Glossybox: January 2016

Well hello there! My Glossybox has arrived, which will be the only beauty box for me this month and I am not disappointed.

Here is my unboxing:


  1. Topicrem – Rouge a Levres Phantom. 5g – 12.50Eur
    • 5g – 12.50Eur. Full Size
    • Comments: This lipstick is meant to reveal your natural lip colour for days that you don’t want to have an obvious lipstick colour. I can’t actually wait to show you what it looks like, because it certainly took me by surprise!
  2. Emite Make Up – Diamond Heart Primer. 30ml – 35Eur
    • 15ml – 17.50Eur
    • Comments: I’ve not heard of this brand, and I don’t have too many primers at the moment so I’m happy  to trial this one out. I know that primer’s are important, but I haven’t yet delved deep into the world of primers so apart from the few I’ve tried I’m not sure if I’m able to tell much on staying power or anything like that…yet.
  3. Marsk – Bio eyeliner in Snowflake. 1.2g – 26Eur
    • 1.2g – 26Eur. Full Size.
    • Comments: Haven’t heard of this brand, and I don’t have a white eyeliner actually to brighten my eye area. So this seems perfect!
  4. Too Faced – Better than Sex mascara. 0.27fl oz. – 23Eur
    • 0.17fl oz -14.48Eur
    • Comments: Well, I have actually been hoping to get this in one of my boxes. I know I’m not a big mascara person, but after reading blogs and having this mascara mentioned quite a bit..well I am curious to say the least!
  5. Huygens – Shampoo infusion Blanche. 250ml – 17.90Eur
    • 30mls – 2.15Eur
    • Comments: I’ve actually received this before in a Birchbox (here and here) but I’m not entirely disappointed to have this again. I’m on a sulfate free mission for my hair and now it seems to be working, I think this will be perfect for my gym bag.

OK so I make this…72.63Eur. WHOOP. Love it when that happens. I always get this happy feeling like I’ve won when I open my Glossybox, and then again when I do the calculations here. I never really got that feeling with the Birchbox, and the value wasn’t ever as extreme like this so I’m not really feeling anything knowing that I won’t have my Birchbox this month. Glossybox is soooo the way to go! I also feel there’s a better balance between known brands and new brands to discover. What do you think?


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