Glossybox: Huygens Regulator Shampoo


So, as I mentioned before in my unboxing, I got this shampoo in a Birchbox so I knew what to expect. However, since then, I’ve been more into my paleo (natural) shampoos and hence used to sulfate free shampoo more than before.

I started to go sulfate free due to my hair lacking volume, and being limp and weak. I did a fair bit of research at the time and decided to ditch the sulfates for a while and do a test. I didn’t plan to go in depth in this post so at risk of giving you a spoiler to a future post.. I see a difference and I like it.

Back to this shampoo, I find the shampoo incredibly thin and runny. It smells nice and I sense the good things it has in it, but I don’t see how I can spread it on my hair – and its a difficult job as it is already without the sulfates. I figure I can get two washes from this, perhaps three at a push but I fear that may mean I have to wash my hair earlier than planned if I don’t put enough on. We shall see…

Although I think the brand is awesome, for me I don’t think these shampoos are quite right for me. They also seem a touch expensive for a runny formula that you’ll probably end up using more than normal.

Please comment if you have any experiences or recommendations for sulfate free shampoo!


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