Glossybox: February 2016

February..aka love month (Valentine’s day). Whether you’re pro, anti or neutral one thing is for sure, the beauty boxes are bound to have lovely packaging and good contents.

So on to the unboxing:


I love the simplistic design this month even though I’m not a major lover of pink. I find this is super pretty and would definitely look to find a good use for this box.

Everyone received the same contents in this months box. More in depth on the products:


1) Benefit cosmetics: They’re real! Tinted primer. 8.5g – €26
• 3g – €9.18
• Comments: Not sure how I feel about mascara primers, can’t say I’ve ever used one. But if it helps with flakage and a more intense look with mascara then why not?!

2) Glossybox: Glossymauve eye-shadow. 3g – €9.90
• full size
• Comments: I like the colour and feel like it would be completely wearable. Interested to see how this feels in terms of texture, the colour payoff and staying power.

3) -417 – catharsis vitamin mineral conditioner. 250ml – €24.
• 40ml – €3.84
• Comments: LOVE receiving conditioners.

4) Nicka K – beauty sponge. €6.95
• full size
• Comments: SO SO EXCITED  about this product. Literally squealed when I saw this. I don’t have the beauty blender. I’m not sure how I can justify the €17 price even though I know everyone loves it ….because it’s a sponge. However I’ve been more curious and curious. I did buy a cheapy version from Sephora which I didn’t like the one time I used it but this product I’ve seen in some YouTube videos in comparisons. I know its not the best but if this is better than the Sephora one I can slowly build up the courage to get that beauty blender!

5) MeMeMe – velvet finish lipglide. 2g – €8.25
• full size
• Comments: I’m not sure how the colour will work out for my skin tone but it’s worth a shot. I’ve also found that applying a dark colour and then a light colour in the middle (like a gradient) helps break out the darkness and is a great way to use the lighter colours that would otherwise wash me out. It’s a pencil that needs to be sharpened so that will be interesting too.

6) YU-BE: moisturising skin cream. 31ml -€16.50
• 3ml – €1.60
• Comments: apparently the cream of all creams in Japan, in already excited to try it out. It’s supposed to help for dry skin so I’ll give it a go for my lips, feet and any other dry areas. I might try it overnight to see how it works too.

Overall I’m excited about this month and the value comes to €39.72. Not bad.. Can’t say I’m disappointed to receive any of the products either so we have a winner this month. Whoop!


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