Glossybox January 2016: Topicrem

Firstly, take a look at this lipstick! image


I do apologise for the appalling lack of focus on this, but I couldn’t quite balance taking the photo and putting it in focus whilst having the items balance on my knee (and if I’m honest, I’m a touch lazy to re take it and upload the photo.. I’ll admit it :S). However I think my point at being surprised when I uncapped this lipstick can still be understood right?

What a strange product! It’s clear and glittery. Well it’s got a hint of colour but I can see how your natural lip colour can really show with this product. You still can look natural without it being obvious that you’re wearing lipstick. Swatching it on my hand I have the really faintest of the faint pink colour. The glitter doesn’t really translate in the wear, which I think is perfect. If anything you get the subtle shine, like a gloss, without the sticky feeling as this is really quite smooth and feels moisturising.

Currently, I have this product on my work desk, it gives me something a little bit extra than a lip balm. I really like this!


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