Holy Grail: Homeoplasmine, my inexpensive solution for dry lips


I want to talk about Homeoplasmine, its commonly found in pharmacies in France and is slowly making it’s way to the UK (so I’m told). I’ve hinted at this before in previous posts as my holy grail for lips too and I thought it’s about time I write this!

I’ve always had dry chapped lips for as long as I remember and Vaseline never quite cut it. I’d been living in Paris for a while and a friend of mine (also from the UK) had told me about this. The bigger tube (pictured) is around €4 and has lasted me absolutely ages.

Usually I apply this over night and I’ll wake up with smooth lips (honestly!), its like all the loose dead skin melts away or something. The immediate results are hard to miss and make this excellent value. It is similar to Vaseline in texture.

As I’m getting into lipsticks, and liquid lipsticks more and more, I find that my lips do dry up at the end of the day and this is perfect for over night or even under lipstick (though I don’t tend to do that).

I fully recommend this product and to pick up a tube when you’re next in France. The smaller tubes are about £14 in Topshop (unverified information..I’m told by a friend) and although worth it at this price its a bargain in France!

I recommended this (to mentioned friend) when she asked me to pick up some super expensive lip salve when I was going to the US and I told her instead I’ll get her the smaller one to try since it was only a couple of Euros. Since then she’s said good things about it too.

So there you go…my super inexpensive top tip to cure dry lips!



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