Fresh: Soy face cleanser

I was given a sample by a good friend of mine who absolutely loves this cleanser. She said it was natural and with a light/fresh feeling so I gave it a go. I didn’t think of it too much at the beginning and didn’t use it for a while, but when I came back to it I remembered how fresh and lightly cleansing it felt.

So when I went to the US last year I picked up a bottle from the US Sephora.

imageThe lady at the counter said it was her favourite, and I think it’s got quite a following too. It was a bit pricy, I can’t remember actually but I want to say around 40$?

I only started to use it a while ago, since at the time of purchase I was already through my Vichy cleansing gel and wanted to finish that before starting on a new one. After using this morning and night, I’m not too sure which one I’d go for if I have one for the morning and another cleanser for night. Probably this one for the morning seeing as it gives a lightly cleansed, freshening feeling.

I currently use this with a konjac charcoal sponge, and I think it works well. You only need a pea sized amount and the sponge lathers it up and enables you to wash your face properly. The only thing is the sponge is hard to really clean but that’s me getting side tracked and for a different post..

In all, I enjoy this product. I haven’t yet felt the need to be loyal to any cleanser and always am glad to find a new product or try different ones. However this one, I feel that I might really like this as a permanent morning cleanser one day. For that to happen though, I’ll need to actually figure out a nice morning/evening skincare routine (rather than the random one I have now which mostly relies on my mood and timing). PLUS I’ll need to still feel the same way as I nearly empty the bottle. So many times I get excited about the product until half way and then think MEH.

The description on the back of the box for those that are interested:



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