Real techniques: Bold metals collection


Hello you!

I went to Boots before my Eurostar today and managed to snag myself these brushes, which were in clearance!! I’ve had my eye on these for ages but couldn’t justify paying full price for them. I was just wandering around and I saw the label and was a bit confused. A lady working at Boots came to get some before her shift ended and I knew I was on to a winner here.

The prices were way cheaper than half price too, the eye brushes were around £2.50/£3.50 (from around £16) and the bigger brushes around £6/£5 (from around £25). I’m missing two brushes that were out of stock, a golden triangle foundation brush and a rose gold blush brush which is a shame.

Anyway, just wanted to share and I can’t wait for try these out!! They look soft and luxurious. I’ll do a review on these when I’ve had a proper chance to try them out.


Product Empties #3


Hello! So a quick run through from left to right of the empties I’ve collected since my last post:

Talika: Photo hydra day moisturiser
I got this in a Glossybox and I think that although it is a full size, I’m sure that this wasn’t fully filled up. I’ve used products this size that take me a lot longer to go through that this one did. It’s a light cream and I do felt that it brightened my complexion but not so much that it’s a repeat buy for me. I have seen the brand in Sephora (here in France) though, so I might wander around and see what else the brand has to offer.

Elmex mouthwash
I try to use mouthwash as much as I can. Dental hygiene is important! I don’t always floss and mouthwash each day (bad me) but I’m trying to get into the habit. This is a light mouthwash and doesn’t taste too strong. I’m using Listerine right now and that is so powerful my eyes almost watered compared to this!

Aquafresh, triple protection toothpaste
I feel like it does the job and it tastes minty fresh. I’m not always going to post toothpaste empties, since I bought a heck load of these at Costco ..

Avene: Cicalfate
This is a great solution to heal cuts, bruises, acne quickly. The formula does dry though so I tend to use this overnight so that I can wash any white dry residual flakes that remain in the morning. I prefer a cream overnight so I don’t think I’ll buy this least not after trying a few more healing lotions/creams out first.

Huygens: Regulator shampoo
I didn’t like this shampoo this time around. I find it watery and not efficient in comparison to other sulfate free shampoos. I feel like I’m mostly put off by the watery texture though, so it’s a miss for me.

Amika: Triple Rx Mask
I loved this. A little trully goes a long way and boy is this efficient. My hair felt so smooth and silky afterwards it was great. I think I might be interested to check out their hair masks in the future.

Sampar: Masque gommage de nuit
Still not sure how I felt about this, but I do think it’s too expensive. For that reason, I’m not sure I’ll purchase this again. It was nice to try but I’m not too convinced.. Not on this product anyway. However, I’d love to sample more products from the brand.

Glossybox February 2016: -417 conditioner


Apologies for the delay but I just got round to trying this out now. It’s a white liquidy formula and has a faint smell which is pleasant but not overwhelming.

I mentioned that it’s a liquid conditioner which I need to expand on. It reminds me when I’m trying to get the last parts of the conditioner in the bottle and I add water and shake. Honestly if this is how the conditioner is naturally meant to be then I don’t like it. Even when I’m using the last amounts of conditioner its still thicker than this one. I like conditioner to be thick, it gives me the illusion at least of putting a lot of soft goodness back in my hair.

Well, I’m not sure how I’ll like the rest of this but if had better feeling conditioners so for now, it’s a pass.

Glossybox February 2016: Yu-Be moisturising skin cream


Small but effective. That’s how I’ll describe this.

It’s a thick cream but it sure does what it claims to. The best way to test it was to put a little bit on my heel and see what happened. Turns out that it was super effective and my heel was nice and smooth again.

There is a smell though, but I’m used to tiger balm and  those types of products so it doesn’t bother me so much. However it does fade away fairly quickly.

It’s a Japanese branded product and I’m not sure how/when/if I can buy this because I feel like I’ll need this as a staple cream.

I think a little will certainly go a long way, and am excited to try this in my lips and face too.

Glossybox February 2016: Glossybox eyeshadow


Not sure how I feel about this, given that it’s an own branded product in the box. However I’m impressed with the colour payoff off and I like the colour.

I used it as a transition/medium shade colour to blend out my lighter inner corner and not create a harsh transition to my darker eye-shadow.

The product picked up well on the brush and I don’t have anything to report back on it. I’m not so picky but I do remember the essence eye-shadows from a previous box and not being super impressed about that on the first go – no repeat of that here.

I do tend to prefer palettes as I like everything in one place for eye-shadows so my only concern is how often I’ll use this. We shall see!

Glossybox February 2016: Benefit cosmetics they’re real! Primer


So I got this little leaflet which, when you scratch off the silvery surface (what is that called?), nicely informed me that I won a quick makeover and a gimme brow travel size. Awesome!! As if I needed a reason to go to Sephora though 😉

So I tried this primer with and without mascara. I feel that without mascara, it did give me a bit of colour without being dramatic. With mascara I definitely got less flakage so I am kind of impressed.

With regards to the wand, I feel like it gives good separation and I suspect it’s the same type of wand as the ” they’re real! mascara”.

I read that mostly the difference between mascaras are the wand itself rather than the product. I’m sure the formula does influence the flakage but I can see how the wand makes most of the product too. What I’ll probably do then is make sure to keep the wand after I finish (if I finish!) the primer.

Glossybox February 2016: MeMeMe lipglide lipstick pencil

This is a peachy colour and although it applies alright, my natural lip colour shows through the uneven distribution of product in not a nice way. If I applied more then it helped but not so much as then it would look fake/ bad quality. The colour isn’t something I’d naturally go for either for my skin colour.

It’s a pencil which I have no problem with to use at home, but I question the ability to pop it in a travel bag since you’ll need the sharpener. I prefer to keep my travel bag compact ..but that’s just me.

As a standalone product I don’t like it. However I’ll try with a foundation base to see if that helps with the colour. Otherwise a soft gradient lip to break out my darker lipsticks is what I’ll use this for. I will find a way…always do!



Glossybox February 2016: Nicka K Blending Sponge


This had to be the first product to try this month and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The sponge was really firm, even more so after squeezing it under the tap. It didn’t expand so much in size, and it still fit in the box but it did feel slightly softer.

I dotted my foundation on my face and ready to go I pat the foundation in. It’s a different feeling for sure than using my fingers or make up brush. Using the damp sponge did sheer out my foundation coverage to a natural finish. In terms of product absorption, as the sponge was mostly filled with water anyway, was minimal but still present.

I’d like to do a side by side with my Sephora sponge to properly do a test but it does seem better. I’ll certainly be using this for when I have a good skin day and/or want a natural look. The only downside I see so far is the cleaning…I’m really not sure how I can ever get the sponge back to be perfectly pink. Any tips/tricks ??


Glossybox: February 2016

February..aka love month (Valentine’s day). Whether you’re pro, anti or neutral one thing is for sure, the beauty boxes are bound to have lovely packaging and good contents.

So on to the unboxing:


I love the simplistic design this month even though I’m not a major lover of pink. I find this is super pretty and would definitely look to find a good use for this box.

Everyone received the same contents in this months box. More in depth on the products:


1) Benefit cosmetics: They’re real! Tinted primer. 8.5g – €26
• 3g – €9.18
• Comments: Not sure how I feel about mascara primers, can’t say I’ve ever used one. But if it helps with flakage and a more intense look with mascara then why not?!

2) Glossybox: Glossymauve eye-shadow. 3g – €9.90
• full size
• Comments: I like the colour and feel like it would be completely wearable. Interested to see how this feels in terms of texture, the colour payoff and staying power.

3) -417 – catharsis vitamin mineral conditioner. 250ml – €24.
• 40ml – €3.84
• Comments: LOVE receiving conditioners.

4) Nicka K – beauty sponge. €6.95
• full size
• Comments: SO SO EXCITED  about this product. Literally squealed when I saw this. I don’t have the beauty blender. I’m not sure how I can justify the €17 price even though I know everyone loves it ….because it’s a sponge. However I’ve been more curious and curious. I did buy a cheapy version from Sephora which I didn’t like the one time I used it but this product I’ve seen in some YouTube videos in comparisons. I know its not the best but if this is better than the Sephora one I can slowly build up the courage to get that beauty blender!

5) MeMeMe – velvet finish lipglide. 2g – €8.25
• full size
• Comments: I’m not sure how the colour will work out for my skin tone but it’s worth a shot. I’ve also found that applying a dark colour and then a light colour in the middle (like a gradient) helps break out the darkness and is a great way to use the lighter colours that would otherwise wash me out. It’s a pencil that needs to be sharpened so that will be interesting too.

6) YU-BE: moisturising skin cream. 31ml -€16.50
• 3ml – €1.60
• Comments: apparently the cream of all creams in Japan, in already excited to try it out. It’s supposed to help for dry skin so I’ll give it a go for my lips, feet and any other dry areas. I might try it overnight to see how it works too.

Overall I’m excited about this month and the value comes to €39.72. Not bad.. Can’t say I’m disappointed to receive any of the products either so we have a winner this month. Whoop!

Holy Grail: Homeoplasmine, my inexpensive solution for dry lips


I want to talk about Homeoplasmine, its commonly found in pharmacies in France and is slowly making it’s way to the UK (so I’m told). I’ve hinted at this before in previous posts as my holy grail for lips too and I thought it’s about time I write this!

I’ve always had dry chapped lips for as long as I remember and Vaseline never quite cut it. I’d been living in Paris for a while and a friend of mine (also from the UK) had told me about this. The bigger tube (pictured) is around €4 and has lasted me absolutely ages.

Usually I apply this over night and I’ll wake up with smooth lips (honestly!), its like all the loose dead skin melts away or something. The immediate results are hard to miss and make this excellent value. It is similar to Vaseline in texture.

As I’m getting into lipsticks, and liquid lipsticks more and more, I find that my lips do dry up at the end of the day and this is perfect for over night or even under lipstick (though I don’t tend to do that).

I fully recommend this product and to pick up a tube when you’re next in France. The smaller tubes are about £14 in Topshop (unverified information..I’m told by a friend) and although worth it at this price its a bargain in France!

I recommended this (to mentioned friend) when she asked me to pick up some super expensive lip salve when I was going to the US and I told her instead I’ll get her the smaller one to try since it was only a couple of Euros. Since then she’s said good things about it too.

So there you go…my super inexpensive top tip to cure dry lips!