did feel slightly softer.

I dotted my foundation on my face and ready to go I pat the foundation in. It’s a different feeling for sure than using my fingers or make up brush. Using the damp sponge did sheer out my foundation coverage to a natural finish. In terms of product absorption, as the sponge was mostly filled with water anyway, was minimal but still present.

I’d like to do a side by side with my Sephora sponge to properly do a test but it does seem better. I’ll certainly be using this for when I have a good skin day and/or want a natural look. The only downside I see so far is the cleaning…I’m really not sure how I can ever get the sponge back to be perfectly pink. Any tips/tricks ??



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