Sephora haul..#2

Er, so I did a bit more than go back for round two at Sephora..I also went for third and final round so that post will come too at some point (though it wasn’t a haul I guess as it was two products…but I’m not sure what defines a please let me know!). This was a different Sephora (to where I did my first haul) so I was able to find a few products I couldn’t see in the first store that I knew existed on the website.

Here’s my haul:

And the contents neatly laid out:


Dr. Brandt – I got this mainly because I saw the word retinol. I’ve been seeing this in a few YouTube videos/blog posts and wanted to try it out. As well as the brand. Seeing as it was on sale I thought why the heck not right? There’s an overnight resurfacing serum and a BB cream as ‘gifts’ in the box which shall be interesting to try. It was still pricy, but it was also 25% off and to try retinol products I wasn’t going to go all out full priced on something. Hope it works!!

Benefit – I got this foundation in the shade medium which, from the tester, seemed to be a good match. It comes in a compact (with a mirror) and looks and first feels liquid/creamy which then transforms into a powder finish and dries quickly. I have the oxygen wow foundation from benefit which I’m still unsure of (she says half way through the bottle) but as this is on sale I went for a I’ll make it work mindset. Plus I’m sort of expanding my foundation ‘collection’ so why not

Sephora slimming oil – to be honest this was a meh-it-probably-doesn’t-slim-but-its-on-sale-put-it-in-the-basket’ kind of product. Let’s see if it works, but either way I’m sure my skin will seem smooth.

Sephora moisturising SPF – I got this in my first haul, loved it (and still do) so damn right I got more. I got one for my sister who is allergic to the sun too and since this is light and fuss free I thought she’d like it.

Sephora pore refining serum – I got two of these bad boys as they were 70% off, and who doesn’t want to refine their pores. Right?? That’s why I got two..for meeee. No idea where this goes in the routine…first up in selected areas or all over, then another serum over it the moisturiser. I’ll figure something out. Hope it works!

Sephora dark spot minimising serum – another serum to figure out how to put in my daily and/or nightly skin care routine. I have scars from acne (no thanks miss time of the month) so I wanted to give this a go. Again at 70% off, nothing to lose. And the other is for my mum as she has a few scars too. I’m curious to see how this compares to the next product..

Sephora brightening serum – Again I got this in my first haul and loved it so much that I got a second for me.

Sephora toner – the full sized version I wanted in the first place. Wasn’t too fussed, toner is always a good thing to have ..unless you’re allergic, eek which I hope I’m not :s.

So that rounds off haul numero 2, with again a bunch of sephora items and Dr.Brandt and Benefit to mix it up. To be fair, with discounts like this I didn’t really need to go out of the Sephora products much. I guess I’ll have a review at some point on these but what I will say is I already love what I’ve used. Only down side for the pumps is that you can’t take them to travel as there is no lid or anything (unless you keep the boxes).


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