Sephora Haul


Wow, I mean just look at that… that’s a lot of products right?? Well it’s the Soldes (Sales) here in France, and I love going to Sephora to stock up on everything I need..and try a few things at the same time. I love a good deal, and it just makes sense to stock up on the essentials when they are on offer.

So here’s everything I bought. (I bought another Ultimate Brightening Serum, top left too). With everything at at least 50% off, and some products at 70% off I think I did quite well..even if I still spent a fortune in the end! Full disclaimer, there were a few other products I know are on sale which this store didn’t have..I might buy a few more products later on but we’ll see.


As you can see (much more clearly) from this photo, all but one of these products are from Sephora’s line. There’s much better discounts on their own branded products, and their products are still well priced which makes the discounts even better.

I went a bit crazy on the cleansers/make up removers..purely because I don’t think you can have too many. If you wear make up on a daily basis, even a little bit, you’ll go through them fast if you want to really take good care of your skin. I’m trying to find/create a good skincare routine and no matter what these are important to take the make up off. I’m interested to see the difference between each too (milky, gel, water, exothermic). I don’t mind not sticking to the same products either, otherwise it gets quite boring I find.

I next went a bit crazy on the serums, however I wanted to give the lifting and brightening ones to my mum. I’ll be left with the night time one, which I’m excited to try and the brightening one which is supposed to help dark spots fade away (and I have some from acne scars).

Suncream, as it’s super important. This one is meant to be good for oily skin too, so I’ll see how it works and I might get another if I like it. The MUFE foundation I’m using doesn’t have any sunscreen, so I wouldn’t mind layering some up to protect my face during the day when I’m not at my desk.

There’s two masks, because there’s nothing better than to really clean/exfoliate/treat your skin. A toner since I should really use them more to help freshen my skin and keep the balance. There’s also nail varnish remover because why not, its cheap and it’ll get used.

Lastly, the non Sephora branded product is an eye cream. As I explained in my previous post, I’m on the hunt for good eye creams so I thought why not. It was pricy but still 50% off and ends up still being cheaper than the Kiehls Powerful Strength one.



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