Glossybox January 2016: Marsk eye liner pencil


So I’ll admit that actually it’s been years and years since I’ve actually used an eyeliner pencil. So full disclosure, my view might therefore not be the best but let’s carry on anyway.

It’s white in colour, which is meant to help open up / brighten the eyes and make it look more awake. I remember reading that as you get older your waterline becomes from pale to dark so a white colour would help counter act this as well. I also read though, that a beige colour is better than white as it would seem more natural. Ok so that’s my words of wisdom over..

It was hard to actually transfer the eyeliner to my waterline and the product did sort of bunch up along my lower lashes. It’s also white which makes me look a bit strange for an everyday look. Perhaps it would be alright for a night time look where you can afford to be a bit more bolder in the overall look..for me anyway.


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